Mr Fingers* - Cerebral Hemispheres stellaremnant_com

9 maggio 2018
Why would anyone read RA reviews? They have poor journalism and hype oriented articles

Idealist - Experience EP stellaremnant_com

22 marzo 2018
REPRESS IS COMING IN TWO MONTHS will be available through Kompakt

Lena Deen - The Acanti EP stellaremnant_com

13 maggio 2015
Limited Edition of 100 copies from Brilliant Lena Deen.
Following Lena's stunning debut on Prologue Records. It is her first actual Vinyl release for her own imprint Stellar Remnant. These are 9-13 minute epic journeys through Lena's mind and incredible talent. The record is made like a classical ODE that is structured in three major parts: the strophe, the antistrophe, and the epode. Three pieces Ventral, Dorsal, Lateral is an Ode to Ocean, Earth and Universe and the ONE organism we are. The artwork is by Mujuice (Roman Litvinov) and audio mastering by Mr.Hazeltine (John Tejada). It is made in USA Pressing.
Not Available Digitally !!