Just about anything in my collection I will consider, providing I know where it is and can therefore find it easily, selling, just ask.
Also I now will accept payment via your prefered crypto currency as long as it's transferable into Bitcoin

Here's my latest mix;

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pubblicato un commento su Vous Tous - Gonna Get High In Dub / Chant 4 Freedom. 1 day ago
Trace ?! At this tempo ?.....On this label ?!.....In 1993 ?!.....
pubblicato un commento su The Salsoul Orchestra - Ooh, I Love It (Love Break). 1 day ago
I'm looking for a version of this which sounds exactly like the Break Groove version at the beginning but come closer to the middle of the track there is some really nice xylaphone noodling. It's virtually the same apart from the addition of thhi jazzy ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su The Rhythm Masters With Ray Laurie* - Our Ultimate Groove Trax Volume Two. 1 day ago
Such short tracks....er what the deal with that ? Perhaps some of the ideas could have been flrshed out more and less tracks that run for longer could have been released ?
pubblicato un commento su Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers. 2 days ago
I'm not into vocals per say, but this one is just irresistible ! And the 'Wackside' whoever that might be has done a might fine job of housing up the more garage orientated origional.
pubblicato un commento su T.J. Hustler Metaphysical Synthesized Orchestra - Age Of Individualism. 2 days ago
Is this some kind of genius sound that my ears just can't quite get all the way to. Or is it a complete load of shit. It#'s a fine line between soup and stew.
pubblicato un commento su Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk. 3 days ago
Just checked and, yes, there are still copies available at the link posted below......
pubblicato un commento su Various, Purple Disco Machine, In.Deed, Paji, Wild Culture - 10 Years Of Kittball Part. 1. 3 days ago
In relation to the post below, why is it that so many of Purple Disco Machine records aren't for sale ? In the majority of cases there is nobody selling their releases, which is strange.
pubblicato un commento su Aurora Halal - Liquiddity. 18 days ago
How do you know there are 2 mixes ?...... I'm not trying to dispute that there are, I just want to know where you heard it....
pubblicato un commento su Mark (513) - Here Comes A Fucking Startup Campus. about 1 month ago
I read the above notes with great interest as cultural spaces like this are being destroyed everywhere like the free cultural spaces in Spain that are being bulldozed by government. I would have rather have got to the end and not discovered that the ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Silver Apples - Contact. about 1 month ago
How Pan-Am managed to sue these poor guys because of....I don't know what because of. Because they provided some free advertising perhaps ?....effectively ending their carer in this form for good, I will never know. Well I do know, it's possibly because ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su New Order - Sub-Culture. about 1 month ago
So is this a release that has the origional Album version ? Because Peter Savile was right, the remixes are shit !
pubblicato un commento su B.Traits - Still Point / North Shore. about 1 month ago
It's a bit proggy tho, right ? I think I heard this before in 1995....
pubblicato un commento su Pantha Du Prince - The Triad. about 1 month ago
So are there issues with every issue ? I've just bought this and having read the review I'm a bit gutted !
pubblicato un commento su Various - Jaw Division E.P. . about 1 month ago
I don't understand the apparent lackluster attitude towards this UK label ? They consistantly put out quality house music that doesn't follow any cookie cutter rules. It is inventive and pushing the art form. Get behind it people C'mon !
pubblicato un commento su Demo* And Poet (6) - PCP EP. about 1 month ago
*Ahhh but sampling is piracy*...and piracy is not the answer ! *sarcasm*
pubblicato un commento su Brainticket - Cottonwoodhill. 2 months ago
Just a quick thought addressed to progfan97402. You mention that you think the monolouge is a womon experiencing a bad trip. I would say it's more like an interpretation of someones idea of a bad trip. If that person was, in fact, having a bad trip you ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su JT Company - Love Tende. 2 months ago
Can anyone tell me if the dub on this is a decent one, by that I mean does it remove completely the terrible vocal ? Ultimately I'd like the bass from the 'A-O mix too...but then you can't have everything.....
pubblicato un commento su Thomas Colone - Canabis Dubs. 2 months ago
Very 'dope' you punster you ! See it wasn't a waste of time, someone found it funny !
pubblicato un commento su Humanoid - Built By Humanoid. 2 months ago
I see what Kaicho is getting at here actually. The overall abundance of skittery directionless patterns is more a distraction and confusion than some kind of productive experementalism. The total lack of space is very claustrophibic in a not very nice ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade - Oh Superman Remix. 2 months ago
wow, I don't usually dig this minimal kind of aesthetic but this is somethin' else entirely. The minimalism is used in a way that is totally mezmorising and sort of funky at the same time. his is the 'Matt John mix' I'm talking about.
pubblicato un commento su Jupiter 6 - The Tracking System. 2 months ago
pubblicato un commento su Nazamba - Vex. 2 months ago
It sort of funny my nan used to use the word 'vex' to describe when she was very angry and she was proper Cornish. I don't know the origins of the word but I know for sure my nan never hang out with any yardies...that I know of anyway :)
pubblicato un commento su Monty Python - The Album Of The Soundtrack Of The Trailer Of The Film Of Monty Python And The Holy Grail (Executive Version). 2 months ago
None shall pass. I have no quarrel with you good sir knight, now if you'd be kind enough to let me cross the bridge', 'None shall pass.
pubblicato un commento su Exium - Expect Nothing. 2 months ago
The answer to the question below is, that if a different artist creates a completely origional track then you are releasing a various record and the name 'Various' on a record doesn't have the same branding potential as an artists chosen name.
pubblicato un commento su Freestylers - Up Rock E.P.. 2 months ago
In the notes above where is says that' Breaker Beats' uses samples from 'Amen Brother'....actually it doesn't. That tune samples heavily from 'The Incredable Bongo Band' 'Apachie'. I don't believe there is any Amen in there at all in fact.
pubblicato un commento su Bullion - Whities Dub 04. 2 months ago
Indeed a run of just 20 copies is for all intents and purposes a waste of time. How the f**k are you even supposed to get a copy ? It's not like the artist is some kind of unknown, he's had tracks out on R&S and has had plays on radio 1. This is a very ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Tony Rainwater / Lucky Charmz (2) - Lehultsub2. 2 months ago
LOL @ FreedomJazzD Did you mean 'Take the piss' rather than 'Take a Piss' ? You might not have, but it would make much more sense if you did.
I get what you're saying about these edits though ? They end very abruptly, while since the beginning of time ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Kalla (3) - Enter The Sponk. 2 months ago
"So dude, we like your latest production.....what do you want to call it, we need a title for the EP ?"

"Well I was thinking.......Enter the Dragon perhaps...something like that"

"Nah...guy, it's got ne edge, it's gotta' be more edgey !"
pubblicato un commento su 2 Sound Boys* - 4 Style EP. 2 months ago
I actually thought there tracks were a bit pedestrian. When I see the names 'Ty Holden' and 'Jeremy Sylvester' in the production credits I'm expecting something very decent. This, I thought, was/is fairly generic house material. I like the drums on 'Read ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Sweet Female Attitude - 8 Days A Week. 2 months ago
OK, Look closely and under where it says 'sunship dub' where you will find the details of the vocalist for that track........a vocalist....for a dub ? Now forgive me if I'm mistaken but the last thing you should be thinking about when you're creating a ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Sanza:Digabla - Let The Music Take Control. 2 months ago
wow 'Ria Dercas is a serious weapon ! I really can't praise this label enough !
pubblicato un commento su Vice Versa Records. 2 months ago
This is a label of ridiclously good garage and deep house. I can't believe I have only just discovered it now at this late stage. You can buy pretty much any of the catalouge safe in the knoweledge that you will have a quality record !
pubblicato un commento su Various - The Forward Movement - Phaze 1. 2 months ago
This W/L version sells for, well I don't know if it sells for, but people are asking, up to £40 £50 more than the full release and they seem to be the same versions of the same tracks....is there something I missing here ?
pubblicato un commento su DK7 - The Difference. 2 months ago
I kid you not the origional mix of this just gave the full on goose bumps ! Arms and legs. This is serious work of acid house. I havn't even considered my secret lover yet.
pubblicato un commento su Doug Willis - Syndrum Syndrome EP. 2 months ago
So it transpires this is where Chubby Chunks got their inspiration for their track Testement one (is it ?). Or to put it another wasy Chubby Chunks totally ripped the track 'Spread Love' off !
pubblicato un commento su Tom Middleton - Excursions 1. 2 months ago
Nobody ever contemplate that sometimes this sound flies dangerously close to the saccharine ? They are achingly pretty tracks but on the odd occasion if I'm not in the mood then there's nothing worse.
pubblicato un commento su minds&machines - Silenced Nothing. 2 months ago
For me the influence of Burial is writ all over this. But in a very slightly more polished form. The soul just isn't quite there for whatever reason.....
pubblicato un commento su Jamal Moss - Acid Taken Over. 3 months ago
I'm listening to my copy now and it sounds fine. I hadn't even given the sound quality a second thought untill I read your review. There is no problem with the sound on this record what so ever.
pubblicato un commento su Stank Hoe - Lick My Pussy. 3 months ago
Why are you asking him to enter 3 more words ? The crux of what he is saying is that he dosen't believe that the orgyistic scene which was portraid in the notes isn't genuine. I think he gets his point across and doesn't actually need to add anything. Of ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Fast Eddie* - Acid Thunder. 3 months ago
Someone mentioned in another comment about a W/L promo of this that was a 2x12" set so you could create a continus track out of the components ultimately allowing you to create a very lenghty version of Acid Thunder. But there's no sign of it here. He ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Mighty Force. 3 months ago
The first release on the labe for 20 years in now availabe, there are only 20 ish copies left to complete the crowd fund, which ends in 6 gays !
pubblicato un commento su Heller 'N' Farley Project* - From The Dat Vol. 1. 3 months ago
Weird, I have no recolection of consciously listening to 'Ultra Flava' before. Was it some kind of massive hit ? because my brain is intimately acquainted with it ! It's like I've heard it a million times before, but I'm sure I haven't.
pubblicato un commento su Paranoid London Featuring Paris Brightledge - Paris Dub 1. 3 months ago
So she didn't have enough money for a kebab and then wasted an expensive shot of Vodka in the process...fkin' amateur mistake.
pubblicato un commento su Tipper - LED Down. 3 months ago
Just a quick note to mention that there is an electro track on here, as you might expect because it's what she does, from Andrea Parker. Why electro isn't mentioned in the 'styles' I don't know.
pubblicato un commento su Alessandro Alessandroni - Prisma Sonoro. 3 months ago
I noticed an album I have from MONKEYTOWN records that has archival grade inner sleeves. They are a mix of a type of some kind of poly material and very smooth paper on one side. Very good just FYI.
pubblicato un commento su The Cramps - What Colour Panties Are You Wearing? And How Long Have You Been Wearing Them?. 3 months ago
There are a couple of blokes from the images here that I don't mind admiting look awesome in fish nets and 4" heels. Take a look for your self....namely the one on the right and the middle one.
pubblicato un commento su Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play. 3 months ago
The drum programming on 'Does not compute' just has to get a special mention. The bounce in the way the beats pause and go is like nothing else I have heard. Listen to the beginning of the track with this in mind and be completely enthralled....and then ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su Chevron / Posthuman - Unitary Covert Sonic Procedures. 3 months ago
I didn't blody get one ! And I have one record on the label ! What more do they want from us..total dedication or something ?!
pubblicato un commento su The Criminal Minds - Baptized By Dub / Virtual Reality. 3 months ago
Uh, I was wondering around at Glastonbury in 1990 and went into some random small marquee that happened to be playing acid house and it just made perfect sense to me. Then a bit later that year my mates told me Terminator X was DJing in this place near ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su fIREHOSE - Brave Captain. 3 months ago
Is that the video where his does a massive backside tail slide on a curb ?.....and I think he does a wallie too which nobody had ever thought of, let alone attempted....oh, I see someones linked the vid, I'll watch and find out !