Artists I Collect/Want to collect

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Artists I collect and the Items i have by them

  1. 10,000 Maniacs

    Our Time In Eden on Cassette (US: 9 61385-4)
    Blind Man's Zoo on Cassette (US: 60815-4)

  2. 808 State

    808:88:98 on CD (US: UD53139)
    (this makes it ten words so there d d d)

  3. 3



    Cradle on CD (Japan: WPCR-1669)
    Maddening Shroud on CD (CD Single, CD2 UK: WEA102CD2, 0630 18848 2)
    Maddening Shroud EP on CD (UK: ALHD 001)

  4. Ace Of Base

    The Sign on CD (US, Club Edition: ARCD 8740)
    The Bridge on CD (US, Club: ARCD 8806)
    Don't Turn Around on 7" Vinyl (US: 07822-12705-7)

  5. 5

    Adam F

    Adam F

    Colours on CD (US: ASW6234-2)

  6. Alanis Morissette

    Jagged Little Pill on CD (US: 9 45901-2)
    So-Called Chaos on CD (Canada: CDW 48555)
    Ironic CD Single (UK & Europe: WO343CD, 9362-43700-2)
    Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie on CD (US: 9362 47239 2)
    Under Rug Swept on CD (US: 9 47988-2)
    MTV Unplugged on CD (US, Club)

  7. All Saints

    All Saints on CD (US: 422-828 997-2)

  8. Ashlee Simpson

    Autobiography on CD (US: B0002913-02)
    I Am Me on CD (US: B0005436-02)
    Ashlee Simpson on CD (US, EP: B0005844-02)

  9. 10



    Homogenic on CD (US: 62061-2)
    Bjork Meets The Masters At Work on Vinyl (UK: BJ DJ 102)
    Post on Vinyl (Europe: 4751724, 0602547517241)
    Selmasongs on CD (US: 62533-2)
    Medulla on CD (US: 62984-2)
    Telegram on CD (US: 61897-2)
    Debut on CD (US: 61468-2, 9 61468-2)

  10. Craig David

    Walking Away on Vinyl (UK, 12": 12 WILD 35GP)
    Born To Do It on CD (US: 8573-88081-2)
    Slicker Than Your Average on CD (US: 8 2467-80027-2)
    Trust Me on CD (US: 405820-2)

  11. 12



    Doppelgänger on CD (US: V2-86278, 0777 7 86278 2 1)

  12. Dance Hall Crashers

    Lockjaw on CD (US: FTD-11326)

    (and this sentence makes it 10 words)

  13. Everything But The Girl

    Amplified Heart on CD (US Club Edition: 82605-2)
    Acoustic on CD (US: 7 82395-2)
    Walking Wounded on Cassette (US: 82912-4)
    Idlewild on CD (US: 9 25721-2)
    Everything But The Girl on CD (US: 2-25212, 9 25212-2)
    Baby, The Stars Shine Bright on CD (Germany: 240 966-2)
    Like The Deserts Miss The Rain on CD (US, Comp: R2 73838)
    Love Not Money on Cassette (US: 9 25274-4)
    The Language Of Life on Cassette (US: 7 82057-4)

  14. Eve's Plum

    Envy on CD (US: BK 53070)

  15. 18



    (I also count Shirley's past band, Angelfish)
    Garbage on CD (US: AMSD-80004)
    Beautiful Garbage on CD (US: 0694931152)
    Bleed Like Me on CD (US: B0004195-12)
    Version 2.0 on CD (UK: MUSH29CD)
    Angelfish by Angelfish on CD (US: RARD 10917)

  16. Goldfinger (7)

    Goldfinger on CD (US: UD-53007)

  17. Gwen Stefani

    Love.Angel.Music.Baby on CD (US: B0003469-02 IN02)
    The Sweet Escape on CD (US: B0008263-02, B0008121-02)

  18. Imogen Heap

    Speak For Yourself on CD (US: 82876 72532-2 RE-1)
    iMegaphone on CD (US, Promo: AMS3P-6345)

  19. India.Arie

    Acoustic Soul on CD (US: 440 013 770-2)
    Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship on CD (US: B0006141-02)

  20. Jamiroquai

    Traveling Without Moving on CD (US: OK 67903)
    The Return Of The Space Cowboy on CD (US, Reissue: OK 66982)
    Synkronized on CD (US: OK 69973)

  21. JoJo (3)

    JoJo on CD (US: B0002672-02)
    The High Road on CD (CD, DVD: B0007835-10)

  22. Lana Del Rey

    Lust For Life on CD (US: B0026668-02)