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Albums I’ve Listened To Green_Doggo_Wisdom Green_Doggo_Wisdom

about 3 hours ago

Interesting and Rare Finds while out crate diggin'

about 7 hours ago
Grails percebo3 percebo3

about 8 hours ago
My John Reuben Collection That_Pat_ That_Pat_

The future nostalgia, now physical! My current John Reuben collection

about 8 hours ago
My Hot Chip & Related Collection That_Pat_ That_Pat_

My Hot Chip collection Also inlcudes remixes, related groups/projects too!

about 8 hours ago
Hip-Hop & Dancehall Deck That_Pat_ That_Pat_

Beats that will make your ear thank you for listening! Ordered Albums, EPs, Singles, grouped by artist within each group

about 9 hours ago
Interesting Mispresses & Misprints lllogan lllogan

Any erroneous release that is interesting.

about 9 hours ago
some Berlin-School labels Andi242 Andi242

about 9 hours ago
As played by Fatboy Slim on his famous Big Beach Boutique II gig, July 13th 2002 RoryHoy RoryHoy

Every tune the legendary Fatboy Slim played at his famous show on Brighton Beach on the 13th July 2002 in front of 250,000 people

about 9 hours ago
cover-el velove velove

about 13 hours ago
My Top 50 albums of all time robvanberlo robvanberlo

Limited to 1 entry per artist.

about 15 hours ago
To Acquire sophialia sophialia

records I'm on the search for!

about 18 hours ago
First 10 PGP RTB Cassette Releases FolkLord FolkLord

First 10 PGP RTB Cassette Releases according to catalog numbers. [Incomplete]

about 18 hours ago
Conventus Musicorum – Roman Cejnar mratafa mratafa

about 18 hours ago
Northern Soul Confusion-In-Motion Confusion-In-Motion

about 19 hours ago
BMTH Wantlist brian1975x brian1975x

about 20 hours ago
Melodifestivalen on vinyl farbrorpop farbrorpop

A collection of songs performed in Melodifestivalen or presenting Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest from 1958 until today. Songs that are not...

about 20 hours ago
08 Rotation Label CD Collection -DiscoFreak- -DiscoFreak-

1 day ago
Latin Garage/Psych for Sale - NEW GROOVE VINYL CLUB NewGrooveVinylClub NewGrooveVinylClub

1 day ago
My Top 10 Favorite Artists / Bands abyss.kiss abyss.kiss

1 day ago
Albums 2002 ! MamaTchoko MamaTchoko

Les plus grands albums de 2002 !

1 day ago
2021 thesauceseattle thesauceseattle

1 day ago
Great Disco Records you MUST have. a_boy_and_his_vinyl a_boy_and_his_vinyl

List of personal Disco, Boogie, and Post-Disco records I enjoy and would want in the future. Enjoy my selective tastes. I don't know what is...

1 day ago
RSD 2021 Drop 1 gerardscoffee_ gerardscoffee_

1 day ago
VINILI 33/45 Giri rolando.zannini rolando.zannini

1 day ago