For those who use Spotify or Bandcamp,

Browse through 1400+ text documents of record label catalogues, with each release title containing a hyperlink to its respective Discogs, Bandcamp and Spotify entry — looking like this: D | B | S


Archived on Google Drive, where such links are automatically previewed upon clicking.


Club ..... Roughly 80% of the indexed record labels are oriented toward some style(s) of electronic dance music. Think house, disco, techno, ebm, electro, idm, dnb, dubstep and anything in-between.

Miscellaneous ..... The rest of the output ranges from ambient/experimental, jazz/funk/soul, cinematic/library, industrial/post-punk to synth-pop/wave.


The purpose of these indexes is to provide a compact overview of a label's catalogue, combined with some relevant links that will save you the time of doing manual searches on Spotify or the web.

Many files may be periodically updated.