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pubblicato un commento su Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life. 2 months ago
I'll second that. I can't imagine a track that uses a vocal in a more creative way.
pubblicato un commento su Christopher Rau - Second Take . about 1 year ago
dig, it, bought it at hardwax when it came out...especially like in Wirklich Arango....but the bpms are storming! Guess that is how they go....
pubblicato un commento su Tom S* - All U Got 2 Do. about 1 year ago
great track, surprised there isn't more feedback on this. wanted a copy for ages, finally pulled the trigger...
pubblicato un commento su Fumiya Tanaka - AB. over 2 years ago
both sides are solid. I actually prefer On A Bass
pubblicato un commento su Donato Dozzy - K. over 3 years ago
agreed. still loving it.

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pubblicato un commento su Primary Perception - Retrofitted Future Vol.1. over 3 years ago
agreed, solid all around. I find myself going to Mind Reverse, but its a versatile ep.
pubblicato un commento su Vermittelnde-Elemente - Ascii Edition Volume Two. over 3 years ago
After owning this for 15 years or so, I rediscovered the SuperMayer mix. There is a lot in there if you listen.
pubblicato un commento su Metamorphic Interface - The Early Days Of Pearl Hunting. over 3 years ago
Solutions = solid.
Has a bit of an old school feel, but still very contemporary electro. Some really effective filtering going in there. Also love the slo mo breaks on Hands On.
pubblicata una recensione di Cedar Sound Workshop / DJ Monchan - Everybody Rocking On Your Dime. over 4 years ago
I'm digging it. "Everybody Rocking On Your Dime" has a total different set of vibes from start to end...and there's a nice little vocal sound in "Deeper than 17". Fans of DJ Sprinkles will dig these. Also, you get a good disco groove for good measure.
pubblicato un commento su DJ Catt & DJ Foxx - Casafied Modern Music. over 8 years ago
so you could make a lot of money off that ....