Opening back up PM's again. Please, please, please, do not contact me asking about purchasing items in my collection, getting MP3's of stuff I own, or issues that should be in a support request.

Current Projects:
--Chinese Cassettes - about 300, contact if you can help!
--Lot 1: Mysterious Benefactor - ~more than 50 crates LP's/12's remaining, moderate not in db, pretty picked over at this point. I want these done.
--Perpetual Spring Cleaning - Update subs & collection info on LP's/12"s. Purge out detritus. Clean things, etc.
--Classical & Assorted Misc. Donation - Slowly processing
--VHS - Goodness gracious there's a lot.
--Radio Show Transcription Lot - Backburner: High effort.

Recently completed:
--50,000 Submissions - Completed 2019/02/06
--More Thai 45's - Completed 2018/10/??
--Collection location tagging - Completed 2018/04/19

Current Goals:
--Make Music - tiny bits here and there.
--Audit & Purge deadweight from older sections of collections, reduce overflow into shelves - less soon

-Somehow convince myself to stop acquiring and work on existing not-in-DB.

Please also do not ask me for rips of releases I have contributed/own. It is against our terms of service. At this time I am not selling from my collection either.

If you have performed on a record I have contributed, please also feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear more stories about those releases.

As a result of my level of submissions, I receive well over 1000 system messages a month, as a result, I am perpetually a bit behind in checking through past submission comments and messages. Please PM me directly if you have a question about a submission for faster service. I will usually respond to PM requests to fix errors within 24 hours.

All of my images are free for use for anyone that wishes to use them. If you do use them somewhere, please let me know! I love seeing my work spread around. Credit would be extra appreciated as well.

I make bad music and you should listen to it because reasons
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presentata Tracey Brewer - Let Me Do It. about 22 hours ago
presentata David Lindley & El Rayo-X* - Werewolves Of London (LP Version). about 22 hours ago
presentata Leroy Smith (12) - (Baby) You've Got The Rhythm. about 22 hours ago
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presentata Comanche - Punny Printer. 3 days ago
presentata B.B. Seaton - How About Us. 3 days ago
presentata Wayne Smith / Wayne Paisley - Morning News / Stranger. 3 days ago
presentata Pinchers - Sit Down Pon It. 3 days ago
presentata Krystal (3) / Prestley* - Where There's A Way / Let's Wait Awhile. 3 days ago
presentata Wayne Wonder - Heal The World. 4 days ago
presentata Galaxy P / Terry Ganzie - Fat, Sexy & Round / Rebel. 4 days ago
presentata The B.W.C* - On The Low. 4 days ago
presentata General B - Woman. 4 days ago
presentata Various - Dance Rhythm. 4 days ago
presentata Cockspur Five Star Steel Orchestra - Vol. II. 4 days ago
presentata George Burke - The Devil's Backyard. 4 days ago
presentata Anthony Redrose* - Closer Than Friends. 4 days ago
presentata Sanchez - Rearrange My Life. 4 days ago
presentata Bilinda Parker* - Gypsy Love. 4 days ago
presentata Major Lance - The Monkey Time. 4 days ago
presentata Melavano And His Orchestra - My Memories. 4 days ago
presentata The Creator - Let There Be House. 4 days ago
presentata Wilton (Smitty) Smith* - Let's Dance. 4 days ago
presentata French Toast (3) - French Toast. 4 days ago
presentata Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk, Vol. 2. 4 days ago
presentata Legend (81) - Positive Talk. 4 days ago
presentata G-Squad (6) - Miami Nigs / Project Of Success. 4 days ago
presentata The Rainbow Girls - Girl's Life. 4 days ago
presentata Monte Croft - Interchords. 4 days ago
presentata Bo Benton - Bounce. 4 days ago
presentata The Railway Children - Brighter. 4 days ago
presentata Various - I'll Be Around / Comin From Where I'm From Rmx. 4 days ago
presentata Damian (4) Featuring Sasha Lazard - Oneness (Fred Jorio Remixes). 4 days ago
presentata Various - Rock Discothèque Rock Vol. 1. 4 days ago
presentata David Baerwald - All For You. 4 days ago
presentata Nasty Nardo - Funkytown. 5 days ago
presentata Steve Austin The Bioniq Emcee* - Club Cuff'n. 5 days ago