NirvanaIn Utero

レーベル:DGC – DGC-24607, Sub Pop – DGC-24607
レコード, LP, Album, Limited Edition, Special Edition, Clear Green


A1Serve The Servants3:34
A2Scentless Apprentice
Music By, Words ByKurt Cobain
A3Heart-Shaped Box
Engineer [2nd Engineer With Scott Litt]Adam Kasper
Mixed By [Additional Mixing]Scott Litt
A4Rape Me2:49
A5Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle4:07
CelloKera Schaley
B1Very Ape1:55
B2Milk It3:52
B3Pennyroyal Tea3:36
B4Radio Friendly Unit Shifter4:49
B6All Apologies
CelloKera Schaley
Engineer [2nd Engineer With Scott Litt]Adam Kasper
Mixed By [Additional Mixing]Scott Litt




© ℗ 1993 Geffen Records Inc. Produced by special arrangement with Sub Pop Records.
Made in U.S.A.

"Special Limited Edition Disc" printed on front cover below "In Utero". Includes printed innersleeve with lyrics and photos. Additionally some copies included a 3" x 4.5" "In Utero" sticker.

Some versions have a gold stamp over the barcode on the back that says "FOR PROMOTION ONLY Ownership Reserved Sale Is Unlawful".

Limited to 25,000 on clear vinyl

From the printed innersleeve: Suggested Bass and Treble Positions: B:+2, T:+5


  • バーコード (Text): 7 20642 46071 9
  • バーコード (Scanned): 720642460719
  • 権利協会: BMI
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 1): S-28236-X DGC-24607-A-R2 TML-M
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 1): S-28237-X DGC-24607-B-R2 TML-M
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 2): DGC-24067-A-R1 S-28236 TML-X
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 2): S-28237 DGC-24607-B-R2 TML-M
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, variant 3): S-28236-X DGC-24607-A-R2 TML-M
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, variant 3): S-28237 DGC-24607-B-R1 TML-X


タイトル (フォーマット)レーベルカタログ #
In Utero (CD, Album, MPO Pressing)Geffen Records, Geffen Records, Sub Pop, Sub PopGED 24536, GED24536Europe1993
In Utero (CD, Album, DADC)DGC, Sub PopDGCD-24607US1993
In Utero (LP, Album, Stereo)Geffen Records, Geffen Records, Sub PopGEF 24536, GEF24536Europe1993
In Utero (Cassette, Album)Geffen Records, Sub PopGEC 24536Europe1993
In Utero (Cassette, Album, Unofficial Release, Stereo, Dolby)Star638Poland1993



  • hjnewmoonさんのアバター
    I can't put my finger on it.Maybe it's the color.Plus the clear Vinyl.I guess some unconscious mechanism associates the optical evanescence with sonic leanness,and fools me into cranking the volume up quite some before dropping the needle and sitting down to enjoy my favorite Nirvana album.
    On a good day I make it sweating and hyperventilating into Scentless Apprentice,more often I'm forced to get up in the middle of Serve the servants to turn it down- which I hate doing to any record.
    This nifty little piece of plastic sure is the devil in disguise.You have to hear it to believe it.This is second to none,and the praise given by my predecessors is absolutely justified.
    • Darrdod53さんのアバター
      Amazing pressing. Anyone complaining about the sound of this pressing, may want to check their stylus/ setup. This is without a doubt the best pressing of this album .
      • Remco_Eijssenさんのアバター
        Incredible dynamic pressing that deserves five stars! The drums and bass sounds on ‘Milk It’ and ‘Radio Friendly..’ sound so real and in your face. The raw power of Kurt’s guitar tone is amazing and still his vocals so prominently in the mix. ‘All Apologies’ is a highlight. This LP nails it all.
        • dbasileさんのアバター
          There’s a sonic violence and sheer raw power to the music here that’s not entirely present on any other pressing of this magnificent album, the music shreds through the speakers especially on the heavier songs like milk it. Nirvana really got their original vinyl pressings to be as amazing as possible it seems, the drums pack a intense wallop and the guitars growl with clarity and presence. My copy is pretty much mint but does have some surface noise in between songs and on the quieter moments of pennyroyal tea but it doesn’t interfere with the playback that much. I highly recommend picking this up if your willing to pay a good bit for a phenomenal sounding record or are a massive fan of nirvana or just in utero in general. The only other vinyl copy of in utero that I liked as much as this is the 3LP DMM 20th Anniversary Edition That Includes All The B-sides and some alternate mixes of the hits. The 2009 ORG coloured vinyl is cool too but feels abit too clean and “hifi” for a raw and aggressive album like in utero in my opinion.
          • adhartmanさんのアバター
            By far and away the best sounding album I own, the art work on the cover is clear and detailed versus the blurry “back to black edition” which is the for shadowing of what’s to come. So crisp and clear, perfect. Like others have sad take my money, now I need to find a Nevermind copy this good.
            • BristolVinylGuyさんのアバター
              Man, words fail me when it comes to describing this masterpiece. It's Nirvana at their absolute pinnacle and it shows throughout. A treasure trove of emotional depth. I don't think of it as being bleak, for me it's life affirming and I don't think that I could praise an album anymore then that.

              In terms of the quality of the record, this absolutely blew me away. One, if not the best sounding records that I own. Near Mint and it still sounds flawless. I never really noticed the bass with the CD pressing before but this.. You can hear everything, such a great groove. Every single detail feels like it's placed without any thought but that is what makes it great. You won't regret this, worthy of the investment and taking home something magical
              • rickypacificさんのアバター
                I picked this up years ago on eBay for about 50 bucks or so. I thought I was INSANE for dropping that on a record. Years later I realize 50 bucks was a good deal. Best sounding copy I’ve ever heard. Better than any remastered versions floating around now.
                • highartisticllyさんのアバター

                  I dont know if it was my record store only that received this about 2 weeks after the cd and cassette came out. All my friends were jamming to it, but luckily there was no internet, so aside from the HSB single I was able to remain pure from it until I got this.

                  My initial reaction was whoa! Nothing what I expected, but Kurts plan was to alienate people who gravitated towards the band because of Nevermind. To me, it pulls elements of the 3 prior releases.

                  This record screams grunge/rock and maintains balance with Dumb and All Apologies two of Kurts best songs imho. I love this album and played it to shreds. It was so unbelievable to me that there would never be a follow up and to imagine what could have been. But Kurt gave his all on this one.

                  This clear issued vinyl was definitely the 1 press for the US and there was no reissue until years later. All the black vinyl issues from 93 were from different countries.

                  This press is the album in its rawest form. Excellent and when I finally got the cd a few years later, I didnt feel it come across the same at all. Still a great album, but this record is an actual experience. Maybe the best rock pressing of the 90s.
                  • tsmithpamさんのアバター
                    This is the version to have. Full, raw, and alive! I just want to listen to it again as soon as it’s done. Amazing press.
                    • Beuss7さんのアバター
                      I own the 2015 back to black pressing, and this one. Both are great, but the soundstage of this first pressing is clearly amazing, and I’m not saying this because it’s expensive !! If you want nirvana playing in your living room... get this copie


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