In 1947, Ahmet Ertegun, Herb Abramson and his wife Miriam Abramson (maiden name Miram Kahan) started an independent record label in New York City, which they named Atlantic Records. They were later joined by Ahmet's brother Nesuhi Ertegun and Jerry Wexler. Growing from literally a one-room operation into one of the preeminent companies in the rapidly evolving music industry, the Atlantic label soon became recognized and revered around the world—a name synonymous with artistry and quality.

Atlantic was purchased in 1967 by the Warner Bros.-Seven Arts film studio. Atlantic/ATCO Records, along with Warner Bros. Records/Reprise Records, were to be operated as separate record companies under this ownership umbrella. This continued until 1969, when Warner Bros.-Seven Arts was purchased by Kinney National Company. Warner Bros. and Atlantic were brought together, Ahmet Ertegün was given considerable power in the new operation and he, along with both the President and Chairman of Warner Bros. Records Mo Austin, served on a committee to oversee the record business. They oversaw the purchase of Elektra from its founder Jac Holzman in 1970, leading to the creation of the Warner-Elektra-Atlantic (WEA) alliance and distribution network.

Today, Atlantic remains a part of the Warner Music Group, and forms the Atlantic Music Group along with Elektra, Rhino Records (2) (which Atlantic bought out in 1992) and Lava; EastWest Records America was switched to Elektra when Sylvia Rhone became president of that label in 1995.

For counterfeit editions and other unofficial versions of its releases, please see Atlantic (2).

early 45's were released on yellow labels until Jan. 1956, and on red labels after that date.
In March, 1962, a small swirl logo was added underneath the “A” of “Atlantic.

Please note that when it comes to promo releases released on Atlantic Records and many of its subsidiaries, such as Big Beat and East West Records America, the outside jacket sticker will contain the commercial catalog number and the inner label will contain the promo catalog number or sometimes both.

Label code: LC 0121

Atlantic Records Pressing Plant Codes (found in the label matrix number suffixes):
AM: American Record Pressing Co. (ARP runout stamp)
AR: Allied Record Company
BW: Bestway Products Inc.
CT / CTH: Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
CP: Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Pitman
CS / CSM: Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Santa Maria
DCE: MCA Pressing Plant, Gloversville
DCW: MCA Pressing Plant, Pinckneyville
FT: Fidelatone Mfg.
LY: Shelley Products
MG: MGM Records Division
MO: Monarch Record Mfg. Co.
PL: Plastic Products
PR: Presswell
RI: PRC Recording Company, Richmond, IN
SO: Sonic Recording Products, Inc.
SP: Specialty Records Corporation
W: Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Carrollton, GA
WM: Midwest Record Pressing, Inc.
12" Atlantic Oldies Series, A*Vision Entertainment, Atlantic & ATCO Remasters Series, Atlantic America, Atlantic Country, Atlantic Gold Series, Atlantic Jazz, Atlantic Jazz Series, Atlantic Jazzlore, Atlantic Masters (2), Atlantic Old Time Jazz Club Serie, Atlantic Oldies Series, Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, Atlantic Records 40th Anniversary, Atlantic Religious Series, Atlantic Special, Atlantic Street, Atlantic Theatre, Atlantic's Exclusive Disco Series, Atlantic/Deluxe, Big Beat, Big Tree Records, Black Label Revival, Bluemoon, Bluemoon Recordings, Brass Recordings, Breaking Records (4), Canvasback, Cat Records (2), Celtic Heartbeat, Clarion, Classics Revisited, Clean Records (2), Collection (2), Cotillion, Danse (4), Duke Production (2), Eardrum Records, Embryo Records, Finnadar Records, First Priority Music, Gospel Series (3), Hilltak Records, History Of Rhythm & Blues, Instant Records Series, Jazz Record Series, JazzPop, John Coltrane : The Legend, KON-Ti, Like Records (2), Little David Records, Maxi Sound Single, Maybach Music Group, Mesa Recordings, Modern Records, Necessary Records, NorthSouth Records, Oceana Records, Omni Recordings, Omni Records, Owsla, Pacific Records (6), Pogo Records Ltd, Radio Records (5), Radio Records, Inc., Regency Records (2), Rock & Roll (3), Saja Records, SGC, She Records (2), Spew Sampler, Suite 2 Records, Super Sound Single (3), Swan Song, Syntonic Research Series, Tag Recordings, That's JAZZ (2), That's Soul (2), The Best Of (8), The Super Hits, Titanium Records (4), Tsunami Mob
1947-1948: 208 W 56th St., New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.
1948-1951: 301 W 54th St., New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.
1951-1956: 234 W 56th St., New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.
1956-1961: 157 W 57th St., New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.
1961-1973: 1841 Broadway, New York, NY 10023, U.S.A.
1973-2014: 75 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.
1999-2014: 1290 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, NY 10104, U.S.A.
(Contact info now obsolete)

1633 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212) 707-2000


カタログ #  アーティスト タイトル (フォーマット) レーベル カタログ #  国・地域
Buffalo Springfield  album cover Buffalo Springfield Buffalo Springfield(CD, Comp) Atlantic Italy 1991 このバージョンを出品
0000 Gucci Flip Flops  album cover Bhad Bhabie feat. Lil Yachty Bhad Bhabie feat. Lil Yachty - Gucci Flip Flops(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2018
0000 Hi Bich  album cover Bhad Bhabie Hi Bich (Single) 0000 US 2017
0000 Little Lady  album cover Ed Sheeran, Mikill Pane Ed Sheeran, Mikill Pane - Little Lady(CD, Single, Promo) Atlantic 0000 UK 2011 このバージョンを出品
0000 Small Bump  album cover Ed Sheeran Small Bump(CD, Single, Promo) Atlantic 0000 UK & Ireland 2011 このバージョンを出品
0000 Whachu Know  album cover Bhad Bhabie Whachu Know(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2017
0000 I Got It  album cover Bhad Bhabie I Got It(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 UK 2017
0000 Mama Don't Worry (Still Ain't Dirty)  album cover Bhad Bhabie Mama Don't Worry (Still Ain't Dirty)(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2017
0000 Both of Em  album cover Bhad Bhabie Both of Em(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2018
0000 Trust Me  album cover Bhad Bhabie feat. Ty$ Bhad Bhabie feat. Ty$ - Trust Me(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2018
0000 Roll in Peace (Remix)  album cover Bhad Bhabie Roll in Peace (Remix)(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2017
0000 From the D to the A (Remix)  album cover Bhad Bhabie From the D to the A (Remix)(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2017
0000 Rubbin Off The Paint (Remix)  album cover Bhad Bhabie Rubbin Off The Paint (Remix)(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2017
0000 Who Run It Freestyle  album cover Bhad Bhabie Who Run It Freestyle(File, MP3, Single) Atlantic 0000 US 2018
1CS 19106 Yes Going For The One(Cass, Album) Atlantic 1CS 19106 US 1977 このバージョンを出品
1P-8136 Slave To The Grind  album cover Skid Row Slave To The Grind (Album) 1P-8136 US 1991 このバージョンを出品
1P-8160 Timespace - The  Best Of Stevie Nicks  album cover Stevie Nicks Timespace - The Best Of Stevie Nicks(LP, Comp, Club) Atlantic 1P-8160 US 1991 このバージョンを出品
1R1 6924 Briefcase Full Of Blues  album cover The Blues Brothers Briefcase Full Of Blues(Reel, Album, 4tr Stereo, Club) Atlantic 1R1 6924 US 1978 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7042 Voulez-Vous  album cover ABBA Voulez-Vous(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel, Album, Club) Atlantic 1R1 7042 US 1979 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7094 Greatest Hits Vol. 2  album cover ABBA Greatest Hits Vol. 2(Reel, Comp, 4 T) Atlantic 1R1 7094 US 1979 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7110 Head Games  album cover Foreigner Head Games(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel, Album, Club) Atlantic 1R1 7110 US 1979 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7165 The Blues Brothers (Original Soundtrack Recording)  album cover The Blues Brothers The Blues Brothers (Original Soundtrack Recording)(Reel, Album, 4tr Stereo, Club) Atlantic 1R1 7165 US 1980 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7276 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap  album cover AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel, Album) Atlantic 1R1 7276 US Unknown このバージョンを出品
1R1 7309 4  album cover Foreigner 4(Reel, 7" Reel, Album, Club) Atlantic 1R1 7309 US 1981 このバージョンを出品
1r1 7351 For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)  album cover AC/DC For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)(Reel, 4tr Stereo, Album, Club) Atlantic 1r1 7351 US 1983 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7375 The Visitors  album cover ABBA The Visitors(Reel, Album, Club, Col) Atlantic 1R1 7375 US 1982 このバージョンを出品
1r17518 Foreigner Records(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel, Comp, Club) Atlantic 1r17518 US 1982 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7603 Flick Of The Switch  album cover AC/DC Flick Of The Switch(Reel, 4tr Stereo, Album, Club) Atlantic 1R1 7603 US 1983 このバージョンを出品
1R1 7626 Genesis  album cover Genesis Genesis(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel, Album, Club) Atlantic 1R1 7626 US 1983 このバージョンを出品
1R2 7572 The Singles (The First Ten Years)  album cover ABBA The Singles (The First Ten Years)(Reel, 4tr Stereo, 7" Reel, Comp, Club, Lar) Atlantic 1R2 7572 US 1982 このバージョンを出品
1T1-8214 Pyramid  album cover The Modern Jazz Quartet Pyramid(Cass, Album) Atlantic 1T1-8214 US Unknown このバージョンを出品
1T1-8360 Blues From The Gutter  album cover Champion Jack Dupree Blues From The Gutter(Cass, Album, RM, Club) Atlantic 1T1-8360 US 1992 このバージョンを出品
2A-48187-B Tracy Lawrence  album cover Tracy Lawrence Tracy Lawrence(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic, Warner Bros. Records 2A-48187-B US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-48655 From The Inside  album cover Laura Pausini From The Inside(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-48655 US 2002 このバージョンを出品
2A-82810 Gil & Milton  album cover Gilberto Gil & Milton Nascimento Gilberto Gil & Milton Nascimento - Gil & Milton(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-82810 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83217 Maroon  album cover The Webb Brothers Maroon(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83217 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83246 Get Over It  album cover Mr. Big Get Over It(CD, Album, Promo, Adv) Atlantic 2A-83246 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83274 Release the Hounds  album cover The Boondock Saints Release the Hounds(CD, Album, Promo) Lava, Atlantic 2A-83274 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83294 Equally Cursed And Blessed  album cover Catatonia Equally Cursed And Blessed(CD, Album, Enh, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83294 US 1999 このバージョンを出品
2A-83298 7th House 412(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic, The Blackbird Recording Company 2A-83298 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83305 Layin' In The Cut  album cover James Carter (3) Layin' In The Cut(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83305 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83309 Yve Adam Fiction (CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic, 143 Records 2A-83309 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83327 Angela Vía  album cover Angela Vía* Angela Vía(CD, Album, Promo) Lava, Atlantic 2A-83327 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83336 Open Heart Surgery  album cover Virginwool Open Heart Surgery (Album) 2A-83336 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83337 Faith And Courage  album cover Sinéad O'Connor Faith And Courage(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83337 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83341 Gift  album cover Taproot Gift(CD, Promo) Velvet Hammer Music, Atlantic 2A-83341 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83352 In Blue  album cover The Corrs In Blue(CD, Album, Promo) 143 Records, Lava, Atlantic 2A-83352 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83361 Water To Drink  album cover Victoria Williams Water To Drink(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83361 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83363 24-K  album cover Cuban Link 24-K(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83363 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83365 Sunshine  album cover Liquid Gang Sunshine(CD, Album, Promo, Car) Lava, Atlantic 2A-83365 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83366 Cyrus Chestnut A Charlie Brown Christmas(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83366 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83382 The Room  album cover Harold Budd The Room(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83382 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83384 My Favorite Headache  album cover Geddy Lee My Favorite Headache(CD, Album, Promo) Anthem Records Inc., Atlantic 2A-83384 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83386 The Menace  album cover Elastica (2) The Menace(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83386 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83394 The Spirit Of St. Louis  album cover The Manhattan Transfer The Spirit Of St. Louis(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83394 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83400 Blender  album cover Collective Soul Blender(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83400 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83402 Meat Puppets Golden Lies(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83402 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83405 Wonder Bar  album cover Martin Sexton Wonder Bar(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83405 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83411 Human  album cover Rod Stewart Human(CD, Promo, S/Edition) Atlantic 2A-83411 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83423 Beautiful Midnight  album cover Matthew Good Band* Beautiful Midnight(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83423 US 2000 このバージョンを出品
2A-83429 To Come...  album cover Silent Poets To Come...(CD, Album, Comp, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83429 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83430 Gilberto Gil Music From The Film Me, You, Them(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83430 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83433 Pure Rock Fury  album cover Clutch (3) Pure Rock Fury(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83433 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83434 Get In The Booth (Advance Release CD)  album cover Ashley Ballard Get In The Booth (Advance Release CD)(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83434 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83447 Far From Over  album cover Edwin McCain Far From Over(CD, Album, Promo) Lava, Atlantic 2A-83447 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83461 Marc Ribot Saints(CD, Album, Promo) Division One, Atlantic 2A-83461 US Unknown このバージョンを出品
2A-83480 Demolition  album cover Judas Priest Demolition(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83480 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83486 Strange Little Girls  album cover Tori Amos Strange Little Girls(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83486 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-83534 No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls  album cover Simple Plan No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic, Lava 2A-83534 US 2002 このバージョンを出品
2A-83537B The Flying Tigers Debut Self-titled Album in Stores April 16(CD, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83537B US 2002 このバージョンを出品
2A-83544 Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris  album cover Audiovent Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83544 US 2002 このバージョンを出品
2A-83548 Disconnected - Album Advance  album cover The Buzzhorn Disconnected - Album Advance(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83548 US 2002 このバージョンを出品
2A-83559 Diorama  album cover Silverchair Diorama(CD, Album, Promo, Car) Atlantic 2A-83559 US 2002 このバージョンを出品
2A-83566 Leave A Whisper  album cover Shinedown Leave A Whisper(CD, Album, Promo, Adv) Atlantic 2A-83566 US 2003 このバージョンを出品
2A-83567 Spend The Night  album cover The Donnas Spend The Night(CD, Album, Promo, Adv) Atlantic 2A-83567 US 2002 このバージョンを出品
2A-83614 Billy Talent  album cover Billy Talent Billy Talent(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83614 US 2003 このバージョンを出品
2A-83616 In The Pursuit Of Leisure  album cover Sugar Ray (2) In The Pursuit Of Leisure(CDr, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83616 USA & Canada 2003 このバージョンを出品
2A-83752 Back To Bedlam  album cover James Blunt Back To Bedlam(CD, Promo) Custard Records, Atlantic 2A-83752 US 2005 このバージョンを出品
2A-83764 Ellie Lawson (2) The Philosophy Tree(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-83764 US 2004 このバージョンを出品
2A-83930 Big City Rock  album cover Big City Rock Big City Rock(CD, Enh, Promo, Alb) Atlantic 2A-83930 US 2006 このバージョンを出品
2A-84637 Brilliant Midnight  album cover Caroline Lavelle Brilliant Midnight(CD, Album, Promo) Teldec, Atlantic 2A-84637 US Unknown このバージョンを出品
2A-86948 Bosco Action(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-86948 US 2001 このバージョンを出品
2A-93181 Original Pirate Material  album cover The Streets Original Pirate Material(CD, Promo) 679, Locked On, Vice Records, Atlantic 2A-93181 UK Unknown このバージョンを出品
2A-93820 Louis XIV The Best Little Secrets Are Kept(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic, Pineapple Recording Group 2A-93820 US 2005 このバージョンを出品
2A-236924 The Heat  album cover Needtobreathe The Heat(CD, Album, Promo) Atlantic 2A-236924 US 2007 このバージョンを出品
2ACG-9002 Seconds Out  album cover Genesis Seconds Out (Album) 2ACG-9002 Canada 1977 このバージョンを出品
2AN 60142 Yesshows  album cover Yes Yesshows(2xLP, Album, Gat) Atlantic 2AN 60142 Israel 1980 このバージョンを出品
(2 AN) 60153 Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea  album cover Various Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea(2xLP) Atlantic (2 AN) 60153 Israel 1981 このバージョンを出品
2ASD 3001 Mingus At Antibes  album cover Charles Mingus Mingus At Antibes(2xLP, Album) Atlantic 2ASD 3001 Canada 1976 このバージョンを出品
2C 83061-2 BBC Sessions  album cover Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions(2xCD, Album) Atlantic 2C 83061-2 Mexico 1997 このバージョンを出品
2F60131 Transatlantic  album cover Hugues Aufray Transatlantic(2xLP, Album) Atlantic 2F60131 Canada Unknown このバージョンを出品
2FLP 60137 France Gall Live - Enregistre En Public Au Theatre Des Champ-Elysees  album cover France Gall France Gall Live - Enregistre En Public Au Theatre Des Champ-Elysees(2xLP, Album, Gat) Atlantic 2FLP 60137 Canada 1978 このバージョンを出品
2K 60008 European Concert  album cover The Modern Jazz Quartet European Concert(2xLP, RE) Atlantic 2K 60008 Italy 1971 このバージョンを出品
2K 60009 The Indispensable Coltrane  album cover John Coltrane The Indispensable Coltrane(2xLP, Comp, Gat) Atlantic 2K 60009 Italy 1971 このバージョンを出品
2OP2-2381 Ray Charles  album cover Ray Charles Ray Charles(CD, Album) Atlantic 2OP2-2381 Japan 1989 このバージョンを出品
2PACD-2620-112 The Paris Concert: Salle Pleyel, 1978  album cover Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - The Paris Concert: Salle Pleyel, 1978(2xCD, RE, RM) Pablo Live, Pablo Records 2PACD-2620-112 Europe 1993 このバージョンを出品
2PACD-2620-112-2 The Paris Concert: Salle Pleyel, 1978  album cover Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - The Paris Concert: Salle Pleyel, 1978(2xCD, RE, RM) Pablo Live 2PACD-2620-112-2 US Unknown このバージョンを出品
2SA-300 The Evolution Of Mann  album cover Herbie Mann The Evolution Of Mann(2xLP, Comp) Atlantic 2SA-300 Canada 1972 このバージョンを出品
2SA-304 The Great Paris Concert  album cover Duke Ellington And His Orchestra The Great Paris Concert(2xLP, Album, Gat) Atlantic 2SA-304 Canada 1973 このバージョンを出品
2SA-311 Excursions  album cover Eddie Harris Excursions(2xLP, Album) Atlantic 2SA-311 Canada 1973 このバージョンを出品