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Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life
pubblicato un commento su Alex Kassian - Leave Your Life. about 1 year ago
I'll second that. I can't imagine a track that uses a vocal in a more creative way.
Christopher Rau - Second Take
pubblicato un commento su Christopher Rau - Second Take . over 2 years ago
dig, it, bought it at hardwax when it came out...especially like in Wirklich Arango....but the bpms are storming! Guess that is how they go....
Tom S* - All U Got 2 Do
pubblicato un commento su Tom S* - All U Got 2 Do. over 2 years ago
great track, surprised there isn't more feedback on this. wanted a copy for ages, finally pulled the trigger...
Fumiya Tanaka - AB
pubblicato un commento su Fumiya Tanaka - AB. over 3 years ago
both sides are solid. I actually prefer On A Bass
Donato Dozzy - K
pubblicato un commento su Donato Dozzy - K. over 4 years ago
agreed. still loving it.

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Primary Perception - Retrofitted Future Vol.1
pubblicato un commento su Primary Perception - Retrofitted Future Vol.1. over 4 years ago
agreed, solid all around. I find myself going to Mind Reverse, but its a versatile ep.
Vermittelnde-Elemente - Ascii Edition Volume Two
pubblicato un commento su Vermittelnde-Elemente - Ascii Edition Volume Two. over 4 years ago
After owning this for 15 years or so, I rediscovered the SuperMayer mix. There is a lot in there if you listen.
Metamorphic Interface - The Early Days Of Pearl Hunting
pubblicato un commento su Metamorphic Interface - The Early Days Of Pearl Hunting. over 4 years ago
Solutions = solid.
Has a bit of an old school feel, but still very contemporary electro. Some really effective filtering going in there. Also love the slo mo breaks on Hands On.
Cedar Sound Workshop / DJ Monchan - Everybody Rocking On Your Dime
pubblicata una recensione di Cedar Sound Workshop / DJ Monchan - Everybody Rocking On Your Dime. over 5 years ago
I'm digging it. "Everybody Rocking On Your Dime" has a total different set of vibes from start to end...and there's a nice little vocal sound in "Deeper than 17". Fans of DJ Sprinkles will dig these. Also, you get a good disco groove for good measure.
DJ Catt & DJ Foxx - Casafied Modern Music
pubblicato un commento su DJ Catt & DJ Foxx - Casafied Modern Music. over 9 years ago
so you could make a lot of money off that ....