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Cybertracks Records

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Italian label specialized in Ambient , Downtempo and “Slow Trance".
All productions are pressed on CD format and codified in Dolby Surround Sound.

Their production started in mid-90s, and they released monthly a thematic cd + the related magazine, that speaks about electronic music, with reviews and comments, and a description of each track of the issue.
The production is divided in two parts:

Cybertracks - Virtual Audio Project , that involves many electronic music styles, as ambient, experimental, "slow trance", breaks and new age. It changes its name after issue 35, becoming Cyber Age Experiences.

Soundscapes - Relaxing Music, that involves mainly ambient, new age and "slow trance". It becomes Soundscapes Plus after the issue 17.

Cybertracks releases also some Limited Edition, the "albums" of each artists with their best tracks.

Their production involved also series like "Digital Acoustic" (ambient music made of acoustic sounds), "Loops and Grooves" (a collection of sounds and noises) and "Dance Compilation" (collection of electronic-dance music of course)

Sublabels:Cyber Age Experiences, Cybertracks Records Limited, Soundscapes Plus Relaxing Music, Soundscapes Relaxing Music
Contact Info:

Cybertracks Records
c/o Novaera Edizioni
P.O. Box 88
61100 Pesaro
Ph. : +39 0721 23953
FAX : +39 0721 400095


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