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pubblicato un commento su Quentin Franglen. 11 months ago
One of the finest most consistent UK producers of mid 90’s Nu NRG. Very floor friendly and very uplifting.
pubblicato un commento su The Quest Project - Angel. about 1 year ago
UK House pumper with lovely vocal stabs and snippets at the right moments.
pubblicata una recensione di Devlin (2) - A Moving Picture. over 2 years ago
More highs but also more lows than the 5* superb bud sweat beers debut LP
Still a worthy and regarded collection of melody ridden but up front uk rap bangers
pubblicata una recensione di Devlin (2) - Bud, Sweat & Beers. over 2 years ago
Superb. Devlins on point in his delivery of his own style of uk rap. At times quite positive and thought out this man takes this diverse genre into a better place with meaning and emotion alongside the usual raw anger more common with lesser mc's
pubblicata una recensione di Various - Strum + Drum. over 2 years ago
Love this. Great and diverse free tape that really show cases some of the underground and up n coming bands from 1988.
pubblicata una recensione di Bam Bam - Spend The Night!. over 2 years ago
First class original acid house. Deep dark distorted vocals over a haunting and near perfect 303
pubblicata una recensione di New Order - The Perfect Kiss. over 2 years ago
I agree with Spacemoth below - this is a real masterpiece, a stroke of genius from a band at the top of their game. Brilliant piece of music.
pubblicata una recensione di Vinyl Syndicate / Kenny Ken & G Squad - Temptation Remix / The Joint Remix. over 2 years ago
Impressive. 2001 rewound nicely into jungle sounding like it was produced in 1994. Some electro melody and some hip hop syyle wraps up this banger.
pubblicata una recensione di Athlete - Vehicles & Animals. over 2 years ago
This is a band on top form. A creative vaguely upbeat lyrically inspired LP of five star proportions.
Have just bought the next album hoping it's nearly as good.
pubblicata una recensione di Baby Doc. over 2 years ago
Baby Doc - a nu nrg legend. Pumping fast and very uplifting sound. His sound Made many a good club night great.
pubblicata una recensione di Various - DJ's On Vinyl, Vol. 3. over 2 years ago
Contains a number of decent early house tunes heavily played on London pirates at the time and sampled by some of the rave producers that blew up that year
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pubblicata una recensione di Musto & Bones - All I Want Is To Get Away (Original & Remix Versions). over 2 years ago
Just picked up a copy of all I want...and remembered it immediately. Was played at the time on pirate radio and encapsulates nicely the rave vibe with its keyboard stabs and catchy vocal hook.
pubblicata una recensione di Musto & Bones - All I Want Is To Get Away. over 2 years ago
Just picked up a copy of all I want...and remembered it immediately. Was played at the time on pirate radio and encapsulates nicely the rave vibe with its keyboard stabs and catchy vocal hook.
pubblicata una recensione di DTPM Recordings. over 2 years ago
Originally held in villa Stefano then the legendary End nightclub and Fabric a bit later. Played quality house to a discerning crowd on who liked to dance the afternoons away 🙂
pubblicata una recensione di Coast 2 Coast Featuring Discovery (4) - Home. over 2 years ago
Classic trance. Mid tempo. Powerful but melodic vocal. Was a big tune for a reason.
pubblicata una recensione di The Millionaire Hippies* - I Am The Music, Hear Me!. over 3 years ago
Forgettable and almost embarrassing tune. Until fire island dub mix which turns it into deep solid soulful house. A tale of two halfs. One bad. One very good!
pubblicata una recensione di Various - Hard Leaders III - Enter The Darkside. over 3 years ago
Quality tunes. Well compiled and well chosen compilation of top quality dark rollers.
pubblicata una recensione di Various - Ware's The House. over 3 years ago
One of the few really good compilations
Quality early house.
pubblicata una recensione di 2-B-3 & Tony Johnson (4) - Peace. over 3 years ago
Original UK 1988 acid house. Well rated below for a reason. Good tune!
pubblicata una recensione di The Todd Terry Project - To The Batmobile Let's Go. over 3 years ago
This imo deserves much better ratings. 1988 first class jackin house
TT is on point thru out this LP with weekend being a genuine vocal house classic
pubblicata una recensione di The Moody Boys - Acid Rappin / Acid Heaven. over 3 years ago
Just scooped this up in a UK second hand record shop for one pound!!

One hours digging resulting in a few tunes like this piece of acidic black crack made it all worthwhile.
pubblicata una recensione di Red Jerry. over 3 years ago
A remix legend. A producing legend. A musical legend. Bring back Jerry, where ever he is now!
pubblicata una recensione di MLO - Samarkand. over 3 years ago
Quality tech house. Recommended if you like standout but sublime techno.
pubblicata una recensione di Benz - Urban City Girl. over 3 years ago
Uninspiring second rate r n b flavord house. Could do better!
pubblicato un commento su Freak System - Is This The Future?. over 3 years ago
Deep underground house of a slightly eclectic nature. Like the robotic dark vocals. Future dub mix is too hard on the 909,s but three other decent mixes.
pubblicata una recensione di Korsakow / Jan & Mattheus - Sun Of A Gun / Rændstrøm. over 3 years ago
Essentially a double A side and decent slab of sublime deep house. Quality stuff from 1996. Music for your mind and soul.
pubblicata una recensione di Emojonal - Silence Of Water EP. over 3 years ago
Recommended. Especially if chilled melodic house is your cup of tea.
pubblicata una recensione di Adamski - Liveandirect. over 3 years ago
I'm surprised this has only been rated as 4 stars by most. This LP was the first and still one of the relatively few "dance" albums to really stand out. Not just with the odd good tune but throughout.
pubblicata una recensione di Quartz (2) - We're Comin' At Ya (Remix). over 3 years ago
Decent slice of classic UK hip house / early rave
pubblicata una recensione di Anthony Teasdale / Andy Clarke - Enlightened House Music. over 3 years ago
Teasdale knocks out two sublime and mesmerising tunes mixing subtle acidic lines with haunting synth and a relaxed but still danceable vibe.
B side is forgettable and disappointing.
pubblicata una recensione di The Sisters Of Mercy - Dominion. over 3 years ago
We all know the brilliance of Doninion but having just discovered "untitled" I must say it was an deep and almost ambient pleasure
pubblicata una recensione di Junior Reid - Actions Speak Louder Than Words. over 3 years ago
A side is disappointing soul/pop/funk
B side however is coldcut produced dub reggae of decent quality
pubblicata una recensione di World's Famous Supreme Team - Hey! D.J.. over 3 years ago
First class early Hip Hop. Rapping is on point. Beats are banging. 1984 was a good year for the supreme team.
pubblicata una recensione di Pete Bones. over 3 years ago
I remember loving his early sets in the hand and spear pub near Weybridge.
Quality pumping UK house music.
Respect definately due to Mr Bones!
pubblicata una recensione di Pete Wardman. over 3 years ago
Legend of hard bag / uplifting hard house
pubblicata una recensione di Pete Wardman - Sherbet. over 3 years ago
Sunday afternoons in the Soundshaft club London - circa 1996 - good times.
pubblicata una recensione di Superstars Of Rock - Up All Night (Won't Make The Gym). over 3 years ago
Great title. Deep house vibe. Tune!
pubblicato un commento su Various - 1989 Hustlers Convention Live. over 3 years ago
countless vocal samples here, most famously knicked by The Prodigy & tons of jungle records : )

Yea I noticed that - everybody in the place!!
A nice slab of 1989 - toasting and rapping - live in London. Featuring some ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicata una recensione di Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium. over 3 years ago
Diverse. Unique. Superb album. Equal to
" Monotheist " in its five marks out of five.
Cover artwork also highly rated.
pubblicata una recensione di Floyd Dyce. over 3 years ago
Look at the names on your hardcore/breakbeat vinyl from 1992 era and see how many mention this mans name. One fine producer.
pubblicato un commento su Dreadzone - Life Love & Unity. over 3 years ago
Bought this on the back of this review. Glad I did. Solid bouncy dub reggae with subtle acid bass lines and electronic wizardry. 5*
pubblicata una recensione di Fire Island - In Your Bones / Back To The Bones / Fire Island. over 3 years ago
Just bought for a pound in a london second hand vinyl shop.

Good quality 1992 house that still works today. Some quarter century later!
pubblicata una recensione di Merlin. over 3 years ago
Yup well said Pasquez - Merlins baritones stood out. An incredibly young age when he came through at just 16 gave a verbal soundtrack to a number of influential hip hop and hip house tunes. Respect due.
pubblicata una recensione di Various - Positive Energy. over 3 years ago
Great compilation of nu nrg and trance from mid 90's. Summed up the tunes from clubs like Trade and other decent nights in London at the time.
pubblicata una recensione di Radical Dance Faction - Wasteland. over 3 years ago
One of my favourite album covers.
One of my favourite albums!
One of my favourite live bands!!
pubblicata una recensione di Mauro Picotto - Back To Cali. over 4 years ago
Push remix. Top quality trance.
pubblicata una recensione di Wippenberg - Neurodancer. over 4 years ago
Mrs Woods doesn't do this justice with her lightweight re mix. However it was a big ask of anyone to be fair - as the original is a 10/10 classic. Outstanding tune.
pubblicata una recensione di The Source - Clouds. over 4 years ago
Superb. Really powerful and uplifting. Good use of the vocal over a tough 909 beat.
pubblicata una recensione di Landberg* & Jacobson* - Portabel. over 4 years ago
Sublime sultry tech house. Enjoyable.