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    Scurdia - Markus Schirmer & friends*Globalive

    Etichetta:Lotus Records (5) – LR14043CD
    CD, Album, Deluxe Edition, Enhanced, Stereo, PAL, + Bonus DVD
    Genere:Jazz, Funk / Soul, Pop, Classical, Folk, World, & Country
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    SCURDIA - Markus Schirmer & friends

    We are now striding ahead through the twenty-first century. The universe is
    improvising its way into the future – and is showing it knows how to keep in
    time and preserve a sense of humour!
    Where East meets West, where classical music fuses with sounds that are new
    to European ears: this is SCURDIA’s home territory. And where is that exactly?
    It’s simple: between Styria and Kurdistan, between Amsterdam and Jerusalem,
    between yesterday and today, between joy and amazement.
    When the internationally celebrated pianist Markus Schirmer invites his musical
    alter ego, the master of the Oriental oud Risgar Koshnaw, to make music with
    him, and along with him a whole bunch of highly talented friends from all over
    the world, the result is dancing (sometimes even when sitting down), laughter,
    applause, and that glorious feeling of simply not being able to have enough of it.
    When SCURDIA takes it from the top, stylistic borders simply evaporate. Audiences
    in Central Europe have known this for several years now. Now, after the first
    performances in the autonomous region of Kurdistan in Iraq, music-lovers in the
    capital city of Erbil know it too. The adventurous concert tour resulted not only in
    a fascinating ORF film by Günter Schilhan and Helmut C. Gürtl but also in an even
    more intensive bond amongst the SCURDIA musicians than ever before.

    This second SCURDIA album “GLOBALIVE” was recorded in the course of two terrific
    concerts at the Graz Opera and is accompanied by a bonus DVD of the captivating
    TV documentary.
    A celebration to bring joy to dancers and listeners alike. And a musical manifesto
    against narrow-mindedness in all its forms.

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