WKTU New York (1996-2005)

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Timeline of Dance-leaning Rhythmic Top 40/AC station WKTU in New York City from its debut in 1996 to 2005, when it shifted towards Rhythmic oldies. When WKTU launched in 1996, it soon climbed up the ratings, becoming New York's #1 listened to station.

There had been a void of dance music on the Big Apple airways after WQHT "Hot 97" shifted its focus to hip hop/urban a few years prior and mainstream top 40 Z100 was dominated by alternative/modern rock. Most of the rhythmic top 40 stations nationwide like the aforementioned Hot 97, Power 106 LA, KMEL in San Francisco, and so on played primarily hip hop & R&B. Only a handful of them, like Power 96 in Miami and B96 in Chicago, played a significant amount of dance-pop hits. After the success of WKTU, where were a few other stations that launched, such as the short-lived Groove Radio in Los Angeles.

I normally focus on classic Chicago radio stations, but I was living in NY instead of Chi, I probably would had been a fan of this station.

Original Source (credit belongs to the original Pulse user, DJJamesAnthony):

The following songs are missing on Discogs (or I can't find them yet)
"Earn My Love" by CoKo (#82 in 1999)
Donna Summer "Love is Yours" (#60 in 2000)
Sylvia "Loving You" (#64 in 2000)
Michael Jackson - Breakdown (2002)
Les Fabian - T.M.D.(2002)
Sicilian Assassins/Angelo Venuto- Ti Amo (#35 in 2003)
Tera Lynn- Up Against All Odds (#84 in 2003)
the Gonna Bee’s - Queen of Pop (#78 in 2004)

  1. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms

    #2 in 1996
    #23 in 1997

  2. Livin' Joy - Dreamer

    #3 in 1996
    #29 in 1997

  3. Amber - This Is Your Night

    #5 in 1996
    #13 in 1997

  4. No Mercy - Where Do You Go

    #7 in 1996
    #11 in 1997

  5. The Blackout Allstars - I Like It

    #14 in 1996
    #4 in 1997

  6. Fun Factory - Close To You

    #20 in 1996
    #32 in 1997

  7. The Original - I Love You Baby

    #24 in 1996
    #38 in 1997