Ex-Terrestrial - Euphorbia Opikanoba

11 gennaio 2021

Anyone knows if the repress includes the paper sheet ?

Ex-Terrestrial - Euphorbia damobee

11 gennaio 2021
Mine did have the paper sheet in with it yes!

Ex-Terrestrial - Euphorbia annexxe

15 ottobre 2019

It's even better than back in the days! :-) .

Ex-Terrestrial - Euphorbia as reviewed by Wizhard

31 dicembre 2018
modificato over 2 years ago

This release is SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD !!! I'm floating in an ocean of smooth audio vibes, is it trance, house, techno ? This is just a divine trip like in the days !

Ex-Terrestrial - Euphorbia danijacques

12 dicembre 2018
Mojave Skyline got me soaring through the atmosphere, past the planets, politely requesting a glass of water at a bar in another dimension.

Ex-Terrestrial - Euphorbia Nicomanism

2 dicembre 2018
Side B1 can be described in one word homies: HUGE!!!