How I rate records:

1 star = without interest
2 stars = I wouldn't mind hearing it now and then
3 stars = I'd be glad to hear it played out
4 stars = I'd like to get it on vinyl to play it out / or already did it
5 stars = very eager to get this record / or already happy to have it in my collection

To take with a grain of salt!
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pubblicato un commento su The Combats - Lost Love. 9 days ago
"Rock On" and the superfunky "Let's Get Together" are available on this compilation:
pubblicato un commento su Nathalie - My Love Won't Let You Down. 11 days ago
Nice mix of english & french lyrics on this synth pop song. "Écoute mon cœur qui cra-cra-craque."
pubblicato un commento su The Bobby Williams Group* - Boogaloo Mardi Gras. 13 days ago
Excellent instrumental funk here, but how does that re-issue sound?
pubblicato un commento su Patrick Juvet - Alibi (I' M Dreaming). 14 days ago
Very nice cover of John Kongos - "I'm Dreaming".
pubblicato un commento su Autechre - Plus. 14 days ago
"Sound design ages, and gets boring. Melodies last forever." >>> That might be very wise and true. If you can't whistle it, it will be forgotten.
pubblicato un commento su Sound_00 - Flower EP. 14 days ago
Not sure if "high end" players are needed. More about luck in my opinion.
pubblicato un commento su DJ Spinna & BBE Soundsystem - The Best Of Perception & Today Records (Funk / Soul / Breaks / Jazz / Latin & Rock From One Of NYC's Finest Underground Labels) (Part A). 14 days ago
Name three less boring compilations in the same genre please.
pubblicato un commento su Fennesz, O'Rourke*, Rehberg* - The Return Of Fenn O'Berg. 15 days ago
This is a legendary and exceptional recording. Menacing, dark yet subtle ambient music open to various interpretations. A highlight in the "glitch" genre that was never surpassed since, and a top-shelf CD for me. All tracks but especially "A Viennese... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Davis (16) - Dance Peralta. 15 days ago
Some intense transey electro on "Fissura na Neblina", with spoken words about being happy with what we have.
This producer has an interesting sound palette, from acid lines to terrifying pads. The whole EP is good.
pubblicato un commento su Leuk en Ko - Monniken In 't riet. 17 days ago
I'm thinking of Run DMC VS Jason Nevis in "It's Like That", but it was probably a sample in it also.
pubblicato un commento su J A - Enter JA. 17 days ago
Very nice album by the duo formed by Andrea Noce (Eva Geist, As Longitude) and Jonida Prifti, that I didn't know yet. Bizarre and haunting soundtrack, with danceable moments, for instance the beautiful "Find A Way" which reminds me of Geneva... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Woz (10) - WOZ. 17 days ago
Excellent synth / electronic melodic experimentations. This album reminds me of french synth Lps of the 70s and 80s like Decerf / Saclay or even Claude Larson.
pubblicato un commento su Lungile Masitha - Vuyani. 17 days ago
Welcome reissue of these south african boogie disco hits.
Anybody knows what the lyrics are about?
pubblicato un commento su Mavis John - Use My Body / How Can I Love Again. 18 days ago
pubblicato un commento su Acidulant - I'm In The House. 18 days ago
Boring, disappointing generic house on the "A-side". A bit better is the bouncy acid track claps & cymbals that is on the "B-side", which is an almost 12 minutes live take. Still nothing to write home about. Where's the inspiration of "Boring Kingdom"?
pubblicato un commento su Haus Arafna - Asche. 19 days ago
On the artwork you can read: "Ich was wie du bist, Du wirst wie ich bin"
In english; "I was what you are, You will be what I am"
Or in latin: "Eram quod es, eris quod sum": this is a sentence frequently found on graveyards.

In the beautiful movie... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Pierre Péchin - La Banana. 19 days ago
Solid Cerrone production, but embarrassing lyrics about food, and the fact it's easier & quicker to just eat a banane than to cook.
pubblicato un commento su GRAF+ZYX - Early Recordings 77-83. 19 days ago
"Citroen Automatique" is a fresh electro tune that would fit in any modern dj set. The rest is super catchy as well. Thank you, Vinyl-on-demand!
pubblicato un commento su Hugh Mane - Vice & Virtue EP. 21 days ago
The picture looks like an engraving by Albrecht Dürer but it is not. First, Dürer's style was a lot more refined. Then, his signature, though extremely similar, was of course "AD", not "AG". Moreover, 1528 is Dûrer's year of death and his last... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Conrad Schnitzler - Auf Dem Schwarzen Kanal. 21 days ago
Well, that was the most remarkable track of the bunch... too bad.
pubblicato un commento su Flo Astaire - Monkey Monkey. 23 days ago
The voice & singing are very similar to Cynthia Farroll - "He's Magic".
pubblicato un commento su Hugh Mane - Prima Volta. 24 days ago
Very nice, peaceful album. The ten track version includes the wonderful "Is this love?".
pubblicato un commento su Chinaski (5) - Unruhe . 24 days ago
Good tracks here. A repress would be nice.
pubblicato un commento su MINIGOD - De Bus. 24 days ago
"Plastic Tears" is a cover of Europe's "Final Countdown".
pubblicato un commento su Carola Baer - Untitled. 28 days ago
Thank you very much for this information. What you have in your hands is a piece of history!
pubblicato un commento su Various - Let's Go Into Space II. 28 days ago
Does a coloured version exist for this compilation volume II?
pubblicato un commento su Various - Fest I EP. 28 days ago
Thanks, that was just the info I came here to find out!
pubblicato un commento su The Shortwave Mystery* - Down And Out In A Town Of Yardsales. about 1 month ago
The whole LP/EP (?) is golden, especially "Signals (From Afar)", and would need a repress. The best tracks are also on the CDr, which is scarse as well.
pubblicato un commento su Galaxy Hunter - We Came From Space. about 1 month ago
You are right Sir. This song is a wonderful neo-euro-disco number and an instant hit. But the whole album is great!
pubblicato un commento su Zenit (4) - Straight Ahead. about 1 month ago
Still waiting! Any date ?
Beautiful album, by the way.
pubblicato un commento su Pagan Sector - Hermopolis Magna. about 1 month ago
Excellent EP by Legowelt & Cliff Lothar, and going for peanuts. Grab & enjoy!
pubblicato un commento su Youandewan - The Brane 001. about 1 month ago
"Normal Eyes" is very nice. Fluid, melodic & snappy, with a lot going on.
Good EP.
pubblicato un commento su Autechre - Warp Tapes 89-93. about 1 month ago
Excellent "old school" Autechre mixes. This is, in fact, what a lot of fans had been dreaming of: leftovers from the Legofeet / Cavity Job era.

There are a lot of "wow" moments here. I was tempted to list a few, but it is definitely better to... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Madlib - Sound Ancestors. about 1 month ago
Could be the lowest sound recorded on the copy due to limited bandwidth of the colored pressing?
pubblicato un commento su NGLY - Cities Of Illusion . about 1 month ago
Mine plays perfect and without surface noise. Bad luck, try swapping.
pubblicato un commento su Various - Forth Various Artists Vol. 2 . about 1 month ago
No, it's not Godzilla walking down your corridor... it's the first seconds of "Beyond Reach" by TYVYT|IYTYI. This track is so hard-hitting and sleazy, yet cool and relaxing. And the beauty of vinyl is that you can play it faster... or even slower.

In... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Various - Profondo Nero. about 1 month ago
Is that a sponsored comment?
I can name you 100+ more "body-to-body" , "sweaty" italo tracks...
pubblicato un commento su Various - Profondo Nero. about 1 month ago
The artwork seems indeed terrible (unless I miss a reference).

If one wants to criticize even more, the description deserves a golden faceplam:
"Profondo Nero narrates a storyline that goes beyond the borders of Italy’s musical legacy. Cutting across... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Lebanon Hanover - The Last Thing. about 1 month ago
They should classify all of them under "Digital" and then only classify into subcategories for the various digital formats. Which can be a lot if the music is available on Bandcamp, where the conversion is done on-the-fly. I guess all that has been... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Nappy Mayers* - Let Yourself Go. about 1 month ago
A couple of skips on a 12'' is definitely not good. Thanks.
pubblicato un commento su Various - The Tuffest Of The Tuffest (2019 Edition). about 1 month ago
The whole compilation is strong and this remastered version sounds very good. For me the gems are on the A-side: "Africa" and "Let The Warriors Dance", both blending deep house and acid for an addictive result.
pubblicato un commento su Various - Men With Boxes. about 1 month ago
A vinyl version of "A Future of Nostalgia (vol. 2)" featuring "Cellular" is also announced:
pubblicato un commento su Sunbelt - Spin It. about 1 month ago
The vocal is very strong, how can you play the instrumental without the vocal just behind? The crowd would be angry ;-)
pubblicato un commento su Carola Baer - Untitled. about 1 month ago
How many copies of this cassette exist?
pubblicato un commento su Boy Harsher - Country Girl EP. about 1 month ago
Totally excellent EP. Get the 6 tracks version at least.
pubblicato un commento su The Egyptian Lover* And Hanky Panky (2) / Jamie Jupitor - Computer Love (Sweet Dreams) / Computer Power. about 1 month ago
Wow, Computer Power (Previously Unreleased Version) is a beast. Anyone have details about it apart from :

" For this release we have opted for a special 7" unreleased radio edit, that has Greg kindly provided us with, which differs slightly in... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Kurtis Mantronik - Mad. about 1 month ago
Five stars for the hip-hop version, but can't put five to the whole record, the five other versions being extremely so-so.
pubblicato un commento su De Ambassade (2) - Duistre Kamers. about 1 month ago
I'm actually interested in learning old and romantic dutch. My plan is to seduce one of those wonderful dutch beauties (the most beautiful women in the world) next time I go to the IFM festival.
pubblicato un commento su Chris Carter (2) - CCCL Volume One. about 1 month ago
"Modularity" is a groovy playable electro track among a sea of very nice synth pieces.
pubblicato un commento su Trilogy (49) - Black Devil. 2 months ago
Can anyone comment on the sound quality of this re-issue?