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Lista Utente Descrizione Creato
Gorailz Realfakeblood87 Realfakeblood87

17 minutes ago
Seiskamyynti niinadae niinadae

about 2 hours ago
Adam’s Wall of Heroes – Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) Thao8382 Thao8382

http://draculahistoryandmyth.com/only-lovers-left-alive-adams-wall-heroes/ People who aren’t listed on Discogs. • Mary Wollstonecraft • Geronimo

about 3 hours ago
favorites artists kosmoloko kosmoloko

Liste des formations que je considère comme essentielles. Formations indispensables, de référence et ayant une discographie et/ou une carrière ...

about 4 hours ago
Jumping Jack Frost ‎- Live At The Eclipse - Jumping Jack Frost 1 - 1991 8892sales 8892sales

about 4 hours ago
wants disco / funk / soul / new wave / etc. F3rdy F3rdy

about 5 hours ago
Top 10 - More Gimmick Than Band spinmarket spinmarket

about 14 hours ago
Icelandic 7" records posturinn posturinn

7" records

about 20 hours ago
Best Psychedelic/Hard/Progressive Rock Albums: A Complete Guide WestCoastDreams WestCoastDreams

A list of the best psychedelic/hard/progressive rock albums of all time, some hits and instant classics, others obscure masterpieces forgotten by ...

about 20 hours ago
Un Air De Star [2013] France. Oliviaka Oliviaka

Tous les artistes et chansons imités dans la seule saison de cette émission télévisée. All the artists and songs imitated in the only season of this ...

about 23 hours ago
stolen records verlake verlake

about 23 hours ago
#1 Radio Versions seth.corrales seth.corrales

1 day ago
MADE IN PORTUGAL most covers no Photoshop cabonoencomenda cabonoencomenda

1 day ago
My ECM records charliebb971 charliebb971

1 day ago
Eurodance & Happy Hardcore Trephine Trephine

My personal collection of Eurodance and Happy Hardcore releases

1 day ago
Labels II (Unofficial) 2wings 2wings

1 day ago
Soviet B-Boy Breaks and Grooves Svorosman Svorosman

ultimate killers no fillers

1 day ago
Artists as Marketers = Editado por... Maherto Maherto

1 day ago
Crate Digging: ?-Present bhcampbell bhcampbell

Albums from the past, present and future that changed the world while people were listening and while some were not.

1 day ago
Ska Ska Summer Sunday bsgboy bsgboy

Ska theme 7hr pulled beef cook

1 day ago
Trance & Prog Vinyl asip asip

1 day ago
My 50 best songs of 2004 michael.godley. michael.godley.


1 day ago
Eurovisión Ucrania Putnici Putnici

Canciones de Ucrania en Eurovisión No participó en 2015 y 2019

1 day ago
Eurovisión Bielorrusia Putnici Putnici

Canciones de Bielorrusia en Eurovisión No existe single de la canción de 2014, 2015, 2018 y 2019

1 day ago
Heliosphaner's 2010 Top 100 Albums heliosphaner heliosphaner

2 days ago