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This is Neil Niren MD list of the most respectable rock bands from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Whether musicians play on a musical instrument in the band, or as a weekend hobby, or as a professional, they could easy be at risk for a common skin condition. Neil Niren MD from his dermatology practice in Pittsburgh says that contact dermatitis is characterized by a rash that can occur on any place of body. Those areas for musicians typically are the hands and face and this is caused by objects that come into contact with the skin. This contact results in making the skin red, scaly and inflamed.
This type of dermatitis can also be triggered by an irritant or an allergy. Metals, skin care products and cosmetics are common culprits for the allergic dermatitis. A research conducted by a team of dermatologists from Neil Niren MD Dermatology Practice concluded that musical instruments pose a potential hazard due to some of the components of the instruments that come into contact with the skin.

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