Dr. Z (3)

A transcription of the Vertigo profile for the group.
Dr. Z
Dr Z. was formed about two years ago. Originally it was a four - piece group which
released a single "Lady Ladybird" in July 1970. Early in 1971, however, it reformed
as a three-piece musical unit, and at the same time, the group changed its style, or
rather changed the emphasis away from a lyrical style to a more contemporary sound.
The music of Dr. Z very strongly reflects the individuality and musical quality of the
three musieians who make up this group, and each track on the new Vertigo album
"Three Parts To My Soul" features at some point the technically perfectionist and
brilliant drumming of Bob Watkins , the inventive bass playing of Rob Watson and the
keyboard virtuosity of Keith Keyes.

Keith Keyes, the leader, vocalist and composer of all the group's material has a
Doctorate degree in music. One of his main interests is composition and besides
writing the music which Dr. Z plays, he also composes straight music including
a recent cantata performed on television. His interest in Pop began when he was a
student at Oxtord and led eventually to his forming Dr. Z just over two years ago.
Both his composition and keyboard styles show classical influences, though his personal
style of Pop is neither eclectic nor plagiaristic, but serves as a highly individualistic
medium for the playing of the three musicians in Dr. Z .

Bob Watkins, the drummer and percussionist, first had drumming lessons at the
age of eleven, and subsequently played all styles of music from symphonic orchestral
music to the theatre pit-band and Pop. Some of the main influences on his playing
have been the Big Band Jazz sound of Buddy Rich and in Pop the drumming of Bobby
Colomby. Between 1967 and 1970 he was at University where he graduated with an
Honours degree in Geography. It was there, whilst taking part in University musico-
dramatic productions that he met the other musicians who were to form Dr. Z. in
1969. Since leaving university Bob Watkins (apart from playing with Dr. Z.) has
devoted a year to developing and improving his already highly proficient drumming
technique, an example of which appears in the drum-cadenza in the title track of the
L. P. - "Spiritus Manes et Umbra"

The last member of Dr Z. is Bob Watson, one time mortuary attendant, computer
operator and plumer's mate. Rob, has an Honours degree in Chemistry and is also
a fully qualified scientific librarian. Increasingly during the past two years since
joining Dr. Z. he has exchanged the quiet of the reading room for the excitement and
concentration of the stage and recording studios. Rob, who can play lead and piano
when required, provides the inventive and controlled bass which underpins the
structural drumming and keyboard playing in the sound of Dr. Z.

Dr. Z's latest album out on the Vertigo label entitled ""Three Parts To My Soul"...

With the compliments of :-
RACHEL LEIGHTON (press office)
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6360 048 Three Parts To My Soul (Spiritus, Manes Et Umbra) — Dr. Z (3) Dr. Z (3) Three Parts To My Soul (Spiritus, Manes Et Umbra) (Album) Vertigo 6360 048 UK 1971 このバージョンを出品
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6007 023 Lady Ladybird — Dr. Z (3) Dr. Z.* Lady Ladybird (Single) Fontana 6007 023 UK 1970 このバージョンを出品