DJ Freak ‎– Hardcore Electronic Techno



Noizecreator* Manipulated Dutchman 1:36
Noizecreator* Lasse Puking 0:28
UK Skull Fuck* La Haine 4:33
Noizecreator* Olympic Park Bombing 2:37
Pressurehead 16 Clips 3:46
Noizecreator* Snowball 2:56
The Crusher* The Crusher's Bassdrum 1:43
Destroyer* What Do You Want 3:36
Destroyer* Rave Is My Church 2:26
David Lagon Wake Up Call 2:26
Extrement The Git Hour 2:21
Christ Of Noise & David Lagon Loud Bastard MED 4:12
DJ Smurf Cockrot 3:11
No Name (3) Kamasutra 2:00
Burning Lazy Persons If The Truth Be Known 2:10
Amiga Shock* Mass Appeal Madness 1:43
DJ Narotic Vs UVC* Industrial Strength 2:01
BWK Psycho Torture 1:12
Lorenz Attractor Raw Toy 2:48
No Name (3) Koma 4:55
Aura Exiter Freak 6:48
Metic (2) Train Damage 3:11


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参照 Hardcore Electronic Techno, CD, Mixed, 50658
After many years of collecting all genres of music this release is the most satisfying. Yes, #1 on the list.


編集 over 8 years ago
参照 Hardcore Electronic Techno, CD, Mixed, 50658

An incredibile 63 minutes mix by DJ Freak with tracks from great underground labels like Headfuck, Surgeon 16, Fishkopf & Killing Rate.

From track 1 to 17, the mix is brutally hard, tracks 18 and 19 are experimental, beatless and quiet(er). The beat is brought back with Koma, this and the subsequent tracks are not a harsh as before though. Mix closes very smoothly after a hell of terror.

Highly recommended!