I enjoy all kinds of music but gravitate to classic rock and jazz. I've collected 45s, LPs, cassettes, reels, MiniDiscs, and, ahem, 8-Tracks. "Dark Side of the Moon" is enjoyed more times a year than there are full moons!!
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It could be due to a delay in pressing. My wife purchased through U2's website and received an email stating there was a delay and the release date was pushed back. Sorry, but it's my best guess.
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Amazing how timeless The Dead's music is, especially these wonderful live albums. I was 14 days old when this concert took place, and I'm loving every groove at 52!
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I paid $45.00 for it ON SALE at Lunchbox Records, Charlotte, NC. Crazy that it is going for twice as much now. But there were only 3000 pressings. Worth every penny.
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I've become a "Born Again" Grateful Deadhead after listening to this album!! "Playing In The Band" is 25+ minutes of pure jamming fun. Listen to this LOUD!!