Madonna - Madonna as reviewed by XETSOF

1 dicembre 2019
Analogue / vinyl lovers, AVOID this pressing. Straight from CD / digital source. Yes it's clean, but brittle and has little definition. Great for a $100 turntable, but that's about it.

Madonna - Madonna rlittler1981

19 novembre 2019

Love this release! Especially the matte card envelope that holds the vinyl! Sound is excellent.

Madonna - Madonna Solar

10 novembre 2019
Cool release as this makes version #3 of Burning up appearing on an album; the original version on the 1st pressings, the edited version on later pressings and now this edition featuring the video version !

Madonna - Madonna jesusalberto

10 novembre 2019
The video version is the same version from the USA repressings, the CD, the 2012 vinyl or the Record Store Day picture disc. So the same old "version #2".

Madonna - Madonna as reviewed by flibottf

10 novembre 2019

Quite an excellent pressing, flat, no surface noise and really dynamic!

Madonna - Madonna svsol

10 novembre 2019
Absolutely. Also the cover artwork looks pretty good compared to the 2012 release.
Plus, it’s kind of cool to have the first album on vinyl which includes the original 12” mix of Everybody.