Euro House Descrizione della musica

Extremely popular and mostly present in the night clubs in Europe during 90s. Usual it is house beat tempo motion and incorporates prominent synthesizer melodies, basslines with male rapping lyrics and female essential message vocals. Pulls, influence from Hip-Hop Techno and Hi NRG. Verses are usually rapped and choruses are usually sung, but it varied from song to song. Almost always mid- to up-tempo. In the 1990-1993 year Euro House sound was performers like: Snap!, Technotronic, Bass Bumpers, AB Logic, M.C.Sar & The Real Mc Coy, Culture Beat and many more. During 1994-1996 years Euro House become with more tempo-up and sound likem performers: Eurogroove, Megatronic, DJ Company, E-Type , Pharao and many more.

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