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Norman WestbergMusic From: MRI, 410stairs, Plough

Etichetta:Not On Label (Norman Westberg Self-released) – none
CDr, Compilation
Genere:Electronic, Rock
Stile:Abstract, Ambient, Noise

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'This cd includes the music portion of the two, sold out, limited edition graphic cds that I put out in 2012. I want to make the music available for those that missed out on the 'mri' and '410stairs' packages. The track 'plough4' is included here, and is also available on the 'plough' cd.

The original description of 'mri'
The track is a 15+ minute atmospheric guitar piece. I played my Telecaster into two amps with an array of delays and effects. Tracked onto a Porta 1 tape recorder, then manipulated in Sound Forge, 16bit, 44.1 Stereo Wave for the finish. This track is done as one pass.

The original description of '410stairs'
This twenty minute plus track was recorded in Mina's Room Studio with a Tascam Porta 02 using a stereo set of home-made microphones (thanks, Adam). I used a modified, by me, Kapa Continental 12-string into a variety of delays and such, then split into an Orange Crush and a Brian May Vox with an extension speaker. I transfer into Sound Forge for some minor sound mastering. The track is 16bit, 44.1 Stereo Wave.

The original description of 'plough4'
I used 2 amps through a stereo delay, with several effects in line. One track on the Porta 1 for each amp, home made microphones on each(thanks, Adam). Recorded one pass onto two tracks, then went back and recorded two more tracks with another instrument or feel. Plough 1 and 4 have guitar on both passes.

This is homemade all the way.'




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