Yoshimoto Masayuki (吉本 昌行)

Poet/MC from Japan.

Translation of name: Ambitious person, Aspiring to be human

Origami MC a.k.a Origami Plane
"Tama Usagi" (ball rabbit) is the name of his alter ego character.

Utilizing a rhyme flow that constantly changes with every situation, he is a one of a kind artist, overturning the status of the current Japanese hip hop scene, a traveler who overcomes the boundaries of genres and ventures into different musical dimensions. Words pour out from the depths of innerspace and into the brains of the listeners. He imprints a visual imagery similar to a movie.

With dramatic live performances, he brings out people's emotions. As one half of the group Origami he has also been gradually gathering international recognition, with listeners increasing in China, Taiwan, Australia and Canada.

He guest appears on albums by Origami partner Nanorunamonai, Ill Suono (Hashim B. and Azzurro), MSC (Libra Record), SUIKA (Flying Books), and Mas (flyrec.).

On December 16th, 2005 he released his solo album "Heaven's Renbun" (Heaven's Love-letter).

about His solo album " Zymolytic Human ~Hakkou Ningen~"

Introducing the new solo album from Japanese MC/poet Sibitt. "Zymolytic Human ~Hakkou Ningen~" is released on Granma Music Entertainment.

Although Sibitt has his roots in Hip Hop, it would not be accurate to describe the album strictly that way - these are truly new sounds for him. During a visit to Montreal, Sibitt found and pushed himself in new musical directions, with the help and collaboration of a wide variety of people from the city’s diverse music scene.

Sibitt has been to Montreal a few times, and he grew to have a special connection to the city. Initially, he went to Montreal in 2010 to make an album as one third of the multi-language group Triune Gods (Sibitt, Scott Da Ros and bleubird - During his time there, he fell in love with Montreal’s places, people and music. He decided to make his songs come alive with the help of the community he found there.

Sibitt’s raps cover many themes on the album. The subtitle “Hakkou Ningen” is a Japanese language expression. ‘Hakkou’ means ‘ferment’ and ‘Ningen’ means ‘human being.’ Sibitt’s uses this idea as a metaphor for our lives: “don’t be corrupted – recognize that which causes fermentation in your own life and make it a positive growth rather than cause for mere decay.”

Even for listeners who don’t speak Japanese, Sibitt’s rhymes and sensibilities shine through. Language is not a barrier here - you can feel the meaning through his unbelievable flow and unique character throughout the album. At times, his calm and focused delivery is almost like a mantra.

A large cast of producers, composers and beatmakers contribute to the amazing diversity of this release.


01 Jinenjo -Doko Henimo Ikazu Kokode Odore-
02 Kitsune No Yomeiri -Kamisama Ga Sumu Mura No Uta-
03 Ichibutsu Zentai -Rinnetensyou Seimeiruten-
04 Ikou Kai Ikou -Fuhaijigoku In-
05 Ningen Fukkou -Yomigaeri Yomigaeri-
06 Mangetsu -Chuuyou-
07 Shindofuji -Kyouetsu Sigoku You-
08 Shingetsu -Kokoro No Uchuu-
09 Wasurenagusa -Hissori Yukkuri Jikkuri Gussuri-
10 Michi -Tamayura-
11 Hakkou Ningen -Kaiki-


TATS-005 Sibitt - Heaven’s 恋文 アルバムアート 志人* / 玉兎* 志人* / 玉兎* - Heaven’s 恋文 (Album) Temple ATS TATS-005 Japan 2005 このバージョンを出品
none Sibitt - 2010.09.03 3rd Set アルバムアート スガダイロー* Vs 志人* スガダイロー* Vs 志人* - 2010.09.03 3rd Set(2xFile, AAC, ALAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV) Ototoy none Japan 2011
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TATS-030 Sibitt - 心眼銀河 アルバムアート Sibitt 心眼銀河 Temple ATS TATS-030 Japan 2021 このバージョンを出品

Singles & EPs

TATS-004 Sibitt - アヤワスカ EP アルバムアート 志人* X Onimas 志人* X Onimas - アヤワスカ EP(12", EP) Temple ATS TATS-004 Japan 2005 このバージョンを出品
EHH-001 Sibitt - E.H.H. Project - Bad Boyz Be Ambitious アルバムアート Sibitt & Sakurafubuki Featuring Chiyori Sibitt & Sakurafubuki Featuring Chiyori - E.H.H. Project - Bad Boyz Be Ambitious(CD, Maxi) Temple ATS EHH-001 Japan 2007 このバージョンを出品
TATS-008 Sibitt - 円都家族 ~¥en Town Family~ アルバムアート 志人* X DJ Dolbee 志人* X DJ Dolbee - 円都家族 ~¥en Town Family~ (EP) Temple ATS TATS-008 Japan 2009 このバージョンを出品
TATS-011 Sibitt - Horns Of A Dilemma EP アルバムアート 志人* X DJ Dolbee 志人* X DJ Dolbee - Horns Of A Dilemma EP(12", EP) Temple ATS TATS-011 Japan 2010 このバージョンを出品
none Sibitt - 微生物 EP ~Microorganism EP~ アルバムアート Sibitt 微生物 EP ~Microorganism EP~(CD, EP, Ltd) Temple ATS none Japan 2011 このバージョンを出品
GME - 0002, none Sibitt - Moksa Only /  ひかりごけ アルバムアート Mongoika X 志人* Mongoika X 志人* - Moksa Only / ひかりごけ(7", Ltd, Tra) Granma Music, Temple Ats GME - 0002, none Japan 2012 このバージョンを出品
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TATS-020 Sibitt - Eu Haere Ia Oe? / てけてんすくてれすくてんすくす EP アルバムアート Jemapur X 志人* / 玉兎* X Ontoda Jemapur X 志人* / 玉兎* X Ontoda - Eu Haere Ia Oe? / てけてんすくてれすくてんすくす EP(CD, EP) Temple ATS TATS-020 Japan 2017 このバージョンを出品
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TATS-010 Sibitt - 明晰夢 シリーズVol.1 アルバムアート 志人* X DJ Dolbee 志人* X DJ Dolbee - 明晰夢 シリーズVol.1(DVD-V, NTSC) Temple ATS TATS-010 Japan 2009 このバージョンを出品


TATS-029 Sibitt - FM89.2海賊怪電波ラヂヲ放送音源集「ソ・コ・ハ・カ」 志人/客人  アルバムアート Sibitt FM89.2海賊怪電波ラヂヲ放送音源集「ソ・コ・ハ・カ」 志人/客人 (2xCD) Temple ATS TATS-029 Japan 2020 このバージョンを出品