Evolving out of Pure (6) and then Total (2), Skullflower debuted in 1988 with the self-titled EP on Broken Flag (aka Birthdeath).

Over the next decade the band would release a lot of noise/psychedelic rock albums (with Matthew Bower and Stuart Dennison as the only members to appear on all their releases from that period) before going on hiatus after the 1996 release of This Is....

The band returned in 2003 with the release of Exquisite Fucking Boredom, sometimes as a solo vehicle for Matthew Bower and sometimes with other members such as Samantha Davies and Lee Stokoe (Culver).
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BFV 10 Skullflower - Form Destroyer アルバムアート Skullflower Form Destroyer (Album) Broken Flag BFV 10 UK 1989 このバージョンを出品
SX 008 Skullflower - Xaman アルバムアート Skullflower Xaman (Album) Shock SX 008 UK 1990 このバージョンを出品
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FRR012 Skullflower - Argon アルバムアート Skullflower Argon(CD, Album) Freek Records FRR012 UK 1995 このバージョンを出品
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HD 04, CD HD 04, none Skullflower - Infinityland アルバムアート Skullflower Infinityland(CD, Album) hEADdIRt Recordings, hEADdIRt Recordings, Permis De Construire Deutschland HD 04, CD HD 04, none UK & Europe 1995 このバージョンを出品
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CBR 55 Skullflower - Tribulation アルバムアート Skullflower Tribulation(CD, Album) Crucial Blast CBR 55 US 2006 このバージョンを出品
HB-18 Skullflower - Abyssic Lowland Hiss アルバムアート Skullflower Abyssic Lowland Hiss(CDr, Album, Ltd) Heavy Blossom HB-18 UK 2007 このバージョンを出品
none Skullflower - La Noche De Walpurgis アルバムアート Skullflower La Noche De Walpurgis (Album) Not On Label (Skullflower Self-released) none UK 2008 このバージョンを出品
TA378 Skullflower - Circulus Vitiosus Deus アルバムアート Skullflower Circulus Vitiosus Deus (Album) Turgid Animal TA378 UK 2008 このバージョンを出品
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NNF133 Skullflower - Taste The Blood Of The Deceiver アルバムアート Skullflower Taste The Blood Of The Deceiver(LP, Album, Ltd) Not Not Fun Records NNF133 US 2008 このバージョンを出品
mh one hundred fifty five, Matching Head 155 Skullflower - Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Die アルバムアート Skullflower Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Witch To Die(Cass, Album, C40) Matching Head, Matching Head mh one hundred fifty five, Matching Head 155 UK 2008 このバージョンを出品
TA309 Skullflower - Pure Imperial Reform アルバムアート Skullflower Pure Imperial Reform(CD, Album, Ltd) Turgid Animal TA309 UK 2008 このバージョンを出品
NOISEVILLE #91 Skullflower - Vile Veil アルバムアート Skullflower Vile Veil Noiseville NOISEVILLE #91 US 2009 このバージョンを出品
none Skullflower - The Paris Working アルバムアート Skullflower The Paris Working(CDr, Ltd) Not On Label (Skullflower Self-released) none UK 2009 このバージョンを出品
SLR002 Skullflower - Malediction アルバムアート Skullflower Malediction(CD, Album, Ltd) Second Layer Records SLR002 UK 2009 このバージョンを出品

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Despite the fact that it has recently turned into more or less a different incarnation of Hototogisu (not a bad thing really, but it isn't really Skullflower either), Skullflower in its early days was a glorious antecedent to everything people thought noise, psychedelia, and punk were supposed to be. It combines everything that sounds perfect on paper (and it's perfect in real life too), stomping doom-garage riffs, harsh layers of hallucinatory feedback, open but dark isolationistic ambience, a power electronics derived (considering the resume of its members) obsession with death and deviancy, a tendency to break open into extended, unstructured improvisation, but return to form just when it gets excessive enough (that doesn't mean any god damn fade offs once everyone starts soloing, to half quote Steven Stapleton). This is noise and this is rock, but this ain't goofy mathcore made by college students. It's everything hard psychedelic music ever wanted to be (I think of how much territory Skullflower covers that stoner rock is supposed to but fails miserably).

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