● Banner image is the outside wall of Windmill Lane Studios (aka "U2 Studio") Dublin, Ireland.

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Pressing Plant Numbers:
6 = All Disc Records, Inc.
16 = Sonic Recording Products, Inc. / Goldisc Recording Products, Inc.
18 = Presswell
19 = Bestway Products Inc.
22 = Allied Record Company
24 = Monarch Record Mfg. Co.
25 = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria
26 = PRC Recording Company, Compton, CA
28 = Rainbo Records
30 = Plastic Products
49 = Specialty Records Corporation
53 = Keel Mfg. Corp. (prior to '79); Hauppauge Record Manufacturing Ltd. ('79 and later)
54 = Shelley Products
56 = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman
57 = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Carrollton, GA
60 = Sound Makers
70 = RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis
72 = PRC Recording Company, Richmond, IN
73 = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
74 = Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
76 = Hub-Servall Record Mfg. Corp.


Record company codes (the letters after "ST")

A = Atlantic
C = ATCO Records
CAP = Capricorn Records
CTN = Cotillion LPs
CO = Cotillion 45s
FC = Famous Charisma
SS = Swan Song
AS = Asylum Records
MC = Manticore
RS = Rolling Stones Records
HT = Hilltak Records
IL = Island Records

Pressing Plant Codes for LPs:

PR = Presswell Records Mfg. Co., Ancora, NJ (they handled most of Atlantic's LP's during much of this period)
LY = Shelley Products, Huntington Station, NY
SP = Specialty Records Corporation, Olyphant, PA
MO = Monarch Record Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, CA
PL = Plastic Products, Memphis, TN
RI = Philips Recording Company, Inc., Richmond, IN (til '72); PRC Recording Company, Richmond, IN (after '72)
AR = Allied Record Company, Los Angeles, CA
CT or CTH = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
CP = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman
CS or CSM = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria
BW = Bestway Products Inc.
SO = Southern Plastics
MG or MGS = MGM Record Mfg. Division, Bloomfield, NJ
FT = Fidelatone Mfg.

LP label matrix example: (Led Zeppelin I)

ST = stereo
A = Atlantic Records label
68 = last two digits of the year Atlantic first received source (tape) and started working on mastering
1461 = tape master number (for side one in this example)
MO = Monarch Records pressing plant

London Records label matrix suffix:
AL - Audio Manufacturing Record Co.
P - Columbia, Pitman, NJ
TH - Columbia, Terre Haute, IN
SM - Columbia, Santa Maria, CA
SH - Shelley Products, Ltd., Huntington Station, NY
BW - Bestway Products Inc.
GL - Decca/MCA, Gloversville, NY
K - Decca/MCA, Pinckneyville, IL
PH - PRC (formerly Philips) Recording Corp., Richmond, IN
W - H.V. Waddell, Burbank, CA

Columbia "360 Sound" Label Progression
1962 - 1963 Black "360 SOUND STEREO 360 SOUND" (no arrows)
1963 - 1965 Arrows were added on either side of "360 SOUND"
1965 - 1970 White "360 SOUND STEREO 360 SOUND"

Warner Bros. Label Progression
1958-62 - Grey label, black WB Shield, WB in gold print
1962-65 - Same, but in white print
1965-67 - Gold Label

1958-67 - Gold label
1968-70 - Green Label, Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records. W7 logo under that.
1970-73 - Green Label, Warner Bros. Records. w/ WB Shield
1973-78 - "Burbank" Label
1978-83? - White or beige label w/ Narrow horizontal lines -OR- ghost WB shields in background
1983?+ - White or tan label, no lines, large WB shield

Capitol Records label progression (pdf file)● [download Adobe Reader here]

Decca Label Guide

RCA Label Guide

Elektra Label Guide


22, 33, 44, 66, 77, 114 etched = pressed by All Disc Records, Inc.
"ɑ" looks like Q (stamped) = Allied Record Company logo (usually followed by B-#####)
ab or AB = Abbey Record Manufacturing Co., Inc.
⍺ʙ = Al Brown (5)
ABS = Alex Sadkin
ACR = RCA Records Pressing Plant, Smiths Falls, Ontario
AMP = ABC-Paramount
ARC (etch) = Allentown Record Co. Inc.
𝒜ℛP (stamp) = American Record Pressing Co.
AT = Mastered at Atlantic Studios
AT/GP (handwritten) = mastered by George Piros at Atlantic
AT/DK (handwritten) = mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic
ATLANTIC STUDIOS DK (stamped) = mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic
AZ CB = Chris Bellman at [l254254
Bass Clef note 𝄢 stamped near B side spindle = Sonopress
BB = Bob Berglund
BDI or B.D.I. = Brian Ingoldsby
BK = Bill Kipper
ʙʟ⍂ɪʀ or ʙʟ△ɪʀ = Chris Blair (mastering)
¢ = Tom Coyne

✲ or ☆ (prior to '64) stamp = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles
Lathe similar to ☖ (prior to '64), IAM in triangle stamps = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Scranton
—◁ etch = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Winchester
0 stamp = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Jacksonville

"cg" + "☮" = Chris Gehringer
Chet = Chet Bennett
⋐riteriɑ = Criteria Recording Studios
CSB ♪♪ = Carlton Batts (usually with F/W)
DC, whereas D is incorporated into the top of the C (usually associated with Masterdisk) = Dave Crawford (2)
dg = David Gold (3) (Gold Star Studios)
dh (interlocked, inverted, looks like 'Lp') = Don Holden
DT = Dave Travis
DWJ = Darrell Johnson
ℰcK = Ralph Eck
EDP [in oval] = Europadisk Pressing & Mastering
ELA (followed by delta#) = Electrosound Los Angeles
ℰMW = Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
ESR = Elektra Sound Recorders
Ⓕ = Fidelatone Mfg.
F (etch) = Fine Recording Studios
FW Ѽ or FWNY = Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs
G or G1= Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Carrollton, GA
GC, ℊc, ☆ or ⚾ (Baseball looking symbol) next to Sterling = Greg Calbi
GF = Greg Fulginiti, of Artisan Sound Recorders
GK = Gilbert Kong
GOL = Goldisc Recording Products, Inc.
HERbiE :^) = Herb Powers Jr. (mastering)
H.W. = Howie Weinberg
ℐ⍺ = Jack Adelman
JG = John Golden
JG♡ = Joe Gastwirt
JJ = John Johnson (3)
JS = Joe Sidore
⁄|⁄ǀ⁄|⁄ǀ⁄|⁄K = Randy Kling (mastering)
L ##### and L #####-X = Greg Lee Processing
LB = Larry Boden
LH = Lee Hulko
LH-##### = Houston Records
LW or LWP = Longwear Plating (maker of metal parts from lacquers) Enter as "Mastered At"

◈-P-◈ = MCA Pressing Plant, Pinckneyville
回-G-回 = MCA Pressing Plant, Gloversville ⧈-̶ɢ-̶⧈
◎—∈—◎ = MCA Records (Canada)

McM = Ron McMaster at EMI NY
MF = Mike Fuller
MG = MGM Records Division in Bloomfield, NJ (Pressing)
MR = Mercury Record Manufacturing Company
m w/ T rising from atop, similar to ⭄ = Mastertone Studio
Pecko Duck = George Peckham
♡POGO = Keith Olsen's Pogologo, Inc. (Productions)
Porky or Porky Prime Cut = George Peckham
PP = Plastic Products
PR or PRC or (PR) = Philips Recording Company, Inc. (prior '73) PRC Recording Company, Richmond, IN (10/72)
PRP = Precision Record Pressing, Inc.
R3 or R4 = Mastered at Rainbo Records (on Capitol Pressing)
RAYS = Ray Staff at Trident Studios, London
RB = Ron Boustead (Precision)

H (stamp or etch) = RCA Records Pressing Plant, Hollywood
ɪ (very small stamp often mistaken for 1) = RCA Records Pressing Plant, Indianapolis
R (etch or stamp, usually halfway around from matrix) = RCA Records Pressing Plant, Rockaway

RG = Rob Grenell, mastering engineer for Atlantic in the late 60's
RJ or √ᴀɴᴏs = Ray Janos
RL = Bob Ludwig
Ƨ or S, S1 or S\ etch = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria
(Ƨ) circled = Shelley Products
sƒ = Sam Feldman
SG = Steve Guy
SH = Steve Hall
SJR = Stuart J. Romaine
SM = Stephen Marcussen
SMK (etched) = Sound Makers
SON or Son = Sonic Recording Products, Inc.
SoN (on label, followed by matrix #)) = Sound Of Nashville
TD = Terry Dunavan
THE WASP = Martin Birch
T, T1 or T\ etch = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
TJ = Ted Jensen
TLC = The Lacquer Channel
TS = Tommy Simmes
TSM or TƧM (looks like TZM) = True Sound Manufacturing Corp.
ⓤ or Ⓤ = United Record Pressing
US⦾ = United Sound (3)
ⱳcⱳ = Bill Wysock (Allen Zentz Mastering)
WM (W integrated atop M stamp) or (ᵛᵛ) = Wakefield Manufacturing
WMℰ = Mack Evans
WSS = Woodland Studios
X stamped, prior to '68 = Shelley Products
◵ graphic of a disc and radius gauge for the A in Artisan Sound Recorders
︵︵〰༼ -(birds) or メ or ❀、= Brian Gardner
μs = Microsecond

Note of interest: I have previously advised users "SXT" scribed in runouts denotes metal process at Santa Maria and Terre Haute press. Unfortunately, they have taken the advise of another user whom claims by "Fonts" in the label print indicate the opposite...CSM press from CTH process. See Queen - A Night At The Opera, and this label with "y" indicating CTH press and SXT in runouts, and also this release the same. Where labels were printed cannot possibly determine definitively where a disc was pressed. It only determines where the labels were printed.

Note: No more database manager according to staff member, but manager has indeed been making 'drive-by' rulings as of late.

Note on pressing in FTF
* And Use of Press or Pressing in FTF. We don't know from where it was decreed a suffix must be used.

The Mastered By/At; Lacquer Cut By/At credit roles have been misconstrued 3 ways to Sunday concerning what is general and what is confirmed.
*** the bottom line

Just another rebellious obsession of how I enter BAOI descriptions

Management's latest stand on BAOI description (caps)

The ruling from management is we don't disturb existing baoi, but enter any variants separately, and in their entirety (matrix, SID codes, etc.). Do not combine (variants 1 & 2)

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