Various ‎– Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders

At War With False Noise ‎– ATWAR064, Auf Abwegen ‎– aatp28, Important Records (2) ‎– IMPREC262, Alchemy Records (2) ‎– none, Uplink Records ‎– ULR-023
7 × CD, Compilation
Box Set, Limited Edition


Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume 1 : UK
1-1 Srmeixner The Church Of The Absurd
1-2 Dieter Müh Hohl
1-3 Mutant Ape Northern Block Aid
1-4 Putrefier Des Motifs De Mes - Compositions Anterieures
1-5 Anomali T.N.B.R.I.P.
1-6 Cheapmachines Null Opus
1-7 Nocturnal Emissions This Morphing Void
1-8 Halalchemists Total Nothing Blank
1-9 Evil Moisture New Kids On The Blockaders
1-10 Jazzfinger Fruit From The Poisonous Tree
1-11 Smell & Quim Tasting Nuns Blood
1-12 Ashtray Navigations New Paint For Antisilence
Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume 2 : Europe
2-1 Asmus Tietchens Kranzniederlegung
2-2 Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock* Those Nekrophile Birds
2-3 Giancarlo Toniutti HawRumRudada
2-4 Christian Renou Don't Do It
2-5 Jerome Noetinger* Changez Les Amortisseurs
2-6 Alexei Borisov* Two Into One
2-7 Lasse Marhaug Good Blasphemy
2-8 Massimo (2) History Of Everything
2-9 Cisfinitum Out
2-10 Sudden Infant New Simphonie In Sudden X Major
2-11 Kommissar Hjuler Meine Oma Faehrt Im Huehnerstall Motorrad
2-12 Freiband Nichts
3-1 Achim Wollscheid Asignificant
3-2 Mama Baer* There Is Some Way
3-3 Das Synthetische Mischgewebe Simphonie Amodal
3-4 Dave Phillips Metal-Klamauk
3-5 Vortex Campaign The Black Box
3-6 Vom Grill Inderdaad, Glas
3-7 Zbigniew Karkowski Chopped Mod
3-8 Grunt Saarto
3-9 Pita TNB1153
3-10 Treriksroset* Negativt Fortroendekapital
3-11 Benzo Nothing Controls Something
3-12 Eshak Bachtcha
3-13 RLW Manifesto (For The Next Generation Of Blockaders)
Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume 3 : USA
4-1 Z'EV Chips Off The New Block
4-2 Keith Fullerton Whitman September 27th. 1960
4-3 Alan Courtis* Happy Blockaders Time
4-4 Controlled Bleeding The Latest Hole In My Head
4-5 Plethora Last Night I Dremt Of Anti-Fest... This Morning I Woke Up Deaf
4-6 Macronympha Riding Down Lost Highway
4-7 The Haters Mantra To Rot
4-8 Emil Beaulieau Anti-Vartan
4-9 Lockweld Catharsis Bomb
4-10 Daniel Menche Smoldered Blockaders
4-11 John Wiese Annul
4-12 Broken Penis Orchestra* The Kill Lump
4-13 Jason Kahn Rille
5-1 Idea Fire Company Les Heros De La Barricade Finale
5-2 mnortham* Plotting Course On The Field Of - Nothingness (Aka Fi Ra Ot Ic (Old Lmbird Insmo H Vo E))
5-3 Thurston Moore Corion Sound For TNB
5-4 Jim O'Rourke 407 Seconds Over
5-5 Damion Romero Broken Block
5-6 Prurient Majdanek Slaughterhouse
5-7 Richard Ramirez Cultural Blockade
5-8 Blue Sabbath Black Cheer Untitled
5-9 Carlos Giffoni Richard Walks Into The Sea
5-10 AMK Phlegm Angst
5-11 Aaron Dilloway Machine Rape (Blitzkrieg)
5-12 Wolf Eyes Fisted Gadgets
Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume 4 : Japan
6-1 Kazumoto Endo Ne Changez Rien
6-2 Kouhei Matsunaga KNH
6-3 Government Alpha TaNgiBility
6-4 Defektro Simphonie In C Plus
6-5 Merzbow Oumagatoki Part 3
6-6 Incapacitants As Nonchalant As Possible
6-7 MSBR TNSBRupenus
6-8 Spiracle Kundearistruct
6-9 Bloxus Extrict Raag
6-10 Plexia Variahb
6-11 Imustak Dashing The New Blockaders
6-12 Veltz The New Biginning Of Nothing
7-1 KK Null* Song X
7-2 Astro Maue No Hi
7-3 K2 Oozing Ruin Part 3
7-4 Thirdorgan Sole Survivor In Morden Tower
7-5 Aube RELB
7-6 Guilty Connector Ikomayama Twilights Before Kryptal Nights Of The Night
7-7 Cracksteel Frozen Roses For The Gate Of Dawn
7-8 Nobuo Yamada Pickle/Crevice
7-9 Art Break Objective Ground Level
7-10 Violent Onsen Geisha Violent Onsen Geisha
7-11 Embudagonn 108 Variations #0



Special edition boxset containing all 4 volumes of the CD Viva Negativa releases, contained in a handmade box by Richard Rupenus. Limited edition of 25 copies.