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    Enrico MerlinNever Again... The 50th (+3) Birthday Celebration

    Etichetta:Berlin Alchemist Vault – 2017-50th (+3)
    6 x CDr, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Numbered
    Genere:Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Non-Music, Classical, Children's, Stage & Screen
    Stile:Avant-garde Jazz, Dixieland, Avantgarde, Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation, Prog Rock, Free Jazz, Jazz-Rock

    Elenco tracce

    Never Again... The 50th (+3) Birthday Celebration • Disc 1
    1-1Enrico MerlinFragile
    1-2Merlin UN-Covered Music ProjectTi Curerei Col Curaro
    1-3Maria Schneider With IJT Big BandWyrgly
    1-4Enrico MerlinTuning Art 2009 • Intro
    1-5Tiger Dixie BandDavenport Blues
    1-6Enrico MerlinRhum Rhum
    1-7Miles Davis Vision ExperienceVariations On 'What It Is', Part 3
    1-8Carla Bley & Steve Swallow With IJT Big BandEl Cocinero
    1-9Enrico Merlin With LFAT TrioIntro/ Serenata Interrotta
    1-10Enrico MerlinZimplar #2 - Blues For A Lost Soul After The Bath
    Never Again... The 50th (+3) Birthday Celebration • Disc 2
    2-1Kozmik SuperflyCarne D'Asino Che Vola [Bukowski]
    2-2Enrico MerlinCapovilla Guitar - Main Titles Theme
    2-3Enrico MerlinTuningArt 2010 • Spazi
    2-4Helga PlankensteinerImpending Answers On Naked Souls
    2-5Enrico MerlinTuningArt 2009 • Tango Blades [Stereo mix]
    2-6Chorus Jazz OrchestraRed Spots
    2-7Tiger Dixie BandO Tannenbaum (A Modal-Dixie Christmas)
    2-8Enrico MerlinGod Bless Eric Dolphy
    2-9Daniele D'Agaro, Enrico Merlin & Mauro OttoliniHeaven
    2-10Enrico Merlin & Tino TracannaAfrican MirrorsAfrican Mirrors, Part 7 • For Fela K. And Joe Z.
    Never Again... The 50th (+3) Birthday Celebration • Disc 3
    3-1Enrico Merlin & Luca ToccoSummertime
    3-2Enrico MerlinTuningArt 2010 • Oggetti (Lost And Found)
    3-3Helga PlankensteinerWedding Party
    3-4Paolo Fresu Quintet & Enrico MerlinTutu
    3-5Enrico MerlinTuningArt 2010 • Mani
    3-6WPN114 with Enrico Merlin & Sergio DecarliFuga
    3-79to5clonePay For The Soup.. (...Build A Fort, Set That On Fire – A Sentence By Samo)
    3-8Mauro Sambo & Enrico Merlin6'27"
    3-9Tiger Dixie Band With Markus StockhausenA Prayer
    3-10Enrico MerlinTuningArt 2009 • Finale [Stereo mix]
    Never Again... The 50th (+3) Birthday Celebration • Disc 4
    4-1Enrico Merlin & Tino TracannaAfrican MirrorsAfrican Mirrors, Part 4 • Incl. 'DC Break’
    4-269 Strings - 12 Guitars , Directed By Enrico MerlinDorian Grey, But Also Blue [Excerpt Incl. ‘Intro: Berimbau, For Nana Vasconcelos’]
    4-3Tiger Dixie BandMood Indigo
    4-4Enrico MerlinLost and Found [Unissued Demo]
    4-5Michael Lösch , Michael Loesch Heroes With Steven BernsteinAnder Verdacht
    4-6Daniele D'Agaro, Enrico Merlin & Mauro Ottolini With Vincenzo CastriniThe Mooche
    4-7John Surman & John Warren with IJT Big BandChain Reaction, Part IV
    4-8Enrico MerlinMore Than Water In The Ocean
    4-9Schwingungen 77 EntertainmentVortice
    4-10Tiger Dixie Band With Markus StockhausenBix On The Box
    Never Again... The 50th (+3) Birthday Celebration • Disc 5
    5-1WPN114 With Enrico Merlin & Sergio DecarliUnder The Bridge
    5-2Daniele D'Agaro, Enrico Merlin & Mauro OttoliniI’ve Got A Feeling I'm Falling
    5-3Schwingungen 77 EntertainmentFinale Di Partita Stra... Schönberghiana
    5-4Funky Football With Médéric CollignonPharaoh's Dance
    5-5Enrico MerlinL’albero Delle Meraviglie
    5-6Tiger Dixie BandThe Revenge Of The Elephant
    5-7Enrico MerlinLittle Wing
    5-8Hox Vox, Enrico MerlinTime To Leave
    5-9Tiger Dixie BandI Wan'na Be Like You
    5-10Sonata IslandsMonte Pasubio | La Pastora
    Arranged ByEnrico Merlin
    Never Again... The 50th (+3) Birthday Celebration • Disc 6 [The Never Again! (50 + 3) Bonus CD 2014 - 2017]
    6-1Enrico MerlinPrelude: ISHST From "Kill The Voice • The Complete Beatles"
    6-2Niù Abdominaux Dangereux With Rova Saxophone Quartet & Enrico MerlinThe Shopper
    6-3Niù Abdominaux Dangereux With Enrico Merlin And Mauro OttoliniFeet Music
    6-4Frank SinapsiSinastrav [+ CFWM From "Kill The Voice • The Sinatra Connection"]
    6-5Enrico Merlin And Valerio ScrignoliCometa Rossa
    6-6Enrico MerlinMFV From "Kill The Voice • The Sinatra Connection"
    6-7Molester sMilesBlack Satin
    6-8Enrico MerlinInterlude: SFF From "Kill The Voice • The Complete Beatles"
    6-9Enrico Merlin And Massimiliano MilesiBillions And Billions Of Stars, Out There
    6-10Enrico Merlin And Massimiliano MilesiThe Buttered Cat Paradox
    6-11Enrico Merlin And Massimiliano MilesiOn Sirius We Are Stars
    6-12Enrico MerlinAFD From "Kill The Voice • The Sinatra Connection"
    6-13Enrico MerlinPale Blue Dot - Main Theme [Finale]
    6-14Enrico MerlinPale Blue Dot - Mike's Obsession [Edit]
    6-15Enrico MerlinPale Blue Dot - The Golden Plate
    6-16Enrico Merlin And Nicolas CollinsMusic For Acoustic Guitar , Ebow, Bottleneck And Feedback Generators
    6-17Frank SinapsiCoda: A Great Ending For A New Beginning
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    This Ultra-Limited and numbered release comes in a cardboard box, available exclusively on demand.

    Available for free download on request. Please write to [email protected]

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    Never Again! (Volumes 1-6) (6×CDr, Deluxe Edition, Limited Edition, Remastered, Special Edition)Merlin Alchemist Vault2019-01/06Italy2019