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MET580 KMFDM Blitz(CD, Album) Metropolis, KMFDM Records MET580 US 2009 このバージョンを出品
MET580 KMFDM Blitz(CD, Album, Unofficial) Metropolis (12) MET580 Russia 2009 このバージョンを出品
MET 580 KMFDM Blitz(CDr, Album, Promo) Metropolis MET 580 US 2009 このバージョンを出品
MET 580D KMFDM Blitz(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Metropolis MET 580D US 2012


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参照 Blitz, CD, Album, MET580

This new KMFDM album is very similar in the approach as the latest Ministry ones: for fans only. Same old style, same clichés, nothing new on the Eastern Front. Still, few songs on "Blitz" are catchy and powerful, definitely enjoyable ("Potz Blitz!", "People Of The Lie", "Davai"). On "Strut" we have even an unexpected return by Cheryl Wilson, who sung on the mighty "Xtort", giving back that special feeling we found in songs like "Power" or "Juke Joint Jezebel".
The sad part is that every KMFDM full-length since the band's reconstruction totally lacks the humor, the genuine madness and the funny attitude that characterized their older classics. "KMFDM sucks"? Would they sing it today? Or have they taken themselves too seriously lately, just like Al Jourgensen with his (fortunately concluded) anti-Bush crusade?
A small negative note also goes to Brute's artwork: unimaginative and uninspiring, not worth of the beautiful classic covers from the past.


参照 Blitz, CD, Album, MET580

This one, as any KMFDM full-length, brings to us few hits, few boring ones and portion of messianic slogans. Not such spiteful as they can be KMFDM use old sounds, old methods and old themes. Amusing is that they do not lose a drive and they really believe in what they do. This album is neither good nor bad. It is Simply New Album of KMFDM. Honey for those who waited it and nothing for others.