Maurizio FabrizioMovimenti Nel Cielo

Maurizio Fabrizio - Movimenti Nel Cielo album cover


Danza Delle Stelle2:30
Movenze Degli Anelli Di Saturno2:40
Episodio Lunare6:30
Movimenti Nel Cielo5:45
Il Sole7:30
Nascita Dei Nuovi Satelliti2:05
Danza Delle Stelle3:05
Movimenti Nel Cielo1:45

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A remastered cd reissue is also included in the Progressive Italia Gli Anni '70 Vol. 6 - The Universal Music Collection box set.


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    Cover of Movements In The Sky, 1978, VinylMovements In The Sky
    LP, Album, Stereo
    Musiza – 200 248Germany1978Germany1978
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    Cover of Movimenti Nel Cielo, 1978, VinylMovimenti Nel Cielo
    LP, Album
    Polydor – 2448 075Italy1978Italy1978
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    Cover of Movimenti Nel Cielo, 2014, VinylMovimenti Nel Cielo
    LP, Album, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Silver – VM LP 172, – VMLP 172, Polydor – VM LP 172, Polydor – VMLP 172Italy2014Italy2014
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    • Very few people know Maurizio Fabrizio, a character who has almost always acted in the shadows, in the service of the likes of Angelo Branduardi, Renato Zero, Patty Pravo and many more famous Italian music figures. A multifaceted composer and arranger, also an author of musicals and soundtracks, who took his first steps with project Le Particelle and the duo Maurizio & Fabrizio, before devoting himself to the aforementioned musicians during almost the entire '70s decade.

      In 1978 he released his second solo album, "Movimenti nel cielo", an entirely instrumental LP where symphonic scores blend with rock music, especially with the longer tracks, which are separated by shorter intervals fulfilled with strings and keyboards. There are also acustic sections ("Episodio Lunare"), funk-ish moments ("Sputnik Suite") and atmospheres recalling the early Alan Parsons Project in the two pieces of the same name ("Danza delle stelle") located in the opening and closing parts of the album.

      This is an LP released out of time compared to the golden years of progressive rock, but it nevertheless manages to retrieve its aura, and is therefore worthy of attention by all fans of the genre.

      Replica of the original 1978 version, limited 180gr. silver vinyl edition.

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