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pubblicata una recensione di Idles - Mercedes Marxist. 10 days ago
Decent pressing, just a few pops here and there, mostly on the F-side.

'I Dream Guillotine' is as enjoyable as 'Mercedes Marxist'.

No download code.
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pubblicata una recensione di Jeff Buckley - In Transition. 2 months ago
Due to the negative reviews, it took me a while to open and play this but I appear to have one of the few good copies - flat, clean, centered and not to many pops. The sound level seems fine too.
pubblicata una recensione di Maps - Colours. Reflect. Time. Loss.. 2 months ago
Even after cleaning, not the best pressing. Track three, 'Howl Around', has a visible squiggle of what may be stray vinyl. The middle two minutes of the song are ruined with multiple, loud clicks.

The rest of it isn't as bad as that but did require a ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicata una recensione di Booth And The Bad Angel - Booth And The Bad Angel. 2 months ago
My copy is flat, has barely any pops or clicks and there's no surface noise or non-fill. Despite the running time of each side, listening with headphones, I don't detect any distortion or loss of sound quality and while I'm sure the bass level has been ... Leggi la recensione per intero
presentata Gaz Coombes - Salamander. 3 months ago
pubblicata una recensione di Japan - Quiet Life / Life In Tokyo. 4 months ago
The pressing is a good one but the music is too loud. All the loudest part of the songs (usually the choruses) are ruined by distortion. I don't know who's to blame but someone f*cked up. Unlistenable.
pubblicato un commento su Sleeper (2) - The Modern Age. 4 months ago
I'm disappointed that the promised cream vinyl is actually white but the pressing is quiet, flat and centered. There's no download code with the vinyl.
pubblicato un commento su The White Stripes - Icky Thump. 5 months ago
On the song 'Icky Thump' the guitar break from 1.38 to 1.42 (ish) has been mixed differently, sorry don't know what the correct term for it is. And 2.51 to 3.08 has been cut completely.

Why doesn't he just leave it alone?

If I notice other changes I'll ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicato un commento su The White Stripes - Icky Thump. 5 months ago
Yeah, still no Meg on Rag & Bone and it's still a bad decision.

Clean pressing though.
presentata Balún - Prisma Tropical. 6 months ago
presentata Welles (2) - Red Trees and White Trashes. 10 months ago
pubblicato un commento su James - Millionaires. about 1 year ago
Mixed quality pressing. Sides A and C play cleanly and quietly, sides B and D have multiple clicks and pops which are very noticeable through the quieter tracks. This was true for my original copy and a replacement copy.
presentata Juliana Hatfield - Juliana Hatfield Sings Olivia Newton-John. about 1 year ago
pubblicato un commento su Nine Inch Nails - Hesitation Marks. over 2 years ago
The sound on the vinyl is an improvement over the CD and the audiophile download - you can hear more of the music and the sound quality is terrific. Unfortunately the discs I received have multiple issues. There are scuffs, scratches and dimples. Disc 2 ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicata una recensione di Spoon - Hot Thoughts. over 2 years ago
The remix and cover song on the B-side would be worth the purchase if they weren't so loud (volume-wise). Virtually impossible to listen to let alone enjoy. What a waste of time.
pubblicato un commento su Various - Trainspotting (Music From The Motion Picture). over 2 years ago
No, it's not random, you can choose either black or orange.
presentata Ambershades - Clap Clap Clap. over 2 years ago
pubblicato un commento su The The - Giant. over 5 years ago
I wish I'd read you comments first, davidgbr. No problem with the run in / out on my copy but there's static throughout the new remix which spoils it. No download card either so not even the option of listening to it in all its over compressed, clipped ... Leggi la recensione per intero