Dee Dee Wilde楽曲および音源

Diane Broomfield
Born Diane Broomfield, Dee Dee Wilde came from a musical family and although neither she nor any of her brothers or sisters were formally trained, the family worked together professionally under various aliases throughout the seventies and eighties and some of her siblings made solo recordings in this period, most notably her older brother Ron, who had success on the R&B charts recording under his stage name of Eugene Wilde. Broomfield adopted "Dee Dee" for her stage name as it had been her nickname since early childhood and she borrowed the surname "Wilde" from brother Ron's stage name.

Her first single, "I Found You," was released in 1988 and the success of "I Found You" and its follow-up single "Lap of Luxury" led to her debut album "No Way Out" which was released in Europe and in Japan. She co-wrote (under the pseudonym D. Williams) and co-produced (as Dee Dee Wilde) all of the material on the album.

Wilde continues to record and is a top draw live performer on the club circuit in her native town of Miami, Florida where she resides to this day.