Terrence Dixon

Terrence Dixon
American DJ and producer based in Detroit.


Tresor 141 Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future アルバムアート Terrence Dixon From The Far Future (Album) Tresor Tresor 141 Germany 2000 このバージョンを出品
yore-003 Terrence Dixon - Train Of Thought アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Train Of Thought (Album) Yore Records, Yore Records yore-003 Germany 2007 このバージョンを出品
Tresor 256 CD Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future Pt. 2 アルバムアート Terrence Dixon From The Far Future Pt. 2 (Album) Tresor Tresor 256 CD Germany 2012 このバージョンを出品
SFTDXLP 001, SF TDX LP01 Terrence Dixon - Badge Of Honor アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Badge Of Honor (Album) Surface, Surface SFTDXLP 001, SF TDX LP01 UK 2013 このバージョンを出品
OUTA06, OUTA-006 Terrence Dixon - 12,000 Miles Of Twilight LP アルバムアート Terrence Dixon 12,000 Miles Of Twilight LP (Album) Out Electronic Recordings (Out-Er), Out Electronic Recordings (Out-Er) OUTA06, OUTA-006 Germany 2017 このバージョンを出品
TRESOR302 Terrence Dixon - We Take It From Here アルバムアート Thomas Fehlmann / Terrence Dixon Thomas Fehlmann / Terrence Dixon - We Take It From Here (Album) Tresor TRESOR302 Germany 2018 このバージョンを出品
ASD005 Terrence Dixon - Galactic Halo アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Galactic Halo (Album) Axis ASD005 US 2020
Tresor.321 Terrence Dixon - From The Far Future Pt. 3 アルバムアート Terrence Dixon From The Far Future Pt. 3 (Album) Tresor Tresor.321 Germany 2020 このバージョンを出品
RHM 035 Terrence Dixon - Reporting From Detroit アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Reporting From Detroit(2x12", Album + 12", Ltd, Bon) Rush Hour (4) RHM 035 Netherlands 2021 このバージョンを出品

Singles & EPs

UT003 Terrence Dixon - Live In Detroit アルバムアート Terrance Dixon* Live In Detroit Utensil Records UT003 US 1994 このバージョンを出品
UT001 Terrence Dixon - The Collective EP アルバムアート David Gnuoy / Terrence Dixon David Gnuoy / Terrence Dixon - The Collective EP (EP) Utensil Records UT001 US 1994 このバージョンを出品
UT 005 Terrence Dixon - Live In Detroit Vol. 2 アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Live In Detroit Vol. 2(12", Promo, W/Lbl) Utensil Records UT 005 US 1994 このバージョンを出品
Utensil-7 Terrence Dixon - Minimalism アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Minimalism(12") Utensil Records Utensil-7 US 1995 このバージョンを出品
BG001 Terrence Dixon - Bionic Man EP アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Bionic Man EP (EP) Background BG001 Germany 1998 このバージョンを出品
BG-011 Terrence Dixon - Minimalism II アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Minimalism II Background BG-011 Germany 2000 このバージョンを出品
BG048 Terrence Dixon - Minimalism III アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Minimalism III Background BG048 Germany 2005 このバージョンを出品
UND014 Terrence Dixon - Directions EP アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Directions EP (EP) Underl_ne UND014 UK 2007 このバージョンを出品
dig014 Terrence Dixon - Sabbatical EP アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Sabbatical EP(3xFile, MP3, 192 + File, MP3, 128 + EP) Diggarama dig014 Croatia 2007
fine 1208009 Terrence Dixon - Point Of View アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Point Of View Finest Blend Recordings fine 1208009 Sweden 2008 このバージョンを出品
COT 00 Terrence Dixon - Below Radar EP アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Below Radar EP (EP) Children Of Tomorrow COT 00 France 2008 このバージョンを出品
NANO34 Terrence Dixon - Meter E.P Remixes アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Meter E.P Remixes(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Nice & Nasty Records NANO34 Ireland 2008
NV 012 Terrence Dixon - Climb EP アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Climb EP(12", EP) Night Vision NV 012 US 2008 このバージョンを出品
MEA003 Terrence Dixon - Room 310 アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Room 310 (EP) Meakusma MEA003 Belgium 2010 このバージョンを出品
EE-012 Terrence Dixon - Digital Domain アルバムアート Terrence Dixon Digital Domain End to End EE-012 US 2008 このバージョンを出品
THEMA022 Terrence Dixon - The Parkhurst アルバムアート Terrence Dixon The Parkhurst (EP) Thema THEMA022 US 2011 このバージョンを出品

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Lately I've been getting into his sound more and more. He has a signature sound and released a lot of music, but I also noticed that some tracks sound identical. Quite a couple of tracks are either different versions of the same track or use similar sounds. Here's a list:

Radio Room (Badge Of Honor, 2013)
Inside The Radio Room, (12,000 Miles Of Twilight, 2017)

The Atlantic (Badge Of Honor, 2013)
Inner City Circus (Theater Of A Confused Mind, 2014)

Operation Acoustic (Badge Of Honor, 2013)
Temporary Insanity (Temporary Insanity EP, 2016)

Change (Below Radar EP, 2008)
The Switch (From The Far Future Pt. 2, 2012)

View From Above (View From Above, 2008)
I Salute (12,000 Miles Of Twilight, 2017)

In Orbit (12,000 Miles Of Twilight, 2017)
Test Track 2 (Test Tracks, 2017)

The Atlantic (12,000 Miles Of Twilight, 2017)
Test Track 1 (Test Tracks, 2017)

Escape (Escape EP, 2012)
Self Centered (From The Far Future Pt. 2, 2012)
5:37 (Reduction Five, 2015)
Code Urgent (Theater Of A Confused Mind, 2014)

Halftime (Life Events, 2013 and Void, 2017)
The Guilty Bridge (Giant Robot, 2013)

Pilot Error (Point Of View, 2008)
My Journey Here (From The Far Future Pt. 2, 2012)

Lead By Example (From The Far Future Pt. 2, 2012)
Escape (The Return, 2012)

Path To Mystery (From The Far Future Pt. 2, 2012)
Untitled 5 (Untitled 1-2-5, 2012)

Circus (Destination, 2008)
Going In Circles (Detroit City At Night EP, 2016)

5:41 (Reduction One, 2013)
Concrete Playground (Concrete Environments, 2015)

Octagon (Computer Rights, 2012)
Wyatt ARP (Terrence Dixon Interpretation) (Wyat ARP, 2012)

Same lyrics:
View From Above (View From Above, 2008)
Suspended (The Parkhurst, 2011)


編集 over 5 years ago
one of the greatest ever, totally unique, a real avant-garde voice of electronic music, especially, of course, of Detroit Techno.
a real father and leader of -TRUEST- minimal techno.


One term I would use to conjure up the images provoked by Terrence Dixon's music is bizarre. Incongruous sound design, authenticity and dedication. It's like a black leather couch placed in the middle of an all white and sterile living room. Doesn't fit, doesn't have to, and doesn't want to begin with.

Given the unorthodox approach to music production, you'll seldom find his tunes topping charts, but then again, techno was never about the charts aynway. I have never heard a track of his that sounded like it was produced for the current clubbing season. His sound is basically jarring in relation to its surroundings. I mean that as this highest possible accolade.

There is nothing out there that imitates (or emulates) his approach to minimal techno, and Terrence Dixon does not come across (doesn't even try to) like any other producer as well. As previously pointed out, that might be a double edged dagger. From one angle, his legitimacy is so hardcore that his own body of work cannot be contextualised into a cohesive DJ set. it's too idiosyncratic. But then again, due to that fact, Terrence Dixon has accumulated tons of respect from the more seasoned techno listeners. His belief in what he does has not gone by unnoticed, and his loyal fan base loves him for it. Plain and simple.

Pulling a living room session with a box of his records is a puzzling experience. It turns into pleasure later on.
If you want instant gratification, you know where to look. If you are looking to build a strong, long lasting relationship with techno music, check out Terrence Dixon and his ridiculously good Population One alias.
If you want to please crowds, you know the records to chose. If you want to challenge dance floors, drop a Terrence Dixon 12".
If you are interested in minimalism beyond its trendy clicks, cuts and pastes, you ought to stop here.

There is absolutely nothing conforming about his music and attitude. Yet there is a lot to adore. Massive respoect for all the great releases.


Terrence Dixon is a visionary who makes Techno music on the emphasis of uniqueness and experimentation - no gimmicks - no compromise - True to the spirit of Detroit!



Terrence Dixon is one of the best techno producers out there. Minimal , dark , hypnotic, surrealistic, poetic, straight to the point, Detroit. Each of his releases is a radical statement of groove. techno sorcerer, electrician poet. Probably another time traveller like Jeff Mills...



編集 over 8 years ago
I've been following Dixon's output since his first appearance on Tresor with his debut album back in 2000. His production is really surprising and strange, to say the least. It sounds like he doesn't give a flying fuck about any kind of rules on how music is created and how it 'should' sound. Most of the tracks are hard, dark, monotonous and brave. Yes, brave. You would find those difficult to blend in with anything, well, except of his own work. Some are even impossible to mix because of those hidden surprises he likes so much.
Looking at his producer career we see he has hit the point when he was no longer needed (5 years without releasing any new material can burry the artist alive) until Andy Vaz dragged him out into the sunlight with his Minimalism III on Background, shortly followed by his second album on Yore. And there he goes again.
The previous two years were especially productive - release after release, two albums, the full-force revival of his Population One moniker which by the way sounds completely out of this planet, as well the start of his own label reduction. Well done Terrence and thank you for your existence. Proud owner of the whole box of vinyl of this great artist.


編集 over 10 years ago
Understated and underrated Detroit DJ and Producer, Terrence Dixon has been making records since the mid-90s under his own name and also as Population One on labels such as Metroplex, Tresor and Utensil Records. Part of the so-called 2nd wave of Detroit techno producers, Dixon built on the blueprint of minimal Detroit techno laid down by Robert Hood and created his own distinct sound. Experimental minimal electronic music, hard dancefloor techno, and even some deep house, whatever style he chooses he always manages to impart his own unique stamp to every release. Great forward thinking electronic music underlining Detroit's continuing importance to electronic music today.

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