Brinsley Schwarz


British pub rock band (active 1969 - 1975), named after its guitarist. For the individual, please use Brinsley Schwarz (2).

The band Brinsley Schwarz evolved from Kippington Lodge and are regarded as one of the first of London’s Pub Rock bands. In 1972 they backed Frankie Miller on his debut album, Once In A Blue Moon. They released six studio albums during their existence before choosing to disband in 1975. The band members continued in the music industry, appearing with various bands and artists.

More information can be found in the book “No Sleep Till Canvey Island” by Will Birch of the Kursaal Flyers which provides an account of the band and fellow pub rock groups.

Aliases:Limelight (10), The Electricians, The Hitters, The Knees
Members:Billy Rankin (2), Bob Andrews, Brinsley Schwarz (2), Ian Gomm, Nick Lowe
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