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pubblicata una recensione di London Elektricity - Cum Dancing / Down Low. over 16 years ago
The video for the title track is almost as good as the song itself, spare the silly dirty name. Very upbeat sunshine drum and bass.
pubblicata una recensione di Amon Tobin - Out From Out Where. over 16 years ago
Amon Tobin's sound has really changed for this album. Whereas his previous records had this cinematic warmth to them, this one seems to be a bit flat. A few tracks still have that old feeling, such as "Mighty Micro People".
pubblicata una recensione di Amon Tobin - Like Regular Chickens (Danny Breaks & Dillinja Mixes). over 16 years ago
Very jazzy sounding drum and bass remixes of the original "Like Regular Chickens" by Mr. Tobin. "So what, I just cut them up like regular chickens?"
pubblicata una recensione di John B U.K.* - Future Reference. over 17 years ago
Just a teaser of what was to come on the Future Reference album. For one, I am dissapointed with the remix of "show me the way". He had played an unfinished version on KissFM, so I was looking VERY forward to that one, but now he just destroyed the ... Leggi la recensione per intero
pubblicata una recensione di John B - Redox (Catalyst - Reprocessed). over 17 years ago
This album is also known as "Redox". Not quite as good as the original catalyst, but still worth the cash.
pubblicata una recensione di Dillinja - Cybotron. over 17 years ago
Pretty decent record from Dillinja. The only problem with dillinja is he uses and resuses the same samples over and over. These tracks pretty much all sound the same, but they're good nonetheless. If you like the dillinja style and don't get bored of ... Leggi la recensione per intero