Unofficial releases which have a printed "CBS" logo can be found here: CBS (2)

Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. (owner of the various CBS imprints) was established in 1928, in 1961 its recorded music division CBS Records was founded, it was set up intially to distribute and market releases on the CBS label overseas from their US catalogue owned by their subsidiary Columbia Records, Inc.. This was mainly for Columbia releases due to trademark copyrights. Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. couldn't use that brand outside the US because Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. (EMI) subsidiary Columbia Graphophone Company Ltd. (later The Gramophone Co. Ltd.) owned the rights to the Columbia brand in most of the rest of the world, and Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. had rights to the name in Japan.

Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc. set up a number of companies to market the CBS releases. Examples are CBS Records S.A. in France, CBS Grammofoonplaten BV in the Netherlands and CBS Schallplatten GmbH in Germany.

In the UK, the CBS label was initially distributed by Philips Records Ltd. from 1st May 1962, until the aqusistion of Oriole Records Limited in 1964, renamed CBS Records Limited. in early 1965 who subsequently took over this role.

These companies also used the CBS label to release records by local signed artists.

In 1988, the CBS Records Group, including the Columbia, Epic labels were sold by CBS Inc. (Formerly known as Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.) to the Sony Corporation of Japan. CBS Inc. granted Sony a temporary license to use the CBS brand. After Sony acquired the Columbia rights from EMI Records Ltd. in 1991, they started using Columbia as a worldwide label in place of CBS. The rights to the CBS brand were returned to CBS Inc.

In 2007, the CBS Corporation, CBS Inc.'s successor, revived the CBS Records brand. The label uses CBS's television networks and its other mass media platforms to market their artists. They also release soundtracks of CBS television shows. The new CBS Records label is not related to the former CBS Records business or its artists or assets, which were acquired by Sony in 1988.

Label code: LC 0149 (only used until 1991 and on reissues)
51 West, Aimez-Vous Le Jazz / Do You Like Jazz ?, AKT, April Orchestra, Archive Series (18), Asi Cantan, Back Tracks, Bobcat Records, Cameo (6), Caribou Records, CBS Classics, CBS Columbia, CBS Education, CBS Great Performances, CBS Hall Of Fame, CBS Harmony, CBS Jazz Masterpieces, CBS Jeunesse, CBS Mastersound, CBS Masterworks, CBS Masterworks Digital, CBS Meister Konzert, CBS Radio Programs, CBS RadioRadio, CBS Records, CBS Special Products, Chycago International Music (C.I.M.), Collection Chouette, Collection Peluche, Collector's Choice (3), Collector's Series (14), Comfenalco, Das Vermächtnis Des Inka, Das waren Hits, Der Goldene Schlüssel, Der Schatz Im Silbersee, Direction, Discos CBS, Entrance, Entré (2), FM (3), Four Play, Gazette, Golden Hits (2), Golden Oldies (13), Goldie, Grands Interprètes, Grands Interprètes De La Musique De Chambre, Grimms Märchen (2), Hall Of Fame Hits, Hilde Nocker Erzählt Sandmännchen-Geschichten, Hit Cassette (2), I ♥ Jazz, Ihre Wunschmelodie, Inheritance, Jazzotheque, Les Grands Classiques, Linea Joven, Marginal (2), Mein Kleines Pony, Musiques & Traditions du Monde, My Disc Records, Nice Price, Oldiethek, Panki, Panorama (28), Pasha, Pavillion, Precision (3), Priority Records (4), Private I Records, Public, Quartz's, Radio Clubhits, Realm Jazz Series, Redhot, Serie Oro (8), Serie Rubino, Siegfried (2), Subscape, Super Stereo, Terrytoons, The 12" Mixes, The 12" Tape, The Original Sound Track Recordings, The Sound Of Rock, UPC Records, Winnetou (3), Winnetou II


カタログ #  アーティスト タイトル (フォーマット) レーベル カタログ #  国・地域
??? Touch Me  album cover The Raiders (5) Touch Me(7", Single) CBS ??? Netherlands Unknown このバージョンを出品
00AP 2221-6 Collected Works  album cover Simon & Garfunkel Collected Works(6xLP, Album + Box, Comp) CBS 00AP 2221-6 Japan 1982 このバージョンを出品
1CD 7801 Always In My Heart   album cover Ray Conniff Always In My Heart (CD, Album, Club) CBS 1CD 7801 US 1988 このバージョンを出品
1P 7017 The Year In Music"s Greatest Hits (Easy Listening Edition)  album cover The Realistics (4) The Year In Music"s Greatest Hits (Easy Listening Edition)(LP, Album) Columbia House 1P 7017 US 1979 このバージョンを出品
1P 7769 30th Anniversary Edition  album cover Ray Conniff 30th Anniversary Edition(LP, Album) CBS 1P 7769 US 1986 このバージョンを出品
1P-7801 Ray Conniff Always In My Heart(LP, Album) CBS 1P-7801 US 1988 このバージョンを出品
1R1 6474 Chicago IX - Chicago's Greatest Hits  album cover Chicago (2) Chicago IX - Chicago's Greatest Hits(Reel, 4tr Stereo, Comp, Club) CBS 1R1 6474 US 1975 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7279 Billy The Kid / Rodeo  album cover Copland*, Bernstein*, New York Philharmonic* Copland*, Bernstein*, New York Philharmonic* - Billy The Kid / Rodeo(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel, Album, RE) CBS 1R1 7279 US 1981 このバージョンを出品
1R1-7506 The Best Of Liona Boyd  album cover Liona Boyd The Best Of Liona Boyd(Reel, 4tr Stereo, Comp) CBS 1R1-7506 US 1982 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7581 The Guitar Is The Song  album cover John Williams (7) The Guitar Is The Song(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel) CBS 1R1 7581 US 1983 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7661 Bolling Suite For Cello & Jazz Piano Trio  album cover Claude Bolling & Yo-Yo Ma Claude Bolling & Yo-Yo Ma - Bolling Suite For Cello & Jazz Piano Trio(Reel, Club) CBS 1R1 7661 US 1984 このバージョンを出品
1R2 6130 Vikki Carr Live At The Greek Theatre(2xReel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel) CBS 1R2 6130 Netherlands 1973 このバージョンを出品
1T1 7769 30th Anniversary Edition  album cover Ray Conniff 30th Anniversary Edition(Cass, Album) CBS 1T1 7769 US 1986 このバージョンを出品
002 Tanzen Bewegen Darstellen  album cover Sportpädagogik Tanzen Bewegen Darstellen(LP, Album) Friedrich Verlag 002 Germany 1983 このバージョンを出品
2BA001 Absolutely!  album cover Eurogliders Absolutely!(2x7", Single) CBS 2BA001 Australia 1986 このバージョンを出品
2BP-220014 Johnny Cash Sings The Ballads Of The True West  album cover Johnny Cash Johnny Cash Sings The Ballads Of The True West(2xLP, Album, Gat) CBS 2BP-220014 Australia Unknown このバージョンを出品
2BP-220019 Blonde On Blonde  album cover Bob Dylan Blonde On Blonde(2xLP, Album, Mono) CBS 2BP-220019 Australia 1966 このバージョンを出品
2BP-220058 The World's Greatest Blues Singer  album cover Bessie Smith The World's Greatest Blues Singer(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2BP-220058 Australia 1970 このバージョンを出品
2BP 220087 The Genius Of Louis Armstrong Volume 1: 1923-1933  album cover Louis Armstrong The Genius Of Louis Armstrong Volume 1: 1923-1933(2xLP, Comp, Mono) CBS 2BP 220087 Australia 1971 このバージョンを出品
2BP-220090 The Lotte Lenya Album  album cover Lotte Lenya The Lotte Lenya Album(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2BP-220090 Australia 1972 このバージョンを出品
2BP 220093 God Bless The Child  album cover Billie Holiday God Bless The Child(2xLP, Comp, Mono) CBS 2BP 220093 Australia 1972 このバージョンを出品
2BP 220094 Solo Flight - The Genius Of Charlie Christian  album cover Charlie Christian Solo Flight - The Genius Of Charlie Christian(2xLP, Comp, Mono) CBS 2BP 220094 Australia 1972 このバージョンを出品
2BP 220097 Super Chief  album cover Count Basie Super Chief(2xLP, Album, Comp, Mono) CBS 2BP 220097 Australia 1972 このバージョンを出品
2BP 460501 At Carnegie Hall  album cover The Dave Brubeck Quartet At Carnegie Hall(2xLP, Album, Mono) CBS 2BP 460501 New Zealand Unknown このバージョンを出品
2-C2L0023 Delicate Sound Of Thunder  album cover Pink Floyd Delicate Sound Of Thunder(2xCass, Album) CBS 2-C2L0023 Colombia 1989 このバージョンを出品
2 CDN 12 Northern Stars  album cover Various Northern Stars(2xLP, Comp, Promo) CBS, CBS, CBS 2 CDN 12 Canada 1979 このバージョンを出品
2CDN-112 CBS The Music Sampler -  Volume 2  album cover Various CBS The Music Sampler - Volume 2(2xLP, Smplr) CBS 2CDN-112 Canada 1983 このバージョンを出品
2CDN 78, 79-A, 79-B, 80-A, 80-B Give the gift of music: There is no better way to wrap up your feelings!  album cover Various Give the gift of music: There is no better way to wrap up your feelings!(LP, Album, Comp, Promo) CBS 2CDN 78, 79-A, 79-B, 80-A, 80-B Canada 1982 このバージョンを出品
2CP 11 Aretha Franklin The Electrifying Aretha Franklin/Soul Sister(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CP 11 Australia 1985 このバージョンを出品
2CP 12 It's Uptown / The George Benson Cookbook  album cover George Benson Quartet* It's Uptown / The George Benson Cookbook(2xLP, Album, Comp, RE, RM) Blue Diamond, CBS 2CP 12 US 1985 このバージョンを出品
2CP 13 King Of The Delta Blues Singers Volumes 1&2  album cover Robert Johnson King Of The Delta Blues Singers Volumes 1&2(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CP 13 Australia 1985 このバージョンを出品
2CP 17 St. Louis Blues  album cover Louis Armstrong St. Louis Blues(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CP 17 Australia Unknown このバージョンを出品
2CP 19 Billie Holiday Billie's Blues(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CP 19 Australia 1986 このバージョンを出品
2CP 21 Various The Best Of The 50's & 60's Vol. 1(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CP 21 Australia 1986 このバージョンを出品
2CP 23 Rock Of Ages  album cover Mahalia Jackson Rock Of Ages(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CP 23 Australia 1986 このバージョンを出品
2CSP 001 Country Classics  album cover Johnny Cash Country Classics(2xLP, Album, Comp) CBS 2CSP 001 Australia 1981 このバージョンを出品
2CSP 002 The Best Of Donovan  album cover Donovan The Best Of Donovan(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CSP 002 Australia 1982 このバージョンを出品
2CSP 003 1968 - 1971 The Collection  album cover Fleetwood Mac 1968 - 1971 The Collection(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CSP 003 Australia 1983 このバージョンを出品
2CSP 006 The New Rock 'N' Roll The A - Z Of Rock In The '80s  album cover Various The New Rock 'N' Roll The A - Z Of Rock In The '80s(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CSP 006 Australia 1984 このバージョンを出品
2CSP 007 Various Music Of The 80's(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2CSP 007 Australia 1985 このバージョンを出品
2ELPS 0031 Sandinista!  album cover The Clash Sandinista!(2xLP, Album) CBS 2ELPS 0031 Australia 1981 このバージョンを出品
2GHST 2012 The Concert In Central Park  album cover Simon And Garfunkel* The Concert In Central Park(Cass, Album) CBS 2GHST 2012 Malaysia 1982 このバージョンを出品
2MML 005 Various Broadway 40 Magic Moments(2xLP, Comp) CBS 2MML 005 New Zealand 1980 このバージョンを出品
2P 6272 Fillin' the Gap  album cover Gary Puckett & the Union Gap Fillin' the Gap(LP, Comp) CBS 2P 6272 US 1975 このバージョンを出品
2PC 165 On Your Feet Or On Your Knees  album cover Blue Öyster Cult On Your Feet Or On Your Knees(Cass, Album) CBS 2PC 165 Australia 1975 このバージョンを出品
2PC 176 Agharta  album cover Miles Davis Agharta(Cass, Album, Pap) CBS 2PC 176 New Zealand 1975 このバージョンを出品
2PC 184 Neil Diamond Love At The Greek - Recorded Live At The Greek Theatre(Cass, Album) CBS 2PC 184 Australia 1977 このバージョンを出品
2PC 196 Moonflower  album cover Santana Moonflower(Cass, Album) CBS 2PC 196 Australia 1977 このバージョンを出品
2PC 201 The War Of The Worlds  album cover Jeff Wayne The War Of The Worlds (Album) 2PC 201 New Zealand 1978 このバージョンを出品
2PC 211 Bob Dylan At Budokan  album cover Bob Dylan Bob Dylan At Budokan(2xCass, Album) CBS 2PC 211 US 1978 このバージョンを出品
2PC216 The Wall  album cover Pink Floyd The Wall (Album) 2PC216 New Zealand 1979 このバージョンを出品
2PC 235 The River  album cover Bruce Springsteen The River(Cass, Album) CBS 2PC 235 Australia 1980 このバージョンを出品
2PC244 You Are What You Is  album cover Frank Zappa You Are What You Is(Cass, Album) CBS 2PC244 Australia 1981 このバージョンを出品
2PC 249 Jane Fonda's Workout Tape  album cover Various Jane Fonda's Workout Tape(Cass, Album) CBS 2PC 249 Australia 1982 このバージョンを出品
2PC 260 Dance Rap '84  album cover Various Dance Rap '84(Cass, Comp) CBS 2PC 260 Australia 1984 このバージョンを出品
2PC 263 Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II  album cover Billy Joel Greatest Hits Volume I & Volume II (Comp) 2PC 263 Philippines 1985 このバージョンを出品
2PC 265 The Extended Hit Summer '85  album cover Various The Extended Hit Summer '85(Cass, Comp) CBS 2PC 265 Australia 1985 このバージョンを出品
2RC312 The Great Beethoven & Brahms Violin Concertos  album cover Isaac Stern The Great Beethoven & Brahms Violin Concertos(Cass) CBS 2RC312 Unknown このバージョンを出品
2SBP 474246 The All-Time Hits Of Pop Music  album cover Various The All-Time Hits Of Pop Music(2xLP, Comp, Gat) CBS 2SBP 474246 New Zealand Unknown このバージョンを出品
2SBP 474334 The Basement Tapes  album cover Bob Dylan & The Band Bob Dylan & The Band - The Basement Tapes(2xLP, Album) CBS 2SBP 474334 New Zealand 1975 このバージョンを出品
2YLA 1650 New Sound Tangos  album cover Franck Pourcel Et Son Grand Orchestre New Sound Tangos(LP, Album) His Master's Voice 2YLA 1650 Israel 1968 このバージョンを出品
3BR 220015 Three Favorite Ballets: Stravinsky Conducts Firebird, Petrushka, The Rite Of Spring  album cover Stravinsky*, Columbia Symphony Orchestra Stravinsky*, Columbia Symphony Orchestra - Three Favorite Ballets: Stravinsky Conducts Firebird, Petrushka, The Rite Of Spring(3xLP, Mono) CBS 3BR 220015 Australia 1964 このバージョンを出品
3CT 36866 Classic Christmas  album cover Johnny Cash Classic Christmas(Cass, Album, Dol) Columbia 3CT 36866 US 1980 このバージョンを出品
3PC 502 Masterpieces  album cover Bob Dylan Masterpieces(2xCass, Comp, RE) CBS 3PC 502 Australia 1980 このバージョンを出品
4CC-46802 Kickin' Afrolistics  album cover The Afros Kickin' Afrolistics(Cass, Album, Promo) JMJ, Rush Associated Labels, CBS 4CC-46802 US 1990 このバージョンを出品
4CT7481 If You Let Me Stay  album cover Terence Trent D'Arby If You Let Me Stay(Cass, Maxi) CBS 4CT7481 US 1987 このバージョンを出品
4CX 00039 Aerosmith's Greatest Hits  album cover Aerosmith Aerosmith's Greatest Hits(Cass, Comp, Cla) CBS 4CX 00039 India 1995 このバージョンを出品
4CX 1180 Darbari Todi Sohni Aslam Khan  album cover Ustad Aslam Khan Darbari Todi Sohni Aslam Khan(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 1180 India 1987 このバージョンを出品
4CX 01233 Colours (Golden Krithis)  album cover Kunnakkudi Vaidyanathan & Zakir Hussain Kunnakkudi Vaidyanathan & Zakir Hussain - Colours (Golden Krithis)(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 01233 India Unknown このバージョンを出品
4CX 10100 Defenders Of The Faith  album cover Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 10100 India 1984 このバージョンを出品
4CX-10103 She's So Unusual  album cover Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual(Cass, Album) CBS, Epic 4CX-10103 India 1983 このバージョンを出品
4CX-10171 Mr. Bad Guy  album cover Freddie Mercury Mr. Bad Guy(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX-10171 India 1985 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10182 The Genius Of Ravi Shankar  album cover Ravi Shankar The Genius Of Ravi Shankar(Cass) CBS 4CX 10182 India 1991 このバージョンを出品
4CX-10221 The Best Of Mahavishnu Orchestra  album cover Mahavishnu Orchestra The Best Of Mahavishnu Orchestra(Cass, Comp) CBS 4CX-10221 India 1986 このバージョンを出品
4CX-10250 Lovin' Every Minute Of It  album cover Loverboy Lovin' Every Minute Of It(Cass, Alb) CBS 4CX-10250 India 1985 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10270 Different Light  album cover Bangles Different Light(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 10270 India 1986 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10276 Collector's Edition - Compositions & Collaborations - Bartók ⚫ Bernstein ⚫ Copland ⚫ Gould ⚫ Stravinsky  album cover Benny Goodman Collector's Edition - Compositions & Collaborations - Bartók ⚫ Bernstein ⚫ Copland ⚫ Gould ⚫ Stravinsky(Cass, Comp) CBS 4CX 10276 India 1987 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10334 Pink Floyd A Momentary Lapse Of Reason(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 10334 India 1997 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10341 Primitive Cool  album cover Mick Jagger Primitive Cool(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 10341 India 1987 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10342 Faith  album cover George Michael Faith(Cass, Album, RE) Epic, CBS 4CX 10342 India 1991 このバージョンを出品
4CX-10351 Bad  album cover Michael Jackson Bad(Cass, Album) Epic, CBS 4CX-10351 India 1987 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10371 Satch Plays Fats: A Tribute To The Immortal Fats Waller By Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars  album cover Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars Satch Plays Fats: A Tribute To The Immortal Fats Waller By Louis Armstrong And His All-Stars(Cass, Album, Mono, RE) CBS 4CX 10371 India 1988 このバージョンを出品
4CX 10404 Random Abstract  album cover Branford Marsalis Random Abstract(Cass, Album, Dol) CBS 4CX 10404 India 1988 このバージョンを出品
4CX 1189 689 Classical Vocal By Parampara Ustad Aslam Khan  album cover Ustad Aslam Khan Classical Vocal By Parampara Ustad Aslam Khan(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 1189 689 India 1989 このバージョンを出品
4CX 1200 789 Panca Nadai Pallavi  album cover Shankar, Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram, Caroline (2) Shankar, Zakir Hussain, Vikku Vinayakram, Caroline (2) - Panca Nadai Pallavi(Cass, Album) CBS 4CX 1200 789 India 1989 このバージョンを出品
4MT 05008 Pace Verde  album cover Andreas Vollenweider Pace Verde(Cass, Single, Dol) CBS 4MT 05008 US 1984 このバージョンを出品
4OFUS C1 653055 2 I Just Can't Get Enough  album cover The 4 Of Us I Just Can't Get Enough(CD, Single) CBS 4OFUS C1 653055 2 UK 1988 このバージョンを出品
4S-45130 Suicide Is Painless  album cover The Mash Suicide Is Painless(7", Single) CBS 4S-45130 Philippines 1970 このバージョンを出品
4TS-22001 Burton Cummings 4 Play(7") CBS 4TS-22001 Canada 1987 このバージョンを出品
4TS-22014 4 Play  album cover Michael Jackson 4 Play(7") CBS 4TS-22014 Canada 1987 このバージョンを出品
4TST-22014 4 Play  album cover Michael Jackson 4 Play(Cass) CBS 4TST-22014 Canada 1987 このバージョンを出品
4W9-03041 Ride This Pony  album cover Libra (4) Ride This Pony(12") Houston Connection Recording Corporation 4W9-03041 US 1982 このバージョンを出品
4W9 03338 Knockout  album cover Margie Joseph Knockout 4W9 03338 US 1982 このバージョンを出品
4XL15127-4 The Love Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber  album cover Richard Clayderman The Love Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber(Cass, Album) CBS 4XL15127-4 US 1990 このバージョンを出品
4XT-73288 Visual Lies  album cover Lizzy Borden Visual Lies(12", Album) Enigma Records (3), CBS 4XT-73288 Brazil 1987 このバージョンを出品
4Z9 08123 Queen Of The Boulevard  album cover Scott Gertner Queen Of The Boulevard(12", Promo) CBS Associated Records, Star City Records 4Z9 08123 US 1988 このバージョンを出品
005 Michel Polnareff Todos Los Barcos, Todos Los Pajaros(7", Single) CBS 005 Uruguay 1969 このバージョンを出品
5CT 38591 Ratrospective  album cover The Boomtown Rats Ratrospective(Cass, Album, Comp) Columbia 5CT 38591 US 1983 このバージョンを出品
5M 42069 A Yule Log  album cover Brian Slawson A Yule Log(12", MiniAlbum) CBS 5M 42069 US 1985 このバージョンを出品
5PC703 Biograph  album cover Bob Dylan Biograph(3xCass, Comp + Box) CBS 5PC703 Australia 1985 このバージョンを出品