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NWOBHM band led by guitarist Paul Samson (R.I.P).
Formed in 1977, disbanded in 2002 following the death of Paul Samson.
Samson featuring Bruce Dickinson supported Iron Maiden on the "Killers" Tour in 1981
Members included Clive Burr (later with Iron Maiden), John McCoy (Gillan), Bruce Bruce (Dickinson), later with Iron Maiden), masked drummer Barry Graham Purkis alias Thunderstick, Nicky Moore, Dave 'Bucket' Colwell (Bad Company) Pete Jupp (FM (6)), Merv Goldsworthy (FM (6)).
One of the forerunners of the 'New Wave Of British Heavy Metal'. , YouTube , Facebook , Wikipedia
Members:Barry Graham Purkis, Bruce Dickinson, Charlie Mack (6), Chris Aylmer, Clive Burr, Dave Boyce, Dave Colwell, Edgar Patrik, Mel Gaynor, Merv Goldsworthy, Mick White (4), Nicky Moore, Paul Samson, Pete Jupp, Peter Scallan, Toby Sadler
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