The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono debx_2000

Why is there almost a whole minute missing from 'Helter Skelter' including "I've got blisters on my fingers"?

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono Bill260665

That's how the original Mono set was. I think most people, including myself (& I'm old enough to have bought the album in 68) had never heard the Mono version before as my friends & I all bought the Stereo set & the Mono version wasn't available for years after that. I'd be interested to know how many Mono copies were sold in 68/9 as I don't remember hearing or seeing any at the time. By late 68 we were all buying Stereo LPs. In the earlier albums the Mono mix is better. The Mono Sgt Peppers has She's Leaving Home at the correct speed.

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono rogeriopmedeiros

That's the original mono mix, the "blisters" section is only found in the stereo version. There are differences in other tracks too, compare the length of Yer Blues as an example.

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono SteveKrasz

Can someone tell me if there is any difference between the album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, in this box set to the one that was sold individually the same year, 2014. Thank you.

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono tapeman01

Up until "Revolver", "Mono" is written on the front top right, except "Rubber Soul". But I found a cover on the web where there is "Mono" written on the white album. Could be nice if all mono albums had this.

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono Bill260665

The producers of this set, to their credit, were attempting to present as authentic reproductions of the original covers as possible. In the early/mid 60s British LPs had "Mono" or "Stereo" boldly printed in the top right hand corner. More inventive artwork which began with albums like Rubber Soul saw this practice discontinued plus albums were, increasingly, being issued as Stereo only. The cover you found may be fake. There was never a Mono or Stereo marking on the front of the White Album as far as I know. My original 68 copy has a tiny "Stereo" on the back.

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono mel_the_bell

I have just bought one of these, cheap off wish, and yes according to the youtube video posted (with a few differences) it looks fake, especially the album sleeve printing, very very scanned looking and faded.

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono krudster

I got scammed through a seller back in the day, but got my money back. They were excellent bootlegs, but still not quite right.

The Beatles - The Beatles In Mono ScottyKaye

We live in a finite universe, so every release is limited. Usually "Limited Edition" is a pavlovian attempt to get us to spend our money without thinking about whether or not we actually want it. Whenever you see those two words together, remember another pairing that has left many dissatisfied (that would be "Champagne Room").