Lisa Left Eye Lopes* ‎– Supernova



Life Is Like A Park 4:03
Hot! 4:12
The Block Party 4:04
Let Me Live 3:53
Jenny 6:07
I Believe In Me 4:17
Rags To Riches 4:32
True Confessions 3:53
Untouchable 5:34
Head To The Sky 4:14
The Universal Quest 5:51
A New Star Is Born 4:39
Hidden Track
Breathe 4:25

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カタログ # アーティスト タイトル (フォーマット) レーベル カタログ #
07822-14673-2 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(CD, Album) Arista 07822-14673-2 Australia 2001 このバージョンを出品
07822 14873 1 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Supernova(2xLP, Album) Arista 07822 14873 1 Europe 2001 このバージョンを出品
07822-14678-2 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(CD, Album) Arista 07822-14678-2 Saudi Arabia 2001 このバージョンを出品
07822 14673 2 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(CD, Album) Arista 07822 14673 2 Europe 2001 このバージョンを出品
07822 14673 2 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(CD, Album) Arista 07822 14673 2 Europe 2001 このバージョンを出品
BVCA-21100 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(CD, Album) Arista BVCA-21100 Japan 2001 このバージョンを出品
BVCA-21100 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(CD, Album, Promo) Arista BVCA-21100 Japan 2001 このバージョンを出品
none Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes* Supernova(CDr, Album, Promo) Arista none UK 2001 このバージョンを出品
none Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(CDr, Album, Promo) Arista none Europe 2001 このバージョンを出品
07822 14673 4, 002511955 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(Cass, Album) Arista, BMG Russia 07822 14673 4, 002511955 Russia 2001 このバージョンを出品
07822-14678-4 Lisa Left Eye Lopes* Supernova(Cass, Album) Arista 07822-14678-4 Malaysia 2001 このバージョンを出品
0782-146784-4 Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Supernova(Cass, Album) Arista 0782-146784-4 Indonesia 2001 このバージョンを出品
none Left Eye* Supernova(CD, Album, Unofficial) Not On Label (Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes) none Unknown このバージョンを出品
none Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Supernova(CDr, Promo) Arista none UK Unknown このバージョンを出品


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参照 Supernova, 2xLP, Album, 07822 14873 1
One of my favorite albums,. This is one artist who should have never been underestimated. This woman had talent for miles. She was really open about personal things in her life and expressed all of that though her album. It's the kind of album that I can't just choose one favorite song because I appreciate the work and effort that went into the making of this album and I thank Lisa and everyone else who worked on this project for truly making a hit album for Lisa Lopes before we lost her. I recommend this album for any TLC fan who may under estimate Lisa's talent and ability to shine above the darkness. She went hard at everything she does and admire this album for this reason. This is the Left Eye that no body has heard.


参照 Supernova, CD, Album, 07822-14673-2
Can anyone post more photos including spines and inside the CD cover as some have different colours.


参照 Supernova, 2xLP, Album, 07822 14873 1

This album is the only solo Lp released by the Late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes during her short 30 years on this earth. It is very insightful on where Lisa's mind was on at the time she was making this album. There's a lot of references to spirituality, rebirth, etc. It was like Lisa knew she wasn't going to be around much longer. The album is really funky, fun & refreshing. I thought that Arista would get behind this album after Lisa passed on & release it here in the US, but as it was a European only release, they didn't do anything with it here, which is too bad, because Lisa deserved to shine on her own! Highly recommended, "The Block Party" is Nikki Manage-ish before Nikki was even performing, "Untouchable" is a duet with 2Pac, my favorite is "A New Star Is Born" which is dedicated to Lisa's dad, "Jenny" has a funky beat with Lisa doing "Jenny's" voice, too Fun! You won't be disappointed.....


編集 over 8 years ago
参照 Supernova, CD, Album, 07822-14673-2

I bought this on vinyl after Lisa's tragic death. I was so suprised how quickly I received it. I think with the right material, "Left Eye" could have been a huge solo act. I really believe she was the spice that made TLC click, because they've had little success without her. "The Block Party", "Hot " & "Life Is A Park" are standouts on the album. My most favorite track is ""A New Star Is Born". With a lot of the vibe on here being about rebirth & spirituality, I do believe Lisa knew she had little time to accomplish all she wanted to. I recommend this vinyl or Cd of this special album from a special lady. This is way better than the "Eye Legacy" release from a few years ago.


編集 over 16 years ago
参照 Supernova, CD, Album, 07822-14673-2
The only solo LP from the tragic TLC star Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, "Supernova" is a very special recording - of that there can be no doubt. After her sudden and tragic death, many people found the music of Lisa and found out, all too late, what a wonderfully talented individual she was and just how much the music industry lost on that fateful day of her passing. This LP is a perfect display of both her talent and also a precious glimpse into the world of a generation's hero and fallen soldier. The single from the release - "The Block Party" is an uplifting tribute to all of what is great and wonderful about life. With an unusual beat and oriental-vibe it's the kind of track that will secure a very warm place inside of your heart. It's also the perfect hot summers day soundtrack. Another stand out track is "Hot!" which has a more traditional Hip-Hop beat over which Lopes laces some of her finest rhymes ever recorded. This is a stunning track in every sense of the word. Continuing the uplifting mood set by a certain Block Party, "Life is a Park" is about the trials and tribulations everyone faces in life and invites the world to just get right back up again. May sound sickly sweet, but Lopes pulls it off. The song is almost Folk-like in it's sound and it's another truly original piece that you'll fall in love with.
But the album does have a darker side, which adds some depth to "Supernova". "Let Me Live" tells of the destructive side of the ruthless music industry. While "True Confessions" is a more personal account that details the much-publicised break-up of Lopes and her famous footballer-fiancee Andre Rison. Haunting in it's honesty is "A New Star is Born" is a literal audio-letter from Lisa to her Father who was shot and killed the same day she signed a contract with TLC. No detail is spared, however heart-wrenching. That same honesty is present throughout "Supernova" and it's that honesty that is it's biggest strength. It's interesting that the album is of two halves - one positive and uplifting, while the other sad and introspective - perhaps a testiment to the complicated and misunderstod personality that was Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. Regardless, "Supernova" is a beautifully crafted album; It's a very special recording that believes music can be magical and glorious.