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Wanda LandowskaDomenico Scarlatti Forty Sonatas

Etichetta:Seraphim – IB-6139
Serie:Great Recordings Of The Century (3) – IB-6139
2 x Vinile, LP, Compilation, Mono, Gatefold Cover

Elenco tracce

A1Four Scarlatti Sonatas8:54
A1-a1:20 Sonata In C Major, L.104 (K.159)
A1-b3:37 Sonata In F Minor, L.438 (K.462)
A1-c2:07 Sonata In G Major, L.232 (K.124)
A1-d1:54 Sonata In G Minor, L.488 (K.8) 1:54
A2Three Scarlatti Sonatas8:13
A2-a1:32 Sonata In A Major, L.132 (K.429)
A2-b2:50 Sonata In F Major, L.384 (K.17)
A2-c1:28 Sonata In F Minor, L.475 (K.519)
A3Four Scarlatti Sonatas8:19
A3-a1:37 Sonata In B Minor, L.263 (K.377)
A3-b2:26 Sonata In D Major, L.463 (K.430)
A3-c1:23 Sonata In F# Minor, L.294 (K.447)
A3-d2:58 Sonata In D Major, L.208 (K.397)
B1Two Scarlatti Sonatas7:52
B1-a3:44 Sonata In C# Minor, L.256 (K.247)
B1-b4:12 Sonata In E Major, L.257 (K.206)
B2Four Scarlatti Sonatas9:00
B2-a1:28 Sonata In E Major, L.375 (K.20)
B2-b3:25 Sonata In G Major, L.S27 (K.328)
B2-c1:50 Sonata In G Minor, L.338 (K.450)
B2-d2:23 Sonata In Eb Major, L.142 (K.193)
B3Three Scarlatti Sonatas8:04
B3-a4:38 Sonata In E Major, L.23 (K.380)
B3-b2:07 Sonata In F Major, L.474 (K.107)
B3-c1:31 Sonata In F Major, L.479 (K.6)
C1Three Scarlatti Sonatas7:33
C1-a4:01 Sonata In D Major, L.206 (K.490)
C1-b1:51 Sonata In B Minor, L.449 (K.27)
C1-c1:55 Sonata In D Major, L.213 (K.400)
C2Two Scarlatti Sonatas7:49
C2-a3:42 Sonata In C Major, L.102 (K.423)
C2-b4:21 Sonata In A Minor, L.138 (K.109)
C3Three Scarlatti Sonatas8:07
C3-a2:28 Sonata In F Minor, L.382 (K.69)
C3-b2:03 Sonata In F Major, L.S20 (K.276)
C3-c3:48 Sonata In D Minor, L.422 (K.141)
C4Two Scarlatti Sonatas4:01
C4-a2:55 Sonata In G Minor, L.49 (K.234)
C4-b1:09 Sonata In D Minor, L.423 (K.32)
D1Four Scarlatti Sonatas12:15
D1-a3:55 Sonata In D Major, L.418 (K.443)
D1-b4:17 Sonata In D Major, L.14 (K.492)
D1-c2:37 Sonata In D Major, L.461 (K.29)
D1-d1:57 Sonata In Bb Major, L.497 (K.544)
D2Two Scarlatti Sonatas8:17
D2-a4:25 Sonata In F Major, L.228 (K.256)
D2-b4:03 Sonata In F Minor, L.187 (K.481)
D3Four Scarlatti Sonatas9:02
D3-a2:59 Sonata In G Major, L.103 (K.259)
D3-b1:29 Sonata In C Major, L.255 (K.515)
D3-c2:56 Sonata In D Major, L.56 (K.281)
D3-d1:44 Sonata In Bb Major L.97 (K.440)
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Recordings on the first disc were made in Paris, France, on September 10, 11, 12, 1934. The recordings on the second disc were made in January, 1939 and in March, 1940.
The performances are grouped, two, three, or four pieces per track. The timings for these various tracks have been listed as given in the liner notes of this SERAPHIM release, but the individual duration of each of the sonatas were obtained by consulting the 1984 French release: Domenico Scarlatti - Sonates Pour Clavecin (La Voix De Son Maitre 1500413)

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  • ID dello stabilimento di incisione (In small caps, this statement appears on the back of the jacket, centered at the bottom.): MANUFACTURED BY CAPITOL RECORDS, INC., A SUBSIDIARY OF CAPITOL INDUSTRIES-EMI, INC., HOLLYWOOD AND VINE STREETS, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA. FACTORIES: JACKSONVILLE. ILLINOIS; WINCHESTER, VIRGINIA.
  • Società di gestione dei diritti (This third line continues the above statement. It is not centered, but is justified to the left edge of the paragraph.): ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. UNAUTHORIZED DUPLICATION IS A VIOLATION OF APPLICABLE LAWS.
  • Altro (This logo appears to the right of the foregoing statement.): EMI
  • Altro (This last statement is printed directly beneath the above paragraph, left-justified, and in a slightly larger, wider typeface, ): JACKET MADE IN CANADA

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Sonatas For Harpsichord Volume One & Two (2×LP, Compilation, Club Edition, Remastered, Mono)World Record Club, World Record Club3132, 3133Australia1971
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Sonates Pour Clavecin (2×LP, Compilation, Mono)La Voix De Son Maître1500413France1984
Harpsichord. Recorded 1934-40. Forty Sonatas (2×LP, Compilation, Club Edition, Mono, Gatefold)World Record ClubWE9534/2New Zealand1986
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Scarlatti Clavecin Sonatas (2×LP, Compilation, Deluxe Edition, Mono)Angel RecordsGR-2121~22JapanSconosciuto
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