No UCE/UBE! If you read nothing else on this page, read this: DO NOT SPAM ME!

I am old school industrialist. I am old enough to know the difference between industrial, and the EBM that I cut my teeth on. I spent time in the noise set, and spawned the term "hardcore ambient" in my set. I am keen on the term cyberpunk, as it sums up my take on the whole sonic and aesthetic jumble of the noise I call music.

I was never too industrial to rave, and was in the thick of the mid 90s crossover in full force. I watched drum'n'bass grow up in the Steel City Jungle of Pittsburgh, and witnessed a scene's birth in Boise, Idaho at Bliss.

My store may not always be the paragon of inspiration for all, but it will have a listing of items I am unquestionably offering for sale. I only list in stock items. This applies to items listed for sale on Discogs as well.

I sell only original CDs, so please do not ask about buying pirated copies or MP3s/Oggs. I have more CDs for sale than what shows in my or Discogs inventory. Email me for details or to just talk about music, but DO NOT SPAM ME! If you are selling or promoting anything that I didn't expressly solicit, don't waste my time or yours. At best you will turn me off to you and whatever you spammed me about. There is a good chance that I will also offer poor feedback to anyone inquiring about your offerings, and you will probably be blocked from sending me further communications. I would think it unnecessary to have to spell this out in such detail, but spammers continue to prove me wrong.

My Wantlist is not a list of items I have to have at all costs. It serves mainly as a reference when I am browsing in a record shop. If you feel that you must tell me about an item on my Wantlist that you are selling, include a link to the item, or your email will probably be deleted unread. Since I had to hide my Wantlist thanks to spamming from sellers most of the preceding sentences in this paragraph are purely academic at this point. The items I am most interested in on my Wantlist are listed below in no particular order:

à;GRUMH... - The Price Is Light
Pankow - Remember Me / Heads Will Roll
Pankow - Stupidity / Remembermeremix / (Do The) Rotkäppchen
Pankow - Walpurgisnacht
Tack>>Head* - En Concert
Vomito Negro - Save The World

You are welcome to contact me if you have a good price on any of the above releases in decent condition.

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