Dougal & Mickey Skeedale ‎– The Key / Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Essential Platinum ‎– PL023
Vinyl, 12"


A The Key
B Don't Go Breaking My Heart




Track A samples:
Vocals from Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret

Track B samples:
Vocals from Corona - Don't Go Breaking My Heart


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Don't go breaking my heart samples a euro dance track .can't remember off top my head its corona i think one there lesser known tracks.dougal and skeedale head down more euro route no distorted overdriven kick its that pitch enveloped 909 kick sound used by likes Paul elstak and other dutch producers .and sped up sequenced amen breakbeats. Make use for Dj. friendly intro and lovely angelic gated choir sound then comes the piano and vocals. it also has the lovely mid section with nice synth lead melody over the piano chords.all soundscapes have that skeedale quality.its slightly more euphoriic then usual happy pianos.the b side i like the section with synth pop lead sounds.but just find the urban cookie collective samples to blatant.


編集 over 7 years ago
Back in 2001 i rung up some gay radio station on Sky Digital after hearing Force & Styles Featuring Kelly Llorenna - Heart Of Gold (Extended Mix) being played & the presenter asked if anyone had any requests. I had a nice chat with him about why hardcore didnt at the time get any airtime on commercial radio, then i asked him to play any hardcore tune for me & our call ended shortly after. I honestly thought that he would put on some dodgy naff german commercial cross over track but to my surprise he played one of my all time favourite tunes Don't Go Breaking My Heart & obviously off vinyl too as you could hear abit of vinyl noise but nothing too major. He then went on to talk about our call & then his youth when he used to goto Fantasy Island & some other raves. The station didn't last long however iv still go a recording of the broadcast & when i listen to it once in awhile it still brings a smile to my face as does hearing the track :)


The key is a very good choon indeed uplifting and bouncy with a good use of the urban cookie collectives 'the key the secret' used in it but the real gem on this 12" is the flip side.Don't go breakin my heart is THE most under-used and under rated happy hardcore anthem of all time,it is my favourite choon and i promise that this will be one of the best pieces of vinyl you will own!