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Esplora le liste della Community di Discogs. Le liste possono elencare di tutto - copertine interessanti, produttori prolifici, o album che ti ricordano l'estate. Sei tu che scegli! Le liste possono includere artisti, pubblicazioni, etichette o anche altre liste.

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Lista Utente Descrizione Creato
ONE VISION - QUEEN (maxi singles) - the UNITED KINGDOM 4 (four) collection frezque

There are 4 (four) releases of One Vision maxi singles of Queen in the United Kingdom : 1) Red plastic PVC Sleeve 2) With Red Inlay inside 3)...

about 6 hours ago
Uzbek arzibibi

about 7 hours ago
Metal Concept-Albums About Historical Events Serendipitian

This list compiles Metal albums of any style dedicated to specific historical events - excepted World Wars due to sheer preponderance that would...

about 8 hours ago
rzeczy co słuchałem we pażdzierniku 2022 JAU95

about 9 hours ago
amw 10-01-2022 meatsock

about 9 hours ago
NEW STONER CLOUDS 2021 weltraumalltag

With this list I'm aiming to recommend new albums of 2021 that belong to the the "stoner/doom/space/psych rock" genre. But please note this is not...

about 11 hours ago
Voyager 33 1⁄3 2X4B-523

about 13 hours ago
To sell an3sk8

about 14 hours ago
Albums by Breaking Benjamin BenjaminIV

Breaking Benjamin 🤭

about 14 hours ago
My All time faves 😍 Uwumusicu

about 15 hours ago
Best Latin American Electronic Artists Miaudelanau

about 17 hours ago
Cutest Female Artists Miaudelanau

about 18 hours ago
Seen Live tokyoskies

about 22 hours ago
Regalos Enkelikitty

about 22 hours ago
WATEVA #26 a---b

1 day ago
Greek andres.didrik

1 day ago
Hermigervill's Record Corner LoveRock

1 day ago
Machine Head Albums ranked damagedone1

1 day ago
Quechua andres.didrik

1 day ago
African Digi Project Box 04 Giancarlo67

1 day ago
Radio Krimi - 2022-10-01 Enderek

1 day ago
wantlist m.martyna

1 day ago
wantlist _kasia_

1 day ago
records that I own _kasia_

1 day ago
cds that I own _kasia_

1 day ago