Peter Murphy djaeon

2 febbraio 2019
He's amazing. I saw him in the Dust era, and it was life changing (well, perception changing anyway). One of my top 10 concert experiences, for sure.

The Children Of The Night (2) - Dracula djaeon

7 febbraio 2015
This is pretty obviously influenced by Bauhaus' "Bela Lugosi's Dead". It's faster, and seems to be aimed more at gothy dance clubs. There are no real vocals, but lots of vampire movie samples.

The Nuns - 4 Days In A Motel Room - Their Greatest Sins djaeon

5 settembre 2011
My copy doesn't have track 24, "Sex Dream" on it. Is that a bonus track?

Frozen Plasma - Hypocrite djaeon

2 febbraio 2010
Also came on Memorex 52x 700 MB 80min CD-R's.

Covenant - Figurehead djaeon

14 gennaio 2010
I'm looking at my copy of this, and it looks like it's actually the Memento Materia pressing, with an Off Beat info sticker placed on the back of the card, over the Memento Materia information.