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Angel Records


Multinational label
Label Code: LC 0110 / LC 00110
The 'Recording Angel' logo has been used by Angel Records, predecessors & affiliates since 1898.

The Angel trademark was first used in 1897 by The Gramophone Co. Ltd.. First registered by the company in 1898, the imprint was used up until 1909 when it was replaced by the His Master's Voice trademark.

The Gramophone Co. Ltd. (TGCL) trademark was later used in the US by parent company Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. newly formed subsidiary Electric & Musical Industries (U.S.) Ltd. from 1953, specifically to allow the company to sell its European "Columbia" catalogue of classical recordings in the US. Subsequently Electric & Musical Industries (U.S.) Ltd. became an immediate subsidiary of Capitol Records, Inc. post 1955, with that company taking over the handling of the "Angel" (Angel Records) label in North America. Up to 1958, the labels state Made In England were pressed at The Gramophone Co. Ltd.. These were packaged and sold in the US and, through the Canadian subsidiary Capitol Records Of Canada, Ltd., in Canada.

In 1973 the rights to the various separately registered "Angel" trademarks were reassigned to TGCL successor, EMI Records Ltd. and mainly used since then for releasing classical repertoire. Furthermore, on the 27th April 2004 EMI Records Ltd.'s ownership and rights to the brand (trademark) were later reassigned to EMI Group plc subsidiary and sister company EMI (IP) Ltd. as intellectual property holding company with EMI Records Ltd. as a licensee.

Angel has classical, crossover, Broadway, world and folk artists and is also responsible for U.S. marketing for sister labels EMI Classics (UK) and Virgin Classics (France).

A 2005 reorganization put Angel Records, along with sister labels Blue Note, Manhattan & Metro Blue, in The Blue Note Label Group. Angel Records is in the Capitol Jazz & Classics Div., EMI Recorded Music (UK), with U.S. distribution by EMI Music Distribution.

As of 2017 the various "Angel trademarks remain registered under EMI (IP) Ltd., which is subsequently still controlled by, and an immediate subsidiary of EMI Group Ltd. (formerly known as EMI Group plc).

nb: In 2005, the EMI Group Plc launched a UK/European brand named the Angel Music Group.
UK/EU issues post 2005 should be submitted there.

Vinyl Beat is incorrect and has the images out of order
The Label Evolution goes in this order:
1. Red label with large "angel on LP" logo (also in blue version) = November 1953 to December 1961
Four versions. In order:
A. "Recording Angel" under the logo. (November 1953) with Electric & Musical Industries (U. S.) Ltd at the bottom
B. Blank Area under the logo
C. ® Under the logo
D. After Capitol bought Angel in 1957, Electric & Musical Industries (U. S.) Ltd no longer appears on the label or inner sleeves
2. Light Blue label with large Angel script = mid to late 1960s (January 1962 - December 1969)
2 versions:
A. Black circle with white decoration around border - Introduced in January 1962; in use until February 1965
B. Silver decoration around border February 1965 - December 1969
3. Dark yellow with a brown horizontal band across the top with logo in white and angel in lower case Introduced in January 1970, in use until July/August 1972
4. Solid Gold Label with Angel logo on bottom half July 1972 - October 1972
5. Sunburst Yellow with text in the upper half October 1972 to May 1982 - 2 versions - rim text with Capitol Industries, Inc. and in April-November 1974 text is changed to Capitol Industries-EMI, Inc.
6. Light yellow upper half and deep brown lower half with winged angel sitting on a golden record = June 1982 to end of production
7. Angel Digital introduced in 1980 (see: Angel Records Digital)
Black label = mid 1950s
Light Blue "Great Recordings Of The Century" label introduced June 1958

According to Billboard Jun 1, 1959 (page 4) new releases would stop using the wooden dowel in June 1959
In the June 1955 High Fidelity page 65 Angel rebranded it's lower price packaging as the "Standard Package" - "The color-banded gold label front and back the imprinted spine" was priced at $3.48. The full price, $4.98, package was known as the "Perfectionist" package.

Parent Label:Universal Music Group
Sublabels:A La Recherche De L'Esprit Français, Angel 45 Sonic Series, Angel Eminence, Angel International Series, Angel Records Digital, Angel Red Line, Angel Treasury Series, Angel Voices, Bethlehem Series (2), Broadway Angel, ...
Contact Info:

The Blue Note Label Group
% Narada Productions, Inc.
150 5th Ave. 6th Fl.
New York NY 10011-4311

Tel: #1 212-786-8600

Angel Records
810 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10019

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