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Etichetta:Hyperdub – HDBLP002
2 x Vinile, 12", Album
Stile:Abstract, UK Garage, Dubstep, Ambient, Bass Music

Elenco tracce

A2Near Dark3:52
B2Shell Of Light4:39
C2Etched Headplate5:58
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All tracks written and produced (2006-7)
Burial published by Domino Publishing Ltd.
Manufactured and distributed by Cargo Records.

Track durations and BPM are not provided on the record.
A1: 136 | A2: 135
B1: 135-138 | B2: 127
C1: 124 | C2: 131
D1: 127 | D2: - | D3: -

Track "Archangel" samples "One Wish" by Ray J

First 500 copies purchased from contained limited edition artwork insert

Additional copies were repressed in Feb 2015

Codice a barre e altri identificatori

  • Codice a barre: 5 024545 486513
  • Codice a barre (Scanned): 5024545486513
  • Matrice / Runout (Runout Side A): HDBLP002A TRANSITION
  • Matrice / Runout (Runout Side B): HDBLP 002B TRANSITION
  • Matrice / Runout (Runout Side C): HDBLP002C TRANSITION
  • Matrice / Runout (Runout Side D): HDBLP002D TRANSITION

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Titolo (Formato)EtichettaN. catPaeseAnno
Untrue (CD, Album)HyperdubHDBCD002UK2007
Modificato di recente
Untrue (2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Mispress)HyperdubHDBLP002UK2007
Untrue (CDr, Album, Promo)HyperdubHDBCD002UK2007
Modificato di recente
Untrue (CD, Album, Promo)HyperdubHDBCD002UK2007
Modificato di recente
Untrue (2×12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Album, Misprint)HyperdubHDBLP002UK2007
  • Avatar di bart0nius
    scuffed as fuck original print, complete with -3 songs and no intro, and it's in a different order from the digital release. love it to bits.
    • Avatar di Meowstro
      Another pleasurable piece of my collection. More of an experience than a materialistic object. Such a fascinating album to play at night. **THIS ALBUM WILL CHANGE YOUR OUTLOOK ON LIFE**
      • Avatar di Triple-Diamond
        Voted the best Electronic album of 2007 by the members of The World’s Greatest Ever Electronic Music Albums group.
        • Avatar di clark2
          Apparently, various sellers are selling newer copies under the 2007 version, which is frustrating.
          • Avatar di mikevandorst
            Glad I bought this record. Both the vinyl itself and the music on it are superb. The record is heavyweight, packed in a great sleeve and of course carries the best Dubstep/Garage-music my ears have ever had the pleasure of listening to. 5/5
            • Avatar di
              hopefully i'm not the only who will appreciate a cassette release
              • Avatar di jesunik90
                Burial is a UK Garage cum Dubstep music, signed to Hyperdub record label, where the record label saw two top class critically album released one after the another. First was his self – titled album – Burial and next – Untrue.

                Self – Titled was the precursor for Untrue album. Elements of 2 step, UK Garage, Ambient and Dubstep used in self-titled were retained in Untrue, but obviously were experimented, juxtaposed with complimentary vocals, airy cum atmospheric vibes and burial styled drums, which gave a distinct and peculiar sound to Untrue.

                The album has a lot of replaybility. One might after listening to it, get the vibes of R&B music. Highly Recommended!
                • Avatar di Spunkfish
                  Burials best album , the atmospherics are more advanced and in another league to his previous releases , why the critics rave about them i have no idea , this is easily his more engaging work , this is an album that connects to your soul , This album is one of the best atmospheric albums of all time, a masterpiece that invokes the mind on journeys of emotional extremes
                  • Avatar di DylanHiemstra
                    Modificato 5 anni fa
                    Burial manages to keep hold of your attention through the whole album even though there is no real climax. After you're done listening you will find yourself contemplating life and questioning your life decisions. The wide range of emotions going through your mind while listening this album are both fascinating and confronting.

                    The artwork is great as well, really adding to the dark, mysterious vibe of the album.
                    In my opinion the only downside is that the 2x12" does not include some of the shorter compositions as "Untitled", "Ghost Hardware", "In McDonalds" and "Dog Shelter" which are included on the CD.

                    Edit: Dang, forgot to mention there is a 2016 Reprint available which include the "missing" tracks.
                    • Avatar di satanicholas
                      If there was a pirate radio station broadcasting from a haunted submarine, this is what it would sound like.

                      I heart Burial.


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