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MadonnaLike A Prayer

レーベル:Sire – 9 25844-1, Sire – 1-25844
レコード, LP, Album, SRC Pressing
ジャンル:Electronic, Pop


A1Like A Prayer5:39
A2Express Yourself4:37
A3Love Song4:52
A4Till Death Do Us Part5:16
A5Promise To Try3:36
B2Dear Jessie4:20
B3Oh Father4:57
B4Keep It Together5:03
B5Spanish Eyes5:15
B6Act Of Contrition2:19




Note: Some covers are gold stamped as promotional.

(C) & (P) 1989 Sire Rercords Company for the U.S. and WEA International Inc. for the world outside U.S.

Packaging of the first pressings were scented with Patchouli.

With Anti-AIDS Insert.
Glossy cover.
Printed inner sleeve.
Direct Metal Mastered.


  • その他 (Side B, embossed around center hole): E A S T
  • バーコード (Text): 0 7599-25844-1 8
  • バーコード (Scanned): 075992584418
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, etched (Variant 1)): 1-25844-A-SR2-DMM SP1-3 MASTERDISK DMM
  • Matrix / Runout (Side A, etched (Variant 2)): 1-25844-A-SR1-DMM SP1-1 MASTERDISK DMM
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B, etched): 1-25844-B-SR2-DMM SP1-1 MASTERDISK DMM


タイトル (フォーマット)レーベルカタログ #
Like A Prayer (LP, Album, Stereo)Sire, Sire925 844-1, WX 239Europe1989
Like A Prayer (CD, Album)Sire9 25844-2US1989
Like A Prayer (Cassette, Album, SR, Dolby HX Pro, B NR)Sire, Sire9 25844-4, 4-25844US1989
Like A Prayer (LP, Album)Sire, Polskie Nagrania Muza925844-1 , SX 2835Poland1989
Like A Prayer (Cassette, Album, Dolby HX-pro B-NR)Sire, Sire, Sire925 844-4, WX239C, WX 239 CEurope1989


I was able to find this copy years ago. I can't remember where and if it was a flea-market or something outside. Today I was just reading reviews on some of the items I have and came across the patchouli review (thank you for the information) and this is so fascinating to me! I pulled out the record and opened it up and it most definitely has an incense/head shop type of scent. It's not like the earthy deep, hippie patchouli. It's a sweet, incense, almost perfume-like scent. Insane after ALL these years it still smells. If you tilt the inner sleeve in the light you can see the ink and dye (maybe even the oils). If you rub the ink the smell is a little more pronounced, but this whole revelation fascinates me. I knew about other scented releases, but how amazing that this process was able to last for YEARS. I do not have any protective sleeves and if I got this one at the flea-market that's even more insane. SO cool. Thank you so much for the detailed information. This is a great album.
That patchouli fragrance infusion briefly mentioned in Release Notes is, in fact, an epic and quirky gimmick, making this record one of people's favorite "show-n-tells" in my collection. Works every time! (on all genders, too, hehe).

First off, the infusion is astoundingly long-lasting—the scent is still very pronounced even 30+ years later! The second I slipped this record out of the sleeve, just to verify runout grooves, I noticed it instantly. And my copy, albeit pretty decent, is very ordinary and run-of-the-mill; certainly played many times, had a few prior owners. (By the way, the scent never stroke me as a "church-like," more as a perfume, a scented candle, or incense burning sticks, perhaps).

I assumed it was just my copy, naturally, like a previous owner spilling cologne over it, or smth. How shocked I was upon discovering that it was all intentional! Epic glamorous flex. Some curious trivia I found about it:

=The ENTIRE 1st Press "Stinked"=
It was not a limited-edition feature! Instead, the entire first US pressing on LP, CD, and even Compact Cassettes were patchouli'ed.

=Heavy-Duty Process=
As impressed as I am with the decade-lasting powerful scent, it was a very well-organized and "industrial-grade" production, apparently, done reasonably early in the manufacturing process. Not some "guerilla marketing" afterthought BS, like dumping a few bottles of cheap perfume over pallettes with LPs, as I imagined for some reason.

Apparently, the pressing plant making packaging mixed high-quality, pure essential oils directly into the inks or coatings, even before printing. That's why it's so evenly distributed over the jacket and stayed present for decades.

=Not Madonna's 1st Scented LP=
A few years earlier, Madonna already had the initial run of her '85 Material Girl 12" Maxi (the second single from Like A Virgin LP) infused with iconic "Chanel №5" perfume.

The dubious source where I found this quoted some random "manager of the packaging plant" naming a completely incorrect, non-existent "earlier maxi-single release You Can Dance" (irrelevant LP Compilation, first of all, not even a "maxi" (or any other type of) single; the poor chap barely got the "earlier" part right, LMAO).

I get it that a mid-level executive could've misspoken or misremembered in good faith, especially if interviewed on the run, or over the phone on a busy day, etc. Even a low-key, local newspaper from Northwest Alabama forgivably could lack a proper fact-checker to verify this, but they were reprinting New York Times News Service, after all!

=Not The 1st Scented LP, Period=
An even weirder, most-hilarious source quoted in that same article was a "trivia expert" from a pretty iconic Wax'n'Facts record store in Atlanta, GA (still open almost 45 years later, even despite COVID-19, go Georgia). Nevertheless, their trivia guy gave a few examples of earlier "aromatic" records, claiming it was not an uncommon gimmick, typically done as 'scratch-and-sniff' labels. But I couldn't verify either one of them:

◎ '79 Stevie Wonder's Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants—as a matter of fact, I do own this record. The gatefold didn't smell like anything in particular to me, as far as I remember, and I didn't find any mentions of aromas or perfumes used on it.

◎ "A sample of Dionne Warwick's signature perfume came with her "That's What Friends Are For" album"—while the singer, indeed, had fragrance bearing her name, "Dionne" (see this Washington Post article from July '86, for example), the relevant '85 album was titled just Friends. There was also a 7/12" single released, That's What Friends Are For, but I didn't find any mentions on Discogs or Wikipedia about perfume. Not for the single, nor the "Friends" LP.
Just bought this from here. Got the idea to pick up a 1989 copy after listening to the awful reissue of I'm Breathless and comparing it to the 1990 version which I already had, and noticing how amazing that original release sounded. Mind you, the only versions of Like a Prayer I've ever heard were the 1989 CD and the 2016 vinyl reissue, which was just that CD pressed on wax and sounds very tinny and overall disappointing. Let me tell you that this 1989 vinyl version sounds like a fully remastered version of the album by comparison. Just beautiful! Very glad I got this!
Did the USA pressing come with a hype sticker? I know her debut had two triangle shaped ones, Like a Virgin had one that promoted Material Girl and True Blue had a grey one.