KMFDM as reviewed by -MINDustry-

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The best band in the world period. This band sums up my life and I have listened to them the most out of any other band throughout the span of 11 years. To sum up what this band means to me would result in a full blown book being written so I'll just make it short and sweet.

Over 30 years, and still going strong it seems.


Kein Mitleid Fur Die Mehrheit!

KMFDM as reviewed by pod1322

Purveyors of the ultra heavy beat, and impressively going for 30 years in various incarnations with the one consistant factor that is captain k ( Sascha Konietzko ) who's vocal stylings are integral to the bands sound, there have been some notable high points (angst is a high water mark and is still hard and heavy after 20 years) & more influential than they are given credit for, other than the first 3 albums which are them finding their feet musically, every album is a worthwhile purchase, to quote the band "KMFDM will Never Stop"

KMFDM as reviewed by DrakenARTZ

KMFDM is a Damn Good band!
Been one of my 'all-time-favourites' for years and the Mortal Kombat theme they did was Gold!!
Keep doing the good stuff! ^_^

KMFDM noizstepper

wow, no comment here yet! This is really a pleasure, for KMFDM is definately the most influental, native german (Industrial) Rock Group ever! For they brought me closer to electronic, experimental Rythms than any other act did! This is absolutely the biggest musical Influence in my life.
What did they not use in their tunes? If you only have a look at "VIRUS". This was the most weird mix of raggae and rock. I mean that freaky kind of style back in the late 80th, when there was no crossover at all! I am really thankfull to own nearly all albums. Without exaggeration I would mean that KMFDM did the same to modern alternative music than Pink Floyd did it back in 60th/70th.

KMFDM donnacha

Not quite native German, Raymond Nainz Watts is a Londoner.

KMFDM Bowers


agree with your opinion...but also Einsturzende Neubauten must be considered :)

Anyway, your comment is 4 years old...do you know how many people would assume that the 'most influential German Industrial Rock Band Ever'....are.... R+ ?