Hospital Productions


Hospital Productions is an American record label founded in 1997, run by Dominick Fernow in New York City, NY, USA. A Hospital retail shop existed in NYC from 2006 to December, 2011 at 60 E 3rd St.

Non-audio releases:
HOS-070 Black Leather Jesus - The Sodomy Chronicles (T-shirt, lim. 36)
HOS-073 Macronympha - Nancy Kerrigan (T-shirt, lim. 36)
HOS-074 Prurient - Sick Was The Sea (T-shirt, lim. 36)
HOS-083 Deathpile - Triumph Of Death (T-shirt, lim. 36)
HOS-084 Skin Crime - Trauma (T-shirt, lim. 36)
HOS-108 Hair Police - Born Pissing (T-shirt, lim. 36)
HOS -299 Nico Vascellari - Blonde (artist's book, co-published with NERO magazine in 2011, lim. 500)
HOS -340 Prurient - Changeless Blue Flame (Collage Book, lim. 100)
HOS -358 Vatican Shadow - A Lie Must Tell A Single Story (Collage Book , lim. 50)
HOS -359 Vatican Shadow - Here Is Where The Story Falls Apart (Collage Book, lim. 50)

Sublabels:International Misanthropy, Machine Gun Landscape Productions
Contact Info:

[email protected]

hospital productions
75 E 4th. St.
Suite #303
New York, NY 10003
(last known address) , Bandcamp , Wikipedia


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