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  1. Christopher Cross - Another Page


    The entire LP is nicely varied and extremely sensitive. This album was just released with the start of the school summer holidays 1983, with this Record and my Roller Skates it felt they would never end. This Album was one of our early findings after Planet Rock, which feels characteristic of the genre-openness at the time. Consider that Bambaata´s Planet Rock is Electro Rap and Christopher Cross` LP is a mixture of Pop/Rock/Country/AOR. Favorite track:'' think of laura ''

  2. The Bucketheads - All In The Mind


    One of the most important Records of the '90s, as we found more access to House Music through "The Bomb" as many other people. This release also explained the connection between Disco and House. It was not easy to commit to House in the 90s in Mannheim, because Breakbeats, Jungle and Hip Hop dominated the Scene. Favorite tracks: '' i wanna know '' and '' the bomb ''

  3. The Max - The Present


    The LP '' The Present '' by The Max is the culmination of the Acid Jazz times, although it appeared very late for that Genre´s era. From the first to the last minute just fireworks, all killer no filler! We discovered the CD at a supermarket next to soccer balls and toys and we bought it for just 2 Deutsche Mark as it looked suspicious. Back home I almost died when I first listened to it and immediately went back to the store to get all the remaining copies. Eversince I have never seen a copy again. Favorite Track: ''The Present''

  4. Evelyn King - I'm In Love


    If you are into 80s R&B sound you cannot pass this Album and the contributions by Kashif. One of our favourite Producers, who also produced Melba Moore and Howard Johnson songs, which are still considered as Classics. You can find SynthFunk bringing beautiful harmonies with simple melody tracks that can be memorized. Production is very well matched with Evelyn King's voice and the two harmonize as a team perfectly. Soundlike this is something we like to orient ourselves on.

  5. Leon Ware - Musical Massage


    This is a classic 70s soul LP with similarities to Marvin Gay's masterpiece "I want you", which Leon Ware also produced. Very successful songwriting and elaborate arrangements, with a perfect orchestral instrumentation. Very interesting chords and melody lead, gives a certain depth and generate tensions. An album that you can listen to completely.

  6. Fatback* - Hot Box


    A good friend played that to us and we were stoked right away. The Arrangement of all songs is just amazing because every song is unique. We got everything from Fatback, because they are just holistically great. Always fat sound and pressing drums. Extremely multifaceted, from Disco, Latin, Funk, Soul, Boogie, Slowjams - everything is covered. Over the years this Band has developed properly and we think they still pay together as band until today.

  7. Michael Watford - Michael Watford


    Another classic! House as we like it the most. Simply Drummachine, 2-3 keyboards, a good singer and this gets you in such a good mood. Driving chords, simple melodies with classic house beats. We love to play some songs within DJ sets, although you can listen to the entire album easily at home and dance your Ass off.

  8. Simon Grey - The Galáctica Suite


    From the time when we more likely listened to Broken Beat and Electronica. Gigantic dance track with a strong arrangement. Very successful mix of House, Disco, Boogie, Jazzfunk. All elements and instruments were well chosen and implemented. We often played that in DJ sets at the time.

  9. Kosma - Universal


    NuJazz at it's best! For all Music lovers, collectors and samplediggers who are into Jazzfunk and Cosmic Vibes this Album is an absolute must-have. The Track ''Atlantis'' was already ahead of its time back in 1996, and impressed and influenced us. This piece feels like a kind of German Homage to Bob James. We were all the more flabbergasted when we found out who was behind this monumental work: it is Berlin´s Roskow Kretschmann. Respect!

  10. Tom Browne - Browne Sugar


    Tom Browne was known for hits like "come for the ride" or "Funkin for Jamaica, which we of course also like. The Track 'herbal scent' was released on Browne's first LP in 1979 and is in our opinion an undervalued jewel of his entire work. A wonderful cosmic Jazzfunk tune on the highest quality level, supported by the GRP Dreamteam Dave Grusin, Bernard Wright and Marcus Miller. We were only able to get this record in the 1990s, as it was hard to find in West-Germany. But it fit perfectly then, as it underlined exactly the 90s New York Boom Bap and Acid Jazz era.