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    Writings and autographs on aquarium book (KD as Mrs John Murphy, BF with real name)
    Come On Pilgrim LP (KD as Kim Deal)
    Surfer Rosa LP (KD as Mrs John Murphy)
    Doolittle LP (only BF)
    Doolittle posters pack
    Dig For Fire CD (KD missing)
    Bossanova CD (only BF)

  2. Frank Black

    Hello Recording Club CD
    TOTY French 2CD digipack
    Hang On To Your Ego French CD

  3. The Martinis

    The Martinis self-released CD
    Fast Forward self-released CD

  4. Sonic Youth

    Daydream Nation CD
    Goo CD
    Screaming Fields Of Sonic Love Les Inrocks promo CD

  5. Radiohead

    OK Computer CD
    OK Computer UK Advance Listening CD
    The Bends LP
    While Label Drill Vinyl EP

  6. 6



    Showbiz German sampler promo CD
    Uno UK promo CD

  7. Coldplay

    Shiver UK promo CD

  8. 8



    Red UK CD EP
    The Any Day Now UK CD EP

  9. Buzzcocks

    Test Transmissions CD

  10. PJ Harvey

    Is This Desire? CD

  11. 11



    Daisies Of The Galaxy CD

  12. The House Of Love

    The House Of Love (butterfly), Chadwick + Groothizen

  13. Television Personalities

    Mummy Your Not Watching Me CD (Dan Treacy)

  14. The Kelley Deal 6000

    Carnivale CD

  15. Angelica (7)

    The End Of A Beautiful Career CD

  16. Elastica (2)

    Elastica Canadian promo CD

  17. Manic Street Preachers

    Everything Must Go CD

  18. Mercury Rev

    Delta Sun 3-track jew case single CD
    Delta Sun 3-track cardsleeve single CD

  19. Franz Ferdinand

    Franz Ferdinand 2xCD digipack

  20. 20



    The Sebadoh US promo CD

  21. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

    Let Love In CD
    The Wonderful World Of French promo CD
    Jack The Ripper French promo CD

  22. The Breeders

    Safari EP CD

  23. The Kinks

    Kinks Greatest Hits Canadian LP